Arsenal Injuries and the team for today’s game

By Bulldog Drummond

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So we’ve now lost our club doctor to Liverpool – or so the media tells us.  What does he leave behind on the treatment table.  Physioroom are now also including red card details in their summary…

Player Reason Further Detail Potential Return Condition Status
Calum Chambers Knee Injury Ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee. 29/08/2020 None Ruled Out
Kieran Tierney Shoulder Injury Dislocated shoulder at West Ham. 14/03/2020 None Ruled Out
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Suspended Sending Off – Red Card 02/02/2020 None Ruled Out
Hector Bellerin Thigh Injury Jan 15: “He is looking much sharper, much better. He needs a little chunk of training sessions before he is ready to compete.” 18/01/2020 Late Fitness Test 50%
Lucas Torreira Other Jan 15: “He trained yesterday as well, but still not 100 per cent confident so we will have to wait and see again.” 18/01/2020 Late Fitness Test 50%
Sead Kolasinac Thigh Injury Jan 15: “He had a normal session yesterday. He’s been in some discomfort. We have to assess him and see if we can get him fit for Saturday.” 18/01/2020 Late Fitness Test 50%

Sheffield United, at least according to Physioroom appear to be injury free.  Their last two reported injuries – Simon Moor and Michael Verrips are both reported as fit again.

So to the teams…

The Short Fuse go with


Maitland-Niles, Sokratis, Luiz, Saka

Guendouzi Xhaka

Pepe Ozil Nelson



The Express is very similar, with just one variation but their main talking point is that both Aubameyang and Lacazette are going to be sold – with at least one of them going in the current window.  This line is favoured by Sports Mole and Football Talk as well…


Maitland-Niles, Sokratis, Luiz, Saka

Guendouzi Xhaka

Pepe Ozil Martinelli


Football London, however, have another surprise – or two – in their line up as they include Mustafi and Bellerin.


Bellerin, Sokratis, Mustafi, Saka;

Guendouzi, Xhaka;

Pepe, Ozil, Martinelli;



Meanwhile, the Star, a Sheffield newspaper, is making much of the fact that Mark Lawrenson has this match down as a Sheffield United victory.   Here’s what he is quoted as saying…

“The Gunners will be without suspended striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on Saturday after his red card at Selhurst Park – and it was definitely a red – which is a big blow for them. We know how good Sheffield United are on the road, and they give everyone a game – full-stop.

“The Blades have lost their past two away games, against Manchester City and Liverpool, but they were unlucky to end up empty-handed. Chris Wilder’s side showed against the Hammers that they can get over the line without playing well, which is another reason I’m backing them to spring a bit of a surprise here.”

We shall see.

60 Replies to “Arsenal Injuries and the team for today’s game”

  1. I think we’ll see O’Driscoll on the bench (& on the field) for a few matches yet.

  2. This is too funny. You’ll die laughing! Or piss your pants. I don’t care !

    Pinocchio, Snow White and Superman are out for a stroll in town one day.

    As they walk, they come across a sign: “Beauty contest for the most beautiful woman in the world”.

    “I am entering”, says Snow White.

    After half an hour she comes out and they ask her, “Well, how’d ya do?”

    “First Place”, said Snow White.

    They continue walking and they see a sign: ”Contest for the strongest man in the world”.

    “I’m entering”, says Superman.

    After half an hour he returns and they ask him, ”How did you make out?”

    ”First place”, answers Superman. Did you ever doubt?”

    They continue walking and they see a sign: ”Contest for the Greatest Liar In The World”.

    Pinocchio says, ”This mine!”

    After half an hour later, he returns with tears in his eyes.

    ”What happened?” they ask.

    Pinocchio exclaims…..

    ”Who the hell is Riley ”

  3. For those who wish to help our club to attain greater heights , here is your chance. It would help if your are a true believer .
    Also for those who regularly scream at the owner to ‘Spend more fucking money !’ , here is your chance to do the same.

    As for the others , I leave you to your own devices. Do whatever necessary , that moves you.

    As usual please don’t drive , eat , drink or operate heavy machinery when watching this very moving clip.

  4. For our today’s PL match at home against Sheffield Utd, maybe Arteta will start Reiss Nelson at right wing and start Lacazette to lead the line, then start Martinelli or .Saka at left wing. But if Kolasinac is fit to play and he’s started, Saka could be preferred by Arteta to start the match. All my above names and the positions they’ll play from are normal. But would Arteta makes the unusual starts in the front line for the match? Well, .I don’t know if he’ll do so.

  5. Arsenal XI:
    Maitland-Niles Mustafi Luiz Saka
    Torreira Xhaka
    Pepe Ozil Martinelli

    Beach: Martinez, Bellerin, Ceballos, Holding, Willock, Guendouze, Nketiah

    I could be wrong at some positions, and there could be spelling mistakes.


    Oh, in the spuds game, Deeeeeeeeney missed a penalty. Still 0-0.

  6. How to go Martinelli, from Saka. Right on half time.

    I see a couple of treatments ignored by Dean, one to each side.


  7. Walter,

    how on earth is this not a penalty ?!?!
    Can you the referee explain the technical issue involved ?

  8. Christ what is going on i asked a simple question what does Mike Riley want at thr Emirates. You took massage to moderation and kicked it out. Is talking about Mike rirey a treasonable case on d untold forum?

  9. With 15 players against you it is difficult to cope. A drwa is the least we can expect. The free kick prior to the goal was never a foul but Dean is God for 500 games. ould you believe it!!

  10. Sheffield Utd didn’t deserve that , they didn’t hurt Arsenal all game , it took a slight deflection and flew in

  11. With 15 players against you it is difficult to cope. A draw is the least we can expect. The free kick prior to the goal was never a foul but Dean is God for 500 games. Would you believe it!!

    Sad but that’s the EPL for us.

  12. Fouls were 9:14 and cards were 1:2. 1 treatment each in the firs thalf, we needed one more in the second half. All seemingly ignored by the Dean.

  13. how Pepe didn’t get a penalty with both Dean & VAR ignoring the obvious is absolutely corrupt. PGMOL the only corrupt organisation that the UK Police can’t touch.

  14. And how the guy who fouled Saka did not get a card is another thing I do not understand, unless it is labeled one of 2 things : incompetence from the referee or bias. No way you can interpret that foul as not warranting a card.

    At least the team did their best, were always on the front foot, had some good moments. The Arteta vision is starting to gel, I am rather optimistic.

  15. It is always so nice to see a former Arsenal player get into the news and just hammer the manager immediately after a game.

    If you can’t say anything nice; don’t say anything at all.

    I’m sure with a day or so to think about it, you can at lest find something nice to say along with the criticism.

  16. The Head of the PGMOL was present at the Emirates today, presumably to honour Mr Dean’s 500 match game, as well as to ensure that neither Mr Dean nor the VAR official award Arsenal a penalty. Mission thus accomplished. the guru, Mr Riley, and his Northern contingent of officials can feel pleased that their northern and midland teams can continue to reap the benefits of such fair and unbiased decision making! (I only call Mr Riley a guru because I have had difficulty in the past in spelling the term charlatan!)
    Mr Arteta has inherited a difficult job with the injuries in defence that he has to manage. He has performed magnificently in the short time he has been in post, as have the current players in the circumstances. I have rarely ever criticised managers or individual players but to me it looks like the previous coaching regime has left Mr Arteta an enormous challenge in trying to create an alternative culture and playing style required by the team, in order for the club to progress to the heights it reached under Mr Wenger. However, already in the short term, change can be seen to be emanating amongst the players. I just hope that those so-called supporters who still continue to lambast certain players and even now, the new coaching team without citing evidence as to WHY such comment is needed, begin to get behind this club.
    Whilst there may be many questions still to be answered concerning the influence and decision making of the Owners; the Executive Management Committee and the Board, it is important that this current set of players and the new coaching regime are given its full support and backing by us supporters. COYG

  17. If you care to look at the comments page you’ll see that most of the moderation action is automatic… indeed it would be impossible and make no sense of moderation for it all to be handled personally. For a start it would mean I would have to personally look at each comment, which would pretty much use up most of my waking hours.
    These are automatic systems, which do knock out various comments for certain reasons that it would be foolish of me to reveal, which I can override. Since I went to the game today, and since I live 85 miles from the ground, I have just got home.

  18. OT: Newcastle 1 0 Chel$ea

    Fouls are 9:14 and cards are 1:1.
    Isaac Hayden, former Gunner, got the first treatment (missed by PGMO, of course). Hayden got Newcastle’s card in the secon half (no more treatments to that point). Chel$ea required a treatment after that card to Hayden. That same Chel$ea player is down again, and substituted. PGMO notices nothing. Hayden then gets the game’s only goal, deep into stoppage time.

  19. @Gord,

    at the start of the game I was searching fora channel showing it.
    I happened to look at BT Soprts, where they had a show where the pundits watch the game and comment it, radio like,

    So there was this Tony Adams. Tell you that. This guy is just despicable.
    I only listened to a few sentences, but in these 3 sentences, he insulted Mustafi, Lacazette, and I can’t remember the 3rd player.
    I was just speechless. I mean, does he even know these players ?

    I can understand how a moron like Piers Morgan who as far as I am concerned knows nothing about football and just insults people day and day out does something like that for a living. But for chrissake, this Adams idiot, he was a professionnal footballer. He even wore the same shirt. You’d expect a little fraternity, would you not ? No. Just insulting these players’ intelligence and treating them like idiots.

    This despicable person ought to be banned from the Emirates and I sure hope players will not let him into their lcker room. Shame on him, shame on the other people doing the show. He/they embody so much of what is wrong with our society and what it is in such a dire need of : basic human respect

  20. @Chris

    In didn’t watch the BT Sports coverage. I agree that Mr Arsenal can sound very negative sometimes. He hasn’t played for a while and he has a new wardrobe, which may be making him a bit irritable.

    But let’s be clear. He was the best defender we ever had. His dance up field after a pass from t’other Mr Arsenal, Steve Bould, then banging in that amazing goal to clinch our first Premiership title in 1998 is a memory that is priceless. There are lots of others too, of course. He was pretty good with his head and the best last-ditch tackler England has ever produced.

    He’s just not happy with our defense overall. He has said a few things which are a bit over the top but you can bet that if he was there on the pitch, those players would not be making those errors. It’s nothing personal, he just wants his Arsenal defense back. We all love him dearly for the joy he brought us and for the 150% commitment he showed every match without fail, even after a couple the night before on a few occasions.

    He wants our players to play like their lives depended on it, not like they can perform at 90% and get the paycheck and Ferrari at the end of the week regardless.

    At the end of the day, if anyone has the right to criticise players who are not putting in a shift 100% of the time, it is Tony Adams. He is not he most eloquent player ever but he is the most committed and a true legend. If the players let him into the locker room, I hope that some of his do or die attitude rubs off on them. They need to fight every minute of every game like their lives depend on it, like Tony did. Then the fans and Arteta will be happy to see them prancing around in their silly clothes and driving those daft fancy cars.

  21. Chris

    I haven’t heard what Adams said but it comes as no surprise to me that he is yet again criticising/insulting Arsenal players.

    He, much like so many ex Arsenal players, such as Wright, Merson, Smith, Nicholas, Robson, Keown, the list goes on and on, simply cannot wait to stick the knife in.

    I simply cannot understand it, unless it is simply following orders, or towing the line of the rabidly anti Arsenal media in order to take the dirty dollar.

    Either way it is shameful.

    It is not only shameful on a human level.

    It is not only shameful on a treacherous level.

    It is shameful in the way it is treating the fans.

    It is shameful in the way it is treating me.

    It is shameful in the way it’s treating me because I stood by Adams when he let me, his team mates, his Manager and his club down all those years ago.

    I stood by Merson when he snorted my hard earned money up his nose and blew it down the bookies.

    Even without that it was me and the likes of me that gave them the privileged life they lead.

    I stood on the terraces in the pissing rain and followed them the length and breadth of the country.

    Every word of insult they throw at the players I now worship is an insult to me.

    Honestly, it breaks my heart to hear people I hero worshiped insult the club and players I now worship.

    These people I once cheered to the rafters for the simple act of pulling on an Arsenal shirt can go f*** themselves as far as I’m concerned.

  22. Chris to answer your question : the only possible explanations are :
    – bias
    – corruption
    – or both personified in Mr. Riley, Dean and Atkinson

  23. @Chris, I’m sorry but if there’s an idiot here, it sure isn’t Mr Tony Adams. It’s most probably the guy who thinks if someone has an opinion on arsenal different from his, then that person should be insulted. I’m sure if you knew so much about football, bt and sky sports would have had you as their pundit instead.

  24. @Sally Pally,

    criticizing and moking, making fun is not the same thing. Laughing out loud after saying something to the tune of : Mustafi is playing, that shows we don’t have any more options in defence, Lacazette is captain, we are running out of options there as well is, with the tone he used, to me was insulting.

    Whatever he has done – whatever the other Arsenal dumbheads earning a living spitting on Arsenal have done – does not give them a free pass to insulting them. If he wants to come with technical stuff, explain errors, etc, fine with me. Insulting Mustafi and Lacazette under the guise of fun is cheap, nasty and venal. Just for a second, imagine Mr Wenger saying something like that …. or in fact remember when Boorinho starts going after his palyers how the whole press is howling ?!? At least Boorinho has a pedigree far longer then the short one of Tony Adams.

    His comments came in the first minutes of the game. As far as I am concerned the players put in a good shift. Were players lile Adams, Henry etc to start talking about totally bananas refereeing they would be helping the cause and do someting for the club. There, It just is some way to take a revenge at the club for whatever reason they have. Why on earth do we never hear ex players form other clubs do same ?!?! Then again, maybe our Arsenal is an organisation that is so bad it’s players still have nightmares 20 years after leaving…

  25. @Nitram,

    see my comment below yours…we are on the same page. We ought to add to the AFTV graffiti the names of these (expletive deleted…insert your won)…
    I wonder what Mr Wenger would write about this bunch of clowns…..


    Something is rotten in the kingdom of PL

    I just do not understand how Arsenal as an organisation are being so passive. Or maybe PL is like American catch….all is decided before the season, there is a script and the money everyone gets is all that counts… If I were a Uk citizen I’d start a political party whose only goal would be to clean-up sport starting with football. Any not so outrageous claim I’d be making would be covered as political message…imagine the rukus one could start on a daily basis…

  26. I have no doubts about Tony Adams ability as a player.

    He has had a number of attempts in management, and I would say he is at best middle of the pack. Personal opinion: he will never manage Arsenal or any top team. He seems to have given this path up, instead taking the easy work of being a muppet for the sprots companies.

    He apparently still does charitable work; which points to him caring a little about society. However, I suspect his mother is dead (not a topic easy to verify for me). If she was alive; I think she would slap him in the head for some of the things he says.

    Maybe not slap him in the head. Could be other things. I am almost 60 and caring for my Mom almost 88. Mom doesn’t have to slap me, to make me feel lower than a lawyer/worm.

  27. There is this nitwit from Nigeria who has too much money. I would say he has a Tony Adams fixation. It might be George Graham as well.

    To go into any game, striving to only score 1 goal and to keep a clean sheet; will not put you in any of the European places.

  28. Walter 10.13, bias, corruption, and probably both. Profit on illegal betting markets on laying Arsenal, or buying the draw. Huge money to be made in a game like that. And it happens week after week. Someone is making from this
    I suspect there is dislike for Arsenal in some quarters , in the refereeing world and other clubs, but much of this surely comes down to personal gain. Arsenal are a soft touch if you want to play the markets, We have little support in the media, a seemingly passive board who have let this go on for years. Wenger was silenced, Ivan was powerful but political, passive and ultimately he pissed off pursuing pastures pleasant , as for this lot, heaven knows. Arteta could barely conceal his contempt for the decisions we are getting in his post match interview, are the club backing him on this?
    As a yardstick, let’s imagine Liverpool / Fenway were getting match changing decisions against the team week after week. Would they be as passive as our board and the lawyers they could afford?

  29. Okay, at 19m an opposition player got hit in the groin with the ball. And apparently Mike Dean actually knew what happened; and that is why nothing else was called. Which is wonderful. But commentary seldom provides this.

    This incident does NOT provide evidence for why EPL teams want Mike Dean on the park. I don’t know if it was Dean, but by and large PGMO officials ignore anything having to do with treatments.

    First game of last season, Maitland-Niles had his leg broken and needed treatment. PGMO official seen nothing. Obviously, Maitland-Niles decided to break his own leg. Sorry, why it is possible for highly trained people (well beyond playing in EPL) break their own limbs for the job; the biggest possibility is that some Man$ity player decided to do something which broke Maitland-Niles leg. And he was out for quite a while.

    So the idea that all these stupid PGMO appointees actually know what they are doing; is not quite so feasible.

    And yet; none of the idjuts in the medja say anything.

    It could be that Liverpool!! paid the most this year to “win” the EPL, and payed a bonus to break the Arsenal record at the same time for games undefeated.

    Maybe all the media is hush-hush. so as to not spoil their chance to break a real story. It is more likely; that they are contractually prevented from doing so. And there will never be any attempt to find out if anything corrupt is going on.

    Welcome to the EPL. The Most corrupt football league on Planet Earth.

    No bombs; just endless tilting of games without interest or intervention.

  30. First game of last season, Maitland-Niles had his leg broken and needed treatment. PGMO official seen nothing. Obviously, Maitland-Niles decided to break his own leg. Sorry, while it is possible for highly trained people (well beyond playing in EPL) break their own limbs for the job; the biggest possibility is that some Man$ity player decided to do something which broke Maitland-Niles leg. And he was out for quite a while.

    Sorry, I needed to change this error. It is while and not why.

    Everything I’ve read about self damage, indicates that it is exceptionally hard for people to willfully, damage themselves.

    Maitland-Niles did NOT break his own leg. A Man$ity player broke his leg.

  31. Mike Dean has done 500 games at the top. Heck, my data which just searches for Premier, has 500 without the data for today in it.

    I’ve got 856 games in my data. Overall, his average yellow card rate is 3.4 per game (median is 3), and is considered over-disperse (Var is 4.2 with a mean of 3.4). His red card rate is 0.2 per game.

    Just in the EPL he gives 3.7 yellow cards per game, with a var of 4.2 (still over-disperse).

    More cards: UEFA-1(13)
    Less cards: League Cup, Tier-2, Tier-3, Tier-4

    Drawing statistics on 13 games isn’t useful. But the EPL is where Mike Dean gives out yellows. Everywhere else, he gives out less.

    The best football in England, and that is where he gives out the most yellows per game.

  32. @Mandy – please write to the Arsenal board and complain about their poor showing. The fans blame the players or the coach but the reality is the PGMOL are allowed to ride roughshod over The Arsenal and our board does nothing.

    The VAR official is chosen as are the match officials and all of it is pure corruption without any random selection. The whole system stinks and I will definately be asking for my money back as the game is not what it is sold as.

  33. @Gord the issuing of yellow cards tilts the field and as a cumulative results in a suspension. The selective issuance is also a statistc that needs tabulating –
    Player – date of booking – officail – reason

    This will show how officials manipulate the game beyond the match being officiated.
    I just cannot imagine why there is no organisation doing this as a check/balance of fair officiating, apart from accepting the corruption as being part and parcel of the game.

  34. @Chris

    I never like it when any ex player slags the team off, even Tony Adams. I agree that he would have been better served being positive about the many good things we have in the team and manager, instead of laying in early doors. Whatever he says about Mustafi, Mustafi does put in a shift and so definitely does Lacazette, who is probably my favourite player in the current team, for what it’s worth. He often gives 150%, like Adams did. Definitely captain material imo.

    Tony Adams will always be remembered fondly as a player but I agree that it is wrong of him to join the bandwagon of ex-players who slag the team off and never question the referees, where the real problems lie. Sometimes over the last few seasons, the players have needed a bit of a kick up the backside but right now they are putting in a shift and playing well under Arteta.

  35. Surely that is the reverse of the truth deb. The people Sky employ have generally played football but don’t know ABOUT football as one can readily hear through their comments. Remember how they propagated such stories as Arsenal committing the most fouls, Arsenal getting the most injuries etc. Having played the game professionally does not mean one knows about it.

  36. @Sally Pally,

    happy to see that we can agree on that. You see, when I hear comments like that I always ask myself the one question : would the guy making the comment dare make it in thr Arsenal locker room….

  37. @Mandy,

    right on. The silence of the Arsenal organisation and its owners is defeaning. I just don’t get why they are not moving on the subject. And considering thy own a statitics organisation, they have the stats…

  38. Chris
    ‘right on. The silence of the Arsenal organisation and its owners is defeaning. I just don’t get why they are not moving on the subject. And considering thy own a statitics organisation, they have the stats…’

    Do the Arsenal owners go public on dealings with organisations, does the board (or whatever they call themselves these days) have an obligation to inform the public of interactions with The FA, Premier league or PGMOL?
    Do PL members publicly whinge to an organisation which is mostly funded by them?
    It’s doubtful, and any business should be conducted professionally and bitching left to bleeding hearts on blogs etc.

  39. Mandy Dodd

    “As a yardstick, let’s imagine Liverpool / Fenway were getting match changing decisions against the team week after week. Would they be as passive as our board and the lawyers they could afford?”

    You answer your own question earlier in your post with:

    “Arsenal are a soft touch if you want to play the markets, We have little support in the media,”

    And that is the key.

    “We have little support in the media”

    Actually Mandy I would say we have NO SUPPORT in the media.

    Even our ex players have absolutely no sympathy, for an example take that traitor Adams yesterday. He was more interested in critisising and insulting Arsenal players than he was in taking to tasks the blatently cheating Dean and his VAR cohort Atkinson.

    I have been saying for years that the media runs the game. The teams they favour are by and large favoured by the Refs. It’s not always the same teams, and the odd curve ball pops up such as Liecster City. The fact is the medias prevailing flavour of the month (or season) more often than not get an easy ride from the refs and now of course VAR.

    The bottom line is, if you want to kick up a fuss you have to be the medias current favourite. If you are not, whatever objection you raise, however valid, will be mercilessly ridiculed and given short shrift by all and sundry to a degree that it could even make things worse, if that is at all possible.

    When some of you guys call for ‘Arsenal FC’ to do/say something I understand exactly where you are coming from. I’ve just seen the penalty claim and it’s a stone wall penalty. Yet another disgrace. Yet another 2 points robbed. How many is that now?

    But tell me.

    What exactly do you want Arsenal FC to say?

    Who should they say it to?

    What good do you actually think will come of it?

    Are POGMOL likely to say, yep we’ve been screwing you for years, and we have to agree, it’s now gone too far?

    I don’t know, you tell me.

  40. I fear you fail to grasp the overall point Masterstroke. All companies of any size have a major PR department, deflecting the negative news and promoting the positive. There is a very valid point to be made however that the Kroenke sports organisations do very little or this, perhaps because they do on occasion fly totally in the face of what the fans of their “franchises” want. Moving the Rams to LA was a PR disaster, but Kroenke had no interest in that.

  41. Tony
    I’d love it if Arsenal engaged with PL, FA, PGMOL over the poor quality of refereeing, but we lost our influencer with the sacking of David Dein, and when do they ever put anything other than puff pieces on the

  42. OT: Arsenal Women

    It is half time in the early games. Man$ity away to Birmingham leading 0-1. ManUre home to the spuds, no goals.

    I believe Arsenal is home to Chel$ea in about 1 hour.


  43. OT: Arsenal Women

    Arsenal XI:
    Zinsberger, Quinn, Williamson, Schnaderbeck, McCabe, Little, Wälti, Roord, Nobbs, van de Donk, Miedema

    Peyraud-Magnin, Evans, Maier, Mead, Grant, Filis


    Man$ity still leading Birmingham, now 0-2. ManU ahead of spuds 2-0.

  44. OT: Arsenal Women

    Drat Chel$ea scored on 10m.


    Man$ity still leading Birmingham, now 0-2. ManU ahead of spuds 2-0.

  45. OT: Arsenal Women

    Possession is about even, they are getting more shots on and off target. And supposedly Arsenal are doing almost all of the fouling.


  46. Unfortunately we are 3 down after 25 minutes.

    Chelsea have been the better side and have scored 2 top quality goals and one the keeper should of done better with.

    3 nil is a fair reflection of the match, although we have had a couple of chances and a penalty shout that we obviously didn’t get, and the fact BT didn’t show a replay adds to the suspicion that it was a decent shout.

  47. OT: Arsenal Women

    Ref is now showing cards to Arsenal. Where have we seen that before?


  48. OT: Arsenal Women

    Half time. Hopefully Nitram, Andrew or others have some comments?


  49. OT: Arsenal Women

    Arsenal made 2 substitutions on 58m. Mead for Nobbs and Evans for Quinn. Foul counter now about even.


  50. OT: Arsenal Women

    Chel$ea booked on 65m (now even?). Chel$ea scored on 68m, now 0-4.


  51. OT: Arsenal Women

    Comeback is on? 74m Beth Mead scores on a header, assisted by Little.


  52. OT: Arsenal Women

    Beth Mead just had a shot on target, we ar enow at 3 for the game. Into extra time. So, it looks like Chel$ea has won this game. The top of the table just got tighter.


  53. OT: Arsenal Women

    Arsenal now 1 GD behind Man$ity in first, and 1 GD and 1 point ahead of Chelsea in third.

    Fourth place is at 18 points. It is a 3 team race for 2 spots.

    Good try Gunners!

  54. @Gord
    “There is this nitwit from Nigeria who has too much money. I would say he has a Tony Adams fixation. It might be George Graham as well.

    To go into any game, striving to only score 1 goal and to keep a clean sheet; will not put you in any of the European places.”
    Your posting above rankled to no end and I suspect you do dislike the gentleman to that same level. You can hold an opinion on his declared intention to buy AFC but to call him a “nitwit” is unacceptable. You need to be more than a “nitwit” to be a $ billionaire.

    How are you so sure he’d settle for ‘1 nil to the Arsenal’? Does his buying the Club equate to that? Your posts are usually insightful but this and some others on the Nigerian billionaire is over the top and will not go unchallenged. If you oppose his buying AFC you have every right to do so but please quit labeling him what he is not in order to dissuade him from doing so.

    As an Arsenal fan he has the freedom to choose his line of intent without having to contend with others who can read minds and tell him to back off. You should back off from labels and put forward facts and figures on why he is not a ‘fit and proper person’ to buy AFC.

  55. I totally agree with @Bobome’s comment (19/01/2020 at 5:37 pm). @Gord, what makes Mr. Aliko Dangote a nitwit? Because he’s Nigerian/African/Black?

    I used to believe you are an educated fellow (I have reached out to you in the past on some data science issues) but I am totally disappointed in your comment. Is is possible that you are one of those smug, ignorant Englishmen hiding under the guise of free speech to perpetuate their inherent racism?


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