Which team has won the most FA Cup semi-finals?

The answer, as you might guess, as it is asked here, is Arsenal.

And the topic has arisen on the Arsenal History Society website since on this day in 1907 Arsenal lost in the FA Cup semi-final for the second year running.  They did not make it back to the semi-final for 20 years.

At the time of writing Arsenal have not only reached more finals and won the cup more than any other team they have also reached more semi-finals than any other team.

This is of course largely due to Mr Wenger who is not the only top FA Cup manager for Arsenal, but of any team.  No one has beaten him, and no other active manager comes close to his run of victories in the FA Cup.

There are details of Arsenal’s success in the old trophy, at semi-final stage, on the Arsenal History Society website today, along with 21 Arsenal anniversaries on this day.

And if you like to test your knowledge, can you answer these questions – but don’t scroll down until you have sorted the answers out.

1: On this day Tom Whittaker played his 64th and final game for the club.  That’s a fairly modest number of games and yet Whittaker is remembered as a highly significant man within the history of the club.  Why is that?

2: One of the anniversaries we note for this day says, “Fulham 1 Arsenal 3.  It was the first league win in 10 and the first time Arsenal had scored more than two in three months.  Graham, Gould and Court got the goals.”  What year would that be?

3: 23 March 1988: Kenny Sampson gained his final England cap and was Arsenal’s most capped player at the time.  But despite all that success he only won one honour with Arsenal what was that?

The answers are a little way down the page

Meanwhile you can find out virtually anything you want to know about Arsenal’s history on the Arsenal History Society web site.

You can also, on today’s entry see the full set of anniversaries for today.

The answers to the little quiz above are….

1: Tom Wittaker went on to be Arsenal manager after the second world war and won exactly the same number of trophies as his illustrious predecessors, Chapman and Whittaker, namely two league titles and one FA Cup.

2: It was 1968.

3: The Football League Cup in 1987.