Thus Borussia Dortmund has beaten Arsenal to the free transfer of Belgian star, Thomas Meunier.  That is in Just Arsenal News.  But here’s the twist.  We’ve been scouring places high and low looking for transfers but never once picked this up as an Arsenal possibility.  It couldn’t be, could it, that the site has just picked a transfer that has gone through and thrown in the “has beaten Arsenal to.”   But anyway, they reckon we were after him, so he has to be added to the list – for that is the point of the list.  All the players Arsenal are alleged to have been after.

But still there are reports that we have no money and indeed Bleacher have claimed that Arsenal have to sell six players at the end of the season just to fund the second instalment on the Pépé deal of last year.

Mind you last summer Bleacher was the main protagonist telling us that this particular deal was never coming off.   Now they are excusing themselves by saying we paid too much.  If only the guys at Bleacher were running the club, everything would be ok.

Football London are telling us that Arsenal are ready to bring Atletico Madrid midfielder Thomas Partey to the Emirates Stadium but must sell a player first, according to reports.   Those reports are apparently in Football 365, who blame….   Well you know how it goes.

Here’s the up to date list of the 115 players we are tipped to be trying to sign this summer – apparently without any money…