We might get to see all Arsenal’s opening games after all

So this week, after some pressure, the clubs are going to vote on whether they will allow the BBC to take up matches that are not being sold to Sky and Sprout.   Thus far all they have agreed to do is to have a new meeting to discuss this, nothing more, but at least they will be doing so having seen the pressure from all quarters other than Sky and Sprout.

Of course not every match would go to the BBC.   The games already selected for broadcast by Sky and the Sprout will stay with them, and they might well be awarded some more – as indeed might be Amazon.   Some commentators such as the Telegraph have suggested that if the extra games are made available Sky would get half a dozen or so, Sprout two or three, with Amazon and the BBC getting one each.

A possible split would see Sky awarded six or seven, BT two or three and Amazon and the BBC one each.  Another option would be for the clubs to show the games on their own websites – which I imagine the clubs would like, but they would need one of the main broadcasters to help them out.

Anything going on Sky could be available for £10 just to watch that match, via Now TV although I had great difficulty getting their system to work, and their approach to my subsequent complaints was rated in my household at minus 35 on a scale of 1 to 10.

But awful though that service was it was better than the Sprout’s refusal to allow anyone just  to buy in to their terrible coverage of individual matches.  With them it is an annual subscription or nothing at all.

Of course TV’s coverage of Premier League matches is highly sanitised with the League having imposed all sorts of regulations concerning what can and can’t be shown, and prohibiting open questioning of referees’ ability, or the repeated use of the same referee in one club’s games (as happened with Liverpool! last season).  The League will go to any length to ensure that PGMO does not become the focus, although our modest efforts at pointing out the oddities in Leicester’s behaviour last season has made a little impact I’m pleased to say.

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  1. Could someone kindly inform an old man what exactly do you get on Arsenal Live Streams? I know it’s free.

  2. @nickyTI listened once while watching the gave live. The Arsenal stream was a lot of ‘chat’ and very little following of what was happening on the pitch.

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