Arsenal stroll past Leicester … Watching it for a tenner.

Logging on to the website was a lot easier than logging in to Now TV which was a nightmare.

Here is the team


Holding Luiz Kolasinac,

Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Willock,  Saka

Pepe Nelson



Subs Runarsson, Bellerin, Saliba, Ceballos, Xhaka, Willian, Lacazette

No team information on the actual TV site however, which is rather pathetic.  I had to go looking.

Half time: actually it is a good presentation on the internet.  Infinitely better than the dreadful Now TV.   No hassle getting in, immediately available, decent enough commentary in the game and good camera coverage.

Only thing I could find to criticise is that at half time they show fouls and yellow cards and percentage of tackles won but not the number of tackles – which is a key stat given that this is Leicester who had those spooky stats on tackles last season.  Shame – they clearly have the stats because they are giving us the percentage of tackles won, so why not present them on the screen?

Goalless at half time.

Second half and it is 1-0 to the Arsenal with an own goal from Leicester after a prolonged period of Arsenal attacking.

Willian on for Nelson on 70 minutes.

Eddie scores again at the end and Arsenal 2-0.  A really good performance I thought against the media’s absolute favourites.  And a good TV presentation on line – presuming they do the same again for the fourth round against Liverpool I’d certainly suggest it is worth watching.

So we keep on and on winning.  Five straight wins in all competitions…

Date Match Result Score Competition
29 Aug 2020 Arsenal v Liverpool W 1-1 (5-4) FA Community Shield
08 Sep 2020 Ipswich Town v Arsenal W 1-2 Football League Trophy
12 Sep 2020 Fulham v Arsenal W 0-3 Premier League
19 Sep 2020 Arsenal v West Ham United W 2-1 Premier League
23 Sep 2020 Leicester City v Arsenal W 0-2 League Cup

A fair enough product for a tenner.

16 Replies to “Arsenal stroll past Leicester … Watching it for a tenner.”

  1. The failure to award a penalty to Arsenal when Saka was unceremoniously brought down from behind with the Leicester player nowhere near getting the ball was nothing short of a disgrace. The challenge surely fulfilled all the requirements needed for the ref to immediately point to the spot but amazingly he didn’t. You will never see a more obvious and blatant penalty.
    I would love to hear the referees excuse for not awarding it and I bet a pound to a pinch of s**t he would have given it had it been in Arsenal’s penalty area.

  2. Re the penalty claim mentioned.

    Both guys on said they screamed for a penalty in real time but both agree on reflection (replay) the ref got it right.

    I haven’t seen it so cant say, just saying what the guys said.

  3. Saw the incident on TV and the official got it right according to the Laws of The Game (Arsenal Edition). If it is a penalty, it wasn’t seen because Arsenal never get fouled in the area.

    Despite the officials, Arsenal were gifted the match by a ghost above Leicester City.

  4. We have got off to a really good start this season and I’m hoping they continue to go game by game preparing well, respecting all opponents and giving everything on match-day.

    This has presented many keyboard “football experts” with problems regarding their Arsenal headlines and stories. A loss is much easier to report, they can speculate about this and that and give tons of unmentionable reasons …. easy.

    Wins however present unique problems but unique problems call for unique solutions and this time, the “experts” found it in a certain play-maker. Thus the trend is set, an appendage must to be grafted to twist the headline when Arsenal get a win.

    E.g. from the BBC “Evolving Arsenal Cruise ….. but where is so and so?

    A common one is “Arsenal win but ***** problems exposed”

    As I said, things are looking good this season, we just want our team to always have a winning mentality and be competitive whoever they play against.

    One need not be negative to be realistic.

  5. It was a clear penalty and a red card for the Leicester player as it was a case of DOGSO as a last man. How much energy would have our team conserved had we played v 10 men and with a goal up for over an hour?

  6. Josif – a clear penalty to those who can see. But here we are talking about PGMOL and their select selective visioned officials. They chose when to see and when to ignore the truth. They are above the Law and do whatever the fcuk they like.

  7. I have now seen the incident loads of times and not only is it a clear foul, it’s a clear foul twice.

    I like to think I am fair minded and as such I have a tiny bit of sympathy for the referee given his angle of the incident, but then I am nice like that !!.

    Seriously though, even on first sight it did look like a clear penalty, and the more you looked at it the clearer it was, and as we all know it’s almost certain it would of been given had it been for Leicester.

    But hey, as we were told by a Leicester fan a month or so ago, Leicester are ‘expert’ tacklers whilst we are a bunch of clumsy oaths. Maybe the refs have fallen for that guff ?

    As for some of the other media observations, it seems written in lore that anything positive said about us HAS to be qualified with a BUT. Here’s 2 classics.

    -Yes Arsenal did score 5 BUT any team that needs 20 efforts to do so is never going to win anything. (Rob Beasley back in our heyday)

    -Yes Arsenal did go a season undefeated BUT they drew too many games. (Adrian Durham)

  8. Nitram
    ‘Yes Arsenal did go a season undefeated BUT they drew too many games. (Adrian Durham)’
    And he also pointed out that we lost a couple of cup games so we were actually beaten during the season so our invincible title was not justified.

  9. Nitram

    The commentator on Arena Sport (Serbia) screamed: “Penalty! No!?” He was confused and repeated again a few times during the game that Arsenal should have had a penalty.

    But not just a penalty. It was both a push from the back and a clumsy tackle in one that denied Saka a clear opportunity to score. It should have been a red card as well.

  10. Josif

    It was clear cut on the tv evidence, but as I say I have the tiniest bit of sympathy for the ref who saw it at full speed, once, from behind,(but not much, it’s his job to get these things correct after all!) but not with our guys on

    I have a lot of time for Adrian Clarke and think he does a great job with his post match ‘Breakdown’ but he and all the others seem scared stiff of calling out the refs for the appalling decisions they make.

    I just wish they’d grow a pair.

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