Too much in the Bollard leads to Sun scribbler’s journalistic errors…

0By Sir Hardly Anyone

Journalists are well known for liking the occasional tipple, their favourite haunt being The Toppled Bollard in London dockside.  Or put it another way journalists are famous for being heavy drinkers, and football journalists the heaviest of them all.

But the content gatherers are supposed to make some effort to get things write or even right, and the editors are then supposed to check that what has been written down, is really all ok.  Or at least has enough of a neo-fascist anti-Arsenal hue to be acceptable to the average reader.

Of course some things are so simple that they hardly need checking by anyone, as when someone at the Sun (presuming there is someone at the Sun and it is not all done by robots) types in


What TV channel and live stream is Arsenal vs Burnley on?

Sky begin their coverage at 7pm.   Non Sky subscribers can grab a Now TV day pass from £9.99.

Nicolas Pepe could return to the Gunners’ Premier League line up having served his three-match ban for his sending off against Leeds.


The link under Nico’s name goes to this…


How Arsenal could line-up vs Wolves with Pepe out and Saka & Partey hurt

GUNNERS welcome Wolves to the Emirates in the Premier League on Sunday with Mikel Arteta facing a selection dilemma. Nicolas Pepe is suspended while Bukayo Saka and Thomas Partey have knee and thigh injuries respectively.


Now some might say that we have no right to comment on this, given some of the errors that we have made on Untold, but Untold is written and produced by a tiny team of people who have jobs and fit in their Untoldiness between working for a crust.

It has always been rumoured that the Sun is written by an infinite number of monkeys, but this is the first evidence I have found.

Untold’s view is that Pepe won’t play, and that we are playing a bunch of wolves, but I know lots of our readers don’t trust a word we say, so if you want to go with the Sun, please be our guest…

14 Replies to “Too much in the Bollard leads to Sun scribbler’s journalistic errors…”

  1. first 5 minutes I watch he get send off. There’s passion and then theres stupidity any reason to send you off as an arsenal player.
    Commentary is biased again… whats new…

  2. I agree with the commentator. I think there’s a laziness to his game, sometimes you chase down the player, Xhaka always takes the easier option of just cynically fouling the player -laziness. Followed by stupidity, despite the best efforts of Laca, the stupid act had been done

  3. @Rudolf, indeed we are. What scared me most was seeing how tame Our efforts in front of goal are, like we lost every sense of how to play in the opposition box. We need supernatural intervention

  4. I agree. The easy option is to foul, Xhaka chose the easy option with a cynical foul. That’s bad enough but to compound the issue by what he did is indefensible. The sad thing is, despite the understandable lack of confidence we were in the ascendency and a goal seemed imminent. From that moment of madness onwards it’s been all down hill.

    Xhaka’s let his team mates down badly.

    At least the 10 men haven’t given up.

  5. The 10 fought on valiantly , after the Pepe incident this is very f……..g annoying. When you hit rock bottom the only way is up .

  6. Let’s look on the bright side, at least we didn’t get penalised for any foul throws!

  7. Personally I do not support booing of players, but I do understand fans booing Xhaka in the match against crystal palace. I think he’s let us down too many times, and in that match we were trailing crystal palace, and there he was taking his time trudging off the pitch without the sense of urgency. I hope Arteta can beat that “unprofessionalism” out of his game, otherwise he needs to go.
    Let me also appreciate the ref for leaving Elneny on the pitch. He could so easily have sent him off

  8. Quite right mick

    So, all we’ve got to do is avoid getting relegated. Win the Europa league thereby qualifying for the Champions league. Win the FA Cup, again. And just for good measure win the league Cup. Job done.

    I’m straight down the bookies tomorrow to see what odds I can get on that little lot.

  9. I remember some people shouting: we got our Arsenal back. That was in the first months after they had chased Wenger out. I hope they are happy now…

  10. @walter, we’ll eventually get it right. I thought from the onset Emery was the wrong choice to replace Wenger. Arteta? Maybe he’ll eventually come good, maybe not. We’ll keep searching till we find the right guy. As for me, I’m 100% in agreement that Wenger had overstayed, we were already going downhill by the time he left, now we need someone to halt the slide and then begin the slow climb back up the hill

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