8 out of 10 or could it be 10/10 for The ARSENAL

By Sean Welch

I’m writing this to give you some facts that you could use for a soon to be a rainy/slow day.  Or maybe remember as we near the end of the season, and you think, “didn’t that guy on Untold write something about this, back in early November?”

We are, I believe, going to have a truly great year. I feel it deep down to my very core.

League games played 10/38.  That is 26% played and therefore 28 left.

League cup if we get to the final 2/6.  33% played and 4 games left.

Champions League if we get to the Semi Final 3/12.  25% played and 9 games left.

The F.A.Cup If we can play at least to the Q/F with one replay then 5 more games to play.

Overall this means we have played 15/58 or 26% played and that would leave at least 43 games  to go.

Now here comes the interesting part to the equation/story.

  • Nasri 7 goals,
  • Chamahk 6 goals,
  • Walcott 6 goals,
  • Arshavin 5 goals,
  • Song 4 goals,
  • Fabregas 4 goals,
  • Vela 3 goals,
  • Bendtner 2goals.

This is in total 8 players who could score 10 or more goals in a season. We could throw in a healthy Van Persie as well so this equals nine out of ten, 10 goal scorers in a season.  So who could be the tenth one possibly?

Wilshere, Diaby, or Rosicky. Lets do some more maths.  Between the first eight players you have 37 goals needed out of 80 this equals 46% of the target required from only 15 games played (or 26%).

From a remaining 43 matches (or74%) we need only 43 goals from these 8 players. After a player scores 10 he has helped the team target and so now we can get behind the other players with a little more gusto.

But what happens if two2 more players step up to the plate and also score more than 10 goals each in a season? Not only would you receive a truly  magnificent 10/10  or a number that equals the total out field of a footballing squad, but more than likely Wenger will once and for all prove his critics forever wrong and that his version of Total Football can be achieved, if only one dares to dream and believe in your team.

That said the Trophies are coming its just a matter of time.  After all, when has a team ever had 8 to 10 goal scorers who scored more than 10 goals in a season and not won a trophy?

Sean’s biography:

My love affair with Arsenal started 39 years ago when I watched my first football match from a hospital bed. It was the last game of the season and being a London boy could not support a team from up north. You only need one guess to figure that one out.

9 Replies to “8 out of 10 or could it be 10/10 for The ARSENAL”

  1. I hope your right Sean and we score 100+ goals this season and fire us to some trophies.

  2. If we can pass through November without any hiccup, I think we will have caught Chelsea by December 25, then from there we can take it one game at a time. My dream is to see 5/5 in the EPL this month.

  3. But bendtner has guaranteed us 20 goals, hasn’t he?

    I can’t imagine Vela scoring 10 but maaaaaaaybe if he continues to get a run in the CC he could get a few more.

  4. Sean great thinking and I can only agree with the fact that if our players continue to score and spread the goals over the team we should be fine.
    This also would make life very difficult for other teams. If you play UTD you have to stop Rooney and maybe Berbatov. But once those are silenced they have to rely on Own Goal to score for them.
    But for Arsenal it looks very much a different story and if the other team is looking at our latest goalscorers to stop, then we just have other players who can score goals.

    If we just can keep those goal scoring people a bit fit during the season, that is all we need

  5. I think the worry for all of us right now is Cesc and his hamstring still feeling pain in it, He is left out for tomorrow I would be tempted to leave him out against Newcastle also and bring him back later.

    Would be great to have him completely fit for chelsea and manure later in the season than risking him before next months fixtures.

    If we keep our main players fit the rest will come naturaly.
    Could be a great season indeed.

  6. We have a lot of players who have found their goalscoring touch at the same time; in a few short weeks Bendtner, Walcott and Nasri suddenly seem capable of 20+ goals a season. When you add that to the goals that you would expect from RVP, Arshavin, Cesc and Vermaelen, there is huge potential in the team for us to absolutely goal crazy.

    Injuries permitting, I could see us ending the season with three or four players netting 20 goals.

  7. Its nice to see the returning players getting amongst the goals
    as if they had not been missing games.That’s confidence for you.I think we should score more than 100 goals this season and it will be well spread out amongst the outfield players.
    I think the gap will be narrower this weekend and we will catch up with Chelski before the new year.

  8. One question for you Sean, did you mum ask you this:

    ‘Will you be supporting the Botticelli Totti?’

    Or will your old, old dad’s wife simply say: ‘Fuck you, bollocks, you’re a ****!’?

    Jeremy Warner is away………..

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