The agenda for the Everton game is set: watching for Cesc tackles

by Walter Broeckx

Oh, how long they have been waiting for this one to come. And now they can finally have a go at Arsenal again.  Yes I am talking about the Cesc tackle right at the end of the game against Wolverhampton.

Like flies on a fresh shit they can flying in  and all had only one thing in mind: exposing Cesc  as the biggest criminal in football history. On the way attack Wenger for something he never has said. And finally try to destabilize Arsenal.

The charge of the loony brigade was, from where I am looking at England, laid by MOTD and the reporters who had seen it very clear.

And make no doubt about it: the tackle from Cesc was late and deserved a yellow card. But according to super-loony Hansen this was a straight red card without any doubt. And as Lee Dixon was appointed to play the second fiddle in MOTD he could only agree with the cleanest player the world has ever seen: Alan Hansen.

And yes this is the Hansen who never sees any red cards. He calls leg breaking tackles a bit clumsy but you hardly hear him calling for red cards. Except when it is an Arsenal player, then he changes his view and he must be sent off.

And yet those “clean up football-loony figures” missed a few tackles in the same game. They didn’t find it necessary to show them on TV. I talk about the frontal tackle from leg breaking Henry on Arshavin. A frontal tackle with studs showing right on the shin of Arshavin who lucky for him and for us managed to just get his foot of the ground at the moment of impact. If he wouldn’t have had that reaction he could have found himself in the Ramsey or Eduardo or Diaby situation.

And the ref even didn’t see it. He even didn’t give a foul for what was the most dangerous tackle of them all.  The fans in the stadium even sang about cheating. Well I hope they get to see a replay of the Henry tackle as it really was a bad one. But super-Loony Hansen did not find it necessary to talk about it. Oh, no this wouldn’t fit in their picture.

We also had a dangerous tackle from Hunt on Song. In fact it was almost a replay from the Essien sending off at Chelsea.  Song came in with a sliding to kick the ball away and Hunt came in with both feet and landed on the ankle of Song. And again the ref did not see it and gave no foul. And again the loony-pundits did not see it and made no mention of it. And again the crowd would sing their “cheating Arsenal” song. I wonder if they would see these fouls again if they still would sing this song. Well maybe they would as they are so blinded and manipulates by the loony-pundit gang.

To go in to the Cesc tackle: both players were running in the same direction next to each other, one player played the ball and the other tried to block with a sliding tackle with one leg. Cesc was late and did catch the Wolverhampton player. So a foul and a yellow card was very justified.  But this wasn’t a frontal tackle. This wasn’t a tackle from behind. It was a tackle from the side which came late.

I really don’t like such tackles and they will also get a yellow card on my field but to talk about a straight red card like the loony-brigade did at MOTD is very new to me.  A few weeks ago Chamakh suffered a tackle on the side line when a defender came in with both feet from behind and off the ground. That was dangerous and reckless and only the fact that Chamakh felt it coming prevented a serious injury. And then those same loony-characters said this was just a yellow card and should not have been a red card. And then they talk about being consistent? You got to be joking. But no they were serious about the Chamakh tackle then and about the Cesc tackle now.

But the fact that in the same game, even with my very dodgy stream I could see the dangerous tackles from Henry and Hunt and yet they MOTD loonies didn’t see them? Or maybe they didn’t want to see them.  You bunch of hypocrites.

What they are trying to do is what they have tried with Eduardo. They just tried to make life as difficult as they could after he had jumped out of a tackle and got a penalty.  And now they are trying to paint Cesc as a criminal. The reason is clear: they just want to drive Cesc away from Arsenal.  They just want to help him make up his mind to go to Barcelona. They hope and think that by painting Cesc as a criminal they will make him leave Arsenal and weaken our team.

Well I’ve got news for you loony-pundits: I know what you are up to and I can see your mind games. In my match-ref review I will talk about all the incidents and not just lift one out that is fine for me. I will also talk about the other tackles I have seen and which you pundits could not see.

But what the heck. I think I have told on this site and given evidence on many occasions that you did play football in your playing days but that you know nothing about the rules. And that you are more biased than I am as an Arsenal fan when I try to write a ref review of a game.  And you know what: you are paid to be neutral as I am paid nothing and biased can be expected of me. But I know the rules and the loony-characters in MOTD know football. But there is a difference between both.  But I don’t think even they would understand this.

You have exposed yourself once again as an Arsenal hater Mr. Hansen. You really are not fit to talk about the rules.  Get in a former ref or someone from outside the EPL to explain the rules to the public and maybe you could care to listen also and learn from it.

We await your Everton Arsenal comments with interest.

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18 Replies to “The agenda for the Everton game is set: watching for Cesc tackles”

  1. We should start singing:

    ‘No one likes us, we don’t care’

    At games like the Millwall fans – I’m as sick of all this as you Walter.

  2. Hansen started to believe his own publicity many years ago and unfortunately also got himself advertising contract as a result of it. He has time to fill on MOTD and he seems to care little what he says to fill it.
    A few choice, uneditable, chants at matches might cause him (and his employers) some embarrassment. I’m sure Everton fans would join in!

  3. Very good post. I’ve been saying this to all the people moaning about the cesc tackle, I always remind them of that Henry tackle on Arshaving and to some extent the tackle on Song, although it appeared as though Hunt genuinely didn’t mean any harm to Song as he apologised immediately after the challenge, even before the ref blew the whistle. To be fair even Ward said he wasn’t bothered about the cesc tackle so everyone should leave it be, he got what he deserved, a yellow card and thats it. I don’t hear as much of a fuss being kicked up about Essiens red card, which he has replicated more than 20 times previously in the premier league!

  4. re insideright
    You are quite right. Folk who criticize Hansen are naive. They fail to realise that a broadcaster who courts publicity by contraversial remarks adds listeners, which delights (in this case) the BBC. People will tune in just to hear the next outrageous opinion he will offer. I’m afraid we are lumbered with the guy until he slips up too obviously…. and then he will be forgotten (except if he writes a book on “My tv triumphs”)

  5. And my oh my to my utter surprise I was watching Manipulation of the Dumb today to see what they would make of the Aston Villa-MU game.
    As I had seen the game in full this afternoon I had seen that the Mexican Chicarito (or whatever) from Utd made a tackle which was a copy of the Cesc tackle. He got a yellow card from Dean. And what a surprise when they didn’t show it on MOTD. No mention of it at all. And super-Loony Hansen did not say: “It was a strrrraight rrrrred”. No compelte silence on all benches in the studio about a tackle that was a copy of the Cesc tackle.

    Now I will not say that the BBC is against Arsenal but I really cannot tell anything else than that MOTD is so totaly against Arsenal that they cannot gaine some credibility back in the next years.

  6. Hernandez commits an almost identical tackle as Cesc did on Ward. The sky commentators even used the Cesc one as a precedent. Commentators did not mention the possibility of a red card once – they simply said it’s a booking and that’s that.

    BTW! Disgraceful refereeing during this game. The ref booked Young for jumping into the crowd after he scored Villa’s pen, Vidic did exactly the same thing and the ref did nothing – it would have been Vidic 2nd yellow = red and a 1 game ban.

    Brown could have easily gone earlier in the game, not to mention Nani only getting booked for a blatent intended arm to the face of Warnock

    Referees just find it so hard to send off a Manure player

  7. lol @ Manipulation of the dumb. Captain Scarlet and co. are just riding the gravey train – they are all terrified that the continual and blatant mugging of the best team in the league (Arsenal) will become so obvious that they’ll be seen for what they are (which it is by the way).

    They continually appoligise for the corruption and steer popular opinion to be unsympathetic towards Arsenal… did I mention that they were the best and ONLY honest team in the league?

    They don’t hate us – they are just complicit, the PR men for a rotten industry that we are exposing through our brilliance.

    Me biased? Nahhhh… honest mate – Hansen and his minions can fuck off – they’ll soon degenerate into self parody and shuffle off into the obscurity they deserve.

  8. Nicky I think you are right-how else could the BBC justify using that dumbass hacker Robbie Savage or the irritatingly opinionated Alan Greene on radio 5 live.
    Hansen of course has a substantial track record as an Arsenal hater-and has been advocating over-physical”in yer face” tactics as a way of defeating Arsenal for years. By focusing on one mistimed tackle Hansen and his cronies are trying to expose what they see as hypocrisy by AW in criticising violent challenges-which they try to legitimise by calling them “part of the game”-which sadly they are in England.
    It is no wonder that all of these so called pundits fail to understand the difference between a late challenge and a dangerous and reckless one. But then careful, fair and balanced analysis is not part of the media recipe in England.

  9. Hey Walter

    I started reading BBC as a 18 year old as i thought it to be totally neutral. I have finally realised that it is totally anti arsenal. And I dont know what MOTD means but I defintely read the match reports and the way the controversies are highlighted. I am pained to see such a great organisation being so biased.


  11. What i find fascinting is their obsession with england and their national romantic tendecnies when it come to football and PL. Do they not relize that it is us foregin fans that keep em alive? Do they not realize that no english players are necciseraily better than the spanish or the german or the welsh even? What are they trying to achive? It doesnt matter how gret you think Henry is and how much mavellous english grit the guy has. hes still a shit player. Its almost a bit of orwell over it.

    All footballplauyers are eqal but some are more equal than others. If you english you have different rules. If you play for teams with proper managers, you have different rules.

    Regardless of what party you take you always apreaciate a neutral showing. Atlest if you are a sensible middle intelligent grown up that enjoy a good analyze …

  12. If we keep protesting about how the media is biased about Arsenal, we are just kicking around the bush… Just ignore these idiots because ignorance is the greatest insult… The more we retaliate, the more successful their aim become… If the media somehow manipulate Arsenal fans about the wrongdoings of Arsenal FC and turn against their team and manager, then be it… If these moronic fans keep bitching and want to leave the wagon and support other teams, then be it… If the pundits want Arsene Wenger waste expensive money or resign and go back to France, then be it… At the end of the struggle, a big, bright light is gonna shine towards Ashburton Grove with Arsene Wenger’s golden statue in front of the stadium renamed ARSENE WENGER stadium with a music (Now we are free – Enya)…

  13. They keep hitting us, knocking us down but we keep getting back up and they’re all like: “Just lie down and give up, just lie down!” – and we’ll just keep standing up and coming back – doing what we do… but they are getting tired and desperate and they know it – pretty soon they’ll have nothing left to throw at us and we’ll just roll over them.

    Our time is coming!

  14. @ durban_gun:
    I disagree. Us thinking fans know we’re not a dirty team, and we shouldn’t stoop to their level. I can just about guarantee you, there will be no sweeter feeling than when Arsene Wenger’s project reaches it’s apex and we win the league without all the dirty tackling, leg breaking, cheating, or help from ref’s etc. that our rivals have come to rely on for their titles.
    Despite all the talk about how our team is “not a bunch of youngsters anymore”, most of our players are yet to hit their prime. Imagine these guys when they’re 27, 28…
    More glory days are definitely on the horizon, and I’ll be glued to MOTD (I like the new version of this acronym) to hear what they have to say when we steamroll over the darlings of English football and their refs to win it all.

  15. So Webb gives us the rub of the green and the commentators were kissing our arsenal fo 90 minutes solid – what’s next? The Lion laying down with the lamb and the dead rising from the graves?


    Let’s see what MOTD have to say tonight – nice things I imagine.

  16. ACO – I doubt it, we won so they will probably gloss over us and focus on the Chelsea game win, loose or draw. I only watched MoTD yesterday to hear that comic Hansen’s analysis of Liverpool, but to my surprise found that he said not a word at all. I hope he is not on the show today.

  17. Ceartainly a lot to talk about in the Chelsea game – big coupon buster that one!

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