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  1. Nitram
    1 September 2021

    A tad odd since our major issue has been scoring goals.

    I can only think That Arteta thinks Auba will get back to his best as well as laca contributing at his best.

    I think we have seen a consistent rise in Pepe’s performance, but more goals are essential (5 more).

    Our issue is, and has been for a while, even as far back as Wengers later years, getting enough goals from our offensive midfield players.

    Without doubt we will need Saka and Smith Rowe Odegaard contributing. They need to be contributing 20 plus between them.

    Party needs to find that barn door he’s currently finding so elusive.

    Even our centre halves need to contribute more.

    The bottom line is, even a firing Auba and Laca cant do it all. If those above don’t come to the party a good defence alone wont be enough.


  2. mick shelley
    1 September 2021

    I see the village idiot Merson has said he could do a better job than Edu.
    Any chance he will ever show some respect and say a good word about his former club.


  3. Zedsaunt
    1 September 2021

    Didn’t Paul Merson show his capabilities as a manager a few years ago and showed himself to be one of those numpties who go into the bottom tiers of football as a manager and get sacked within a season because they cannot win a game?

    There might be a name for the genre, there might indeed be a case that every ex-footballer we see, hear, read, as a regular pundit week in, week out, is actually, in reality, on their record, on their results, a failed ex-manager who was once a footballer who then couldn’t hack the job as a manager and became a pundit?

    It can indeed be said that if they could hack the job, they would be doing it.

    In other words, we have a long list of failures passing judgements on working managers in exchange for money, recognition, status, and a wider audience of people not only taking their comments as gospel, but as plausible gospel,the truth! the nail getting hit on the head! listen everyone!! the audience somehow – nobody can tell you how it gets done! – separating the successful footballer, the pundit once upon a time aged twenty-five, from the sacked manager, the pundit aged thirty-five, as they listen to the pundit in his forties, no failure attached to the pundit. This is the man and he knows how it is done!


  4. Menace
    1 September 2021

    Sorry Mick you’re expecting magic!!


  5. John L
    2 September 2021

    Merson, Souness, Keane, Shearer, Neville. What do they all have in common?

    All total failures as managers.


  6. seismic
    2 September 2021

    Failed managers now punditting (is that a thing?)

    Merson (DoF? – would you trust him with that money)
    Gary Neville (I watched “Game 50” tonight. He enjoyed Riley’s company. Watch the video closely)
    Shearer (The bitter one)

    Sam? Can I include him? Never relegated. Wait. That can’t be right.


  7. Brickfields Gunners
    2 September 2021

    ‘He who can , does . He who cannot teaches ‘.
    Or coaches , preaches or writes shitty newspaper articles !

    I agree that we ought to come up with a name for those who failed in management , but are now considered experts in their field !
    My entry would be , ‘ Sad Sackeds ‘ !


    • Tony Attwood
      2 September 2021

      Hello Brickfields, welcome back. Yes, Sad Sacked. Let’s build a list starting with Paul Merson. Others?


  8. mick shelley
    2 September 2021

    Stewart Robson is a really good example for a Sad Sacked pundit.
    Failed Southend reserves coach and was instrumental in the demise of Rushden and Diamond.


  9. Brickfields Gunners
    3 September 2021

    Thanks , Tony , am always around , but still like to read your articles on my work computer. Find it a bit difficult with my hand phone .

    So our list of Sad Sacked Pundits has -[so far]

    1. Gary Neville – I’m guessing in Spain they must have a pet name for him !

    2. Graeme Sourness – Better left unsaid !His Liverpool appointment coincided with the start of 30 years in the wilderness.

    3. Roy Keane – A nasty piece of work .

    4. Paul Merson – Apparently his addictions extend to compulsive stupid blurting .

    5. Stewart Robson – A serial and bitter Arsenal hater/ baiter .

    6. Alan Shearer – A sheet metal worker’s son, who came home and got his hometown club relegated !


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