However it is not all exciting news with new men on the way for also in the Mirror, Arsenal told they risk repeat of Mesut Ozil contract saga in “no win” dilemma

This concept comes from that chief prognosticator Darren Bent and once more concerns Aubameyang who the Mirror say “could be difficult to offload given his current contract.”  

Bent announced, “I said at the time Arsenal were stuck in no-win situation. At the time, Aubameyang was playing fantastic, one of the best strikers in the Premier League, single-handedly won the FA Cup for Mikel Arteta.   They started off the following season against Fulham, scored a good goal, got the contract and he has been a shadow of himself ever since.”  

But to be fair also let us consider the past of Darren Bent.   He was the man who when playing for Villa was photographed apparently out shopping while his team were losing to Liverpool and when he should have been at home recovering from injury.  He later apologised.   Then his manager said some odd stuff about a conspiracy theory (although it was never quite clear who was conspiring with whom) and then Bent had to deny having a fall out with his manager.

Bent, who also once appeared on BBC’s Celebrity Mastermind and scored a total of three points over two rounds, tells us, “It’s like the Mesut Ozil situation all over again. We’ve got an overage player, he’s not old, but he’s getting on in age that we can’t get rid of and on really high wages. So what do we do?