What exactly are Man IOU fans saying at the moment?

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Snooping Around: ManU Blogs by Sammy the Snake

So the Lord of Untold is looking for a few typing monkeys to write a regular pro-Wenger column.

Pro-wenger, I am. The main reason I started supporting Arsenal was the way the club was run, and that is mostly thanks to the man at the helm. But I’d like to exercise my option to bitch about him when the going gets really tough (like the last couple of days). I promise to be gentle though.

Writing, I can do. I usually write every day, specially emails and such. Regular, though, is gonne be tough for me. Hell, even my coffee isn’t regular any more.

So anyway, to cut a 40 year old story short, I’m a guy and love a challenge. Tony put me up to one, especially as I’ve always wondered what goes around in discussion forums for other clubs. With my wife watching a crappy movie, and Ryan Raynolds f-ing his ex on screen, I began my search.

As all good detectives do, I started my research with Googling “man u blog”, and clicked on the first result. This particular blog claims to be the “The No. 1 Man United Blog”, so I must have hit the Jack Pot!

The aesthetic look of the blog is very normal, very similar to any Arsenal supporting blog. A bit simplistic, looks like they didn’t put too much effort in to it, not my taste anyway. There’s a red block on top of the page, not much else to say really. There’s a sketch of a fist on the right of the page, as if to say “up yours” or something. For legal reasons, I can’t name the blog, just suffice to say they have Republik (yeh, look at the spelling!), and Mancunia (honest!) in it.  There’s a very commercial feel to this blog, the words “advertise with us” and “shop” right on the top of the page enforce this notion. The article on “X-Mas gifts” smells of real cheese, the really smelly kind.

The topics for the articles are your general daily crap about on loan players not wanting to return, so on and so forth. There’s one article about a certain whore-loving player, and it has grabbed so much attention with loads of comments. The article is quite short, basically a rewrite on Rooney’s PR stunt release about the fans’ reaction to his return, pretty lame if you ask me.

The comments section on this article, however, is a blizzard of opinions. Quite heated and diverse comments, just like our own Arsenal blogs. I am surprised that many comments are short one-liners, but I’m not surprised at the low quality of writing by ManU fans. The number of spelling mistakes is unbelievable, just goes to show the level of schooling in the north. In any case, I get the feeling that the passion is nowhere near the levels we experience among Gooners. Only thing to report is that many fans wish him dead, but you already knew that.

There’s another article about being unbeaten since April 4, 2010. Hell no, I can’t do this, not now. Not ever. The word Unbeaten should only be used in relation to the Invincible, and it hurts my eyes to see it being used for another club.

Tony, I love you man, but this was a bad idea. No Gunner should go through this torture, moving around scum comments about their scum players and their bankrupt club. It can’t be done regularly, and I assure you, it won’t be read by die hard Arsenal supporters because we don’t give a toss about their crap brand of football. May be I’m biased and hence blind, but I like it this way! I can’t care to read or write about a club that’s near financial ruin, and all their supporters can talk about is their striker’s below the belt action.

Having said that, I am curious to know what the Chelsea fans are talking about these days. I really want to know how the Russians are dealing with their recurring nightmare, losing to teams they were brushing aside easily just weeks ago. Are the fans calling for Ancelotti’s head? Are they questioning the motives of the board? Do they think Abromovich is suddenly the sole survivor of the devil empire on earth? Or are they calling for Ray to shine once more?

I take this Untold challenge as my call of duty for my beloved Arsenal. I will continue to spy around other blogs and get you some juicy reports on the weather conditions at stadiums near and far.

I’m hereby rendering my application to Untold for a snooping job, to go around rival blogs and to get my fellow Gooners some dirt on the dirtiest teams in the land. I promise to write some half-ass articles on not-so regular basis, so long as the dental plan from Untold covers my entire family.

Win, lose or draw, Gooner till I die,

Sammy The Snake

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16 Replies to “What exactly are Man IOU fans saying at the moment?”

  1. Touche:) +1 for sammy the snake hitherto hoping that the ‘nom de plume as tony calls it is not any reference to err 😉 never mind!
    +1 again

  2. @Tony: How often are you planning to get such articles on this site? Wouldn’t one article a week for all the clubs put together be enough? it could get boring to read about all those teams specially more so if they are doing good? On the other hand what padbert suggested would be far more interesting. If somebody could run a weekly report of what the other arsenal blogs say it would very interesting..
    Whilst I’m still at it, TONY PLEASE CONSIDER THIS..PLEASE PUT A CAP ON THE LENGTH OF THE POST. We’ve seen comments, albeit copy pasted from another blog that are as long as the articles itself. If somebody has really decided to post something too long it migth just dampen his spirit a wee bit if he has to do it in a new comment and is there any way you could let the guys who comment edit them? Some of typo errors have been rather embarrassing 🙁

  3. What else to expect from Manure fans??
    but saying that i would say that like sammy i dont care for fans of the top clubs and reading their posts
    what i would like to see are reviews of blogs of smaller mid-table teams, like the villas and wolves’. there the passion is IMMENSE and god knows i want to see people who live for purely football. i dont care for the chavs and man-shittys 😀
    gooner till and after i die 😀

  4. man u make me laugh, the comment abt the spelling mistakes by manure fans hahahaha. i know its all biased but its just hilarious. this blog is something else

  5. Can I say, this is just an idea, and just an experiment. At the moment Untold publishes around 15 or so articles a week and I never imagine that anyone other than me reads them all.

    The vision I have is that Untold has a set of views and values which are by and large upheld in the articles, and the articles approach these views and values from different perspectives – thus hopefully offering a lot of people the chance the share in this style and approach.

    If the readership of certain articles is poor, or if there is just no interest at all, then of course I will cut the series.

    I do try to indicate within the headline or first line of the article which “series” the article fits into so that you can see your way around the site. And there is always an index at http://www.blog.emiratesstadium.info which is usually up to date (ish) to help you pick the articles you want.

    But believe me, although I do push few a small number of articles that I feel are important, mostly I am guided by the vision I have of the site, and the response of the audience.


  6. I understand how much you suffered, and how hard it was to get there and read it. It was absolutely merciless from Tony to even ask someone to go there.
    And I will put shortlist of Tony mistakes on this
    1)Tony didn’t even considered is it maybe infective.
    2) What will our kids think of us if they catch you reading their blogs/forums.
    3)What is distance from chair to floor, in case our “spy” fall from laughing
    4)What will happen if Mncunians recognize our guy, because you cant hide intelligence, stupidity yes, but intelligence no.
    5) how bad can reading it influence further development of young woman/man
    6) are pictures of Nevil, Rooney, Scholes rated as +18

    Those are things sir Tony was supposed to consider, if he didn’t want to lose one young life.

  7. I love the way it is written Sammy. And I admire you for you being so brave to go in to these dangerous websites. 😉

    But I do admit (and I hope Tony will not throw me in the Untold dungeon for this) that when I feel bad about Arsenal I go to the official Tottenham website. I then go to this page http://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/history/history_honours.html

    And have a look at that “glorious” picture and look at the number and the years behind the first line where you can read football league champions.
    And then I see that in trying to make give themselve a big impression of themselves, they even include ridiculous titles like the “spaghetti bolognaise trophy from 1932” or something like that and the titles won by the Junior team in 1950 or something like that. And then I just feel so good.

    Then I know that they will be in our shadow as long as I will live.

    Cut the link out if you want Tony, I wont mind.

  8. That link was fun! For example…

    Ipswich Hospital Charity Cup Winners 1951-52 (joint).

    Good grief 🙂

  9. Peace Cup (Korea) Winners 2005.
    Vodacom Challenge (South Africa) Winners 2007.
    Feyenoord Jubileum Tournament (Holland) Winners 2008.
    Barclays Asia Trophy (China) Winners 2009.

    OMG. I thought those were money trips. Did not realise they were real competitions. my bad

  10. damn it.. this guy is already writing the untold way.. an intelligent view of the situation with lots of humor… And at times, reading about arsenal here and there is just so boring, if this snake can give us a good laugh about the foolish things fans from other clubs is like, I will say hurray!! it will be as good as how i like to laugh at the ignorance of our own fans!

    I really look forward to the day when Utd fans cursing SAF to retire sooner and Spurs fans reactions after continuous spending millions but waiting for their first top tier league trophy since 1961.. 🙂

  11. I was thinking about being one of Tony’s typing monkeys, but couldn’t have written that well, Sammy.

    There are a lot of Arsenal sites on the list of top blogs (note: none of the AAA blogs are rated that high). On the ESPN soccernet forums, the Arsenal board is by far the most populated and active. It’s the same doom and gloomery there too with a few very active posters creating “sack wenker” threads after every loss.
    The Man IOU section is pretty much the same, with their own band of doom and gloom merchants. But again, no where near as active or as passionate as the Arsenal fans.

  12. I think these articles are a great idea and hope they continue.

    By looking at what other clubs’ fans are thinking and feeling about their teams we can garner some perspective on our own successes, hopes and disappointments with the Arsenal. Perspective which is sorely lacking in the AAA groups, as in their minds no other club loses matches or makes mistakes but theirs.

  13. “At the moment Untold publishes around 15 or so articles a week and I never imagine that anyone other than me reads them all.” — Tony, guess what, that makes two of us. 🙂

  14. @tony
    guess that makes three of us.
    i am a hardcore gooner, and i read every single arsenal blog(except the AAA clan, bless the idiots)

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