Top Online Football Games for Arsenal Fans

Football fans have always been interested in premier leagues and some pro tips have always backed them up by guiding them on how to place their best bets on their favorite teams.

Football enthusiasts take immense pride in knowing the game well along with their origin, history, players, background, winnings, etc. 2020-2021 served some of the best picks among the premier league titles to their fans.

Liverpool was declared as the winners, they brought in too much consistency and stability into the league and filled the season with excitement. A lot of turmoil was suffered by Jurgen Klopp’s team but they buckled up, gathered themselves, and battled on to be the ultimate survivors.

Arsenal appeared to be the top-sixth to finish in the season and because of all this, there are several rumors trying to undermine the team. The team oscillated between being a well-oiled machine and anything but that throughout the last season.   However, this time around the team is all set to get the much-desired top-four finish.

Some of the Best Online Games for Arsenal Fans

Millions of Arsenal fans can enjoy slots with real money casinos. Nowadays, secure and safe online providers allow their users to choose between a thousand different games that can be adjusted to the player’s budget.  What’s more, the games can be played from different devices including a mobile phone, so gooners can enjoy the breaking times while the second half of their team starts. The best part is that users also get tips that will help them in improving their winning as well if they contact the customer service. We are here with the top 5 football-themed games out there:

  • Football Mania

This online game replicates the median football match, it features some of the classic themes and offers a myriad of rewards and bonuses with winning possibilities. The background of the game is particularly a football field or a pitch, a stadium occupied by the brim by excited fans.

Winning different symbols in the game of Football Mania includes football boots, a referee, and a hat. Although there are many more symbols in the game, these three are among the most common. In case you are searching for expanded rewards or referrals, you ought to make an objective to make a match with the goalkeeper and a combination of some other symbols.

  • Football Star

Football Star is a five-reel slot specially titled by Microgaming. The game was designed appropriately and was released during the time of the Brazilian World Cup (2014). The wagering amounts were low and there were around 243 ways to win, we can say the game is perfectly designed for hard-core dedicated football fans.

Football Star permits you to place bets or start wagering at a minimum of $0.5 and place a maximum betting amount of $50. Additionally, the game reflects an impressive RTP at 97%. RTP is referred to as Return to Player rate, which is the win amount released by the game for the players provided in a long run.

The low wagering amount appears to have coupled with a different and interesting storyline with essential graphics is what keeps each and every player hooked to the gameplay of Football Star. Some of the common symbols that the game includes are a referee, football boots, and football stars’ avatars.

The Football Star celebrates every winning of a fan with a goal scored to bring out a realistic football experience. This game is one of the popular online games structured among the football fans zone supporting numerous features.

  • Champions Goal

This is quite a popular slot released from Elk Studios supplementing some real and exciting features to keep their fans entertained for a specific time frame. With Champions Goal, you receive genuine free spins, sticky wild symbols, scoring scatters, and explicit cascading wins. Champions Goal brings out a high proximity level of volatile action which typically gives an adrenaline rush a special spin. The game has approximately 20 pay lines with 5 reels, followed by the RTP rate at 95,7%.

  • Ultimate Dream Team

The Ultimate Dream Team provides a comparatively old technique at an online slot released by Push Gaming but the different approach is something liked by the football enthusiasts. There are some of the penultimate Dream Team symbols including football stars, however, most of them are letters.

Some of the usual real-world football commonalities in the gameplay are stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Manuel Neuer. They imbibe five reels along with 25 fixed pay lines, the game Ultimate Dream Team brings out to you plenty of winning possibilities.

With the game on, it might not be possible to always win real rewards or money, but the game offers quite a good number of free spins, rewards, and bonuses to be gained and to win. There might be a chance that you are fortunate enough to have matched the Golden shirt scatter three times to automatically trigger functions or a feature that will reveal some of the unique players within the game.

  • Champions Cup

Created and released by NetEnt, the game meets every expectation of its fans and even pulls them up to heights. In the game of the Champions Cup, you will be structured right in the mid of a large football pitch or a stadium. In order to win or earn potential cash prizes, you would have to beat the keeper in the midst of a Free Spins Tournament. The game offers high volatility for you to be prepared for entertainment and a fun ride along with some genuine highs and lows through the gaming mechanics. The game facilitates 20 pay lines and an RTP rate of 96,82%.

The world has almost transformed into a space for football enthusiasts. The iGaming industry has piqued, and so has the sports industry touched new heights. The article lists some of the best picks for you while you are a football fan and a game lover.

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