Palace v Arsenal, the team and the developing commentary

Previously about the game…

Which is a damn site more than you will find on Sky!


By Bulldog Drummond

Here’s the team



Cedric White Gabriel Tavares

Thomas Xhaka

Saka Odegaard Smith Rowe



Bit of a rarity for me, sitting at home watching the game on Sky.  It’s now 7.25, so we have had 25 minutes of the programme and the amount of time devoted to Arsenal is about 10 seconds.  The rest of the programme has been about Manchester United and Tottenham Hots.

Which tells you pretty much all you need know about Sky’s coverage of the Premier League.

The fact that the predictions about the team were all wrong in all the cases we looked at before the teams were released shows that the knowledge level of everyone debating football is pretty poor.

No announcement that I have seen as to who is on the beach.  But AFC website tells us who the subs are …

Leno, Holding, Martinelli, Nketiah, Lokonga, Elneny, Swanson, Flores, Ogungbo.

Now 7.30 and it is still a programme about Manchester United.   I wonder, is there any other TV company that could actually bid to do programmes about the clubs that are playing in the match that they are going to cover?

Oh, 7.33pm they are talking about Tottenham Hots.   And Manchester Untidy.   And telling us how the Manchester United are doing.   Apart from the use of phases like “A little bit unique”

It is now 7.37pm and they are debating Kane.  Still bugger all about Arsenal.  Which is probably why Sky’s audience figures are going down and down and down  As far as I can work out, one minute about of the first 40 minutes of the programme was about Arsenal.

Imagine a world in which Sky TV programmes were actually titled in a way that described what was going to be shown.

“The more we learn, the closer we get” – an advert from Google on Sky.   That is truly weird.  The more I learn about the leadership of Russia the further apart from them I am driven.

And now they are talking about car racing.  Meanwhile Guardian is talking about the game “becoming a winner-takes-all rumble for a precious top-four place.”

Rooney has just given the opinion that Odegaard has gone really well.  “He’s surprised me to be honest” he said.  I’m really wondering why I am continuing with my Sky subscription.

And would you believe it Sky are employing Alan Smith on the commentary team – the man who was sacked by Arsenal for his negative comments about Arsenal players while he was employed by them as a writer.

No Pepe on the beach!  But a really eccentric local crowd – if a ball comes through the air to an AFC player the crowd scream for handball.

Alan Smith telling us that no one gets fouled more in the Premier League than Zaha.  And then Palace score a completely flukey lucky goal.  But to be fair the second Palace goal was a good one.  We’ve now got to stabilise and get one back before half time.  AFC certainly have more possession but for the moment cannot make it pay.

30 mins and Martinelli doing a little warm up as Smith Rowe is hauled to the ground not for the first time.

40 mins and it is starting to look like a different game, but it looks like there is something wrong with the whole structure of the team.  But we are coming back into things toward the end of the first half.


11 Replies to “Palace v Arsenal, the team and the developing commentary”

  1. wtf is happening, two nil down already. some players looking like they having an off-day or something

  2. At least our U23s sre winning at the Emirates. 3-1 against Man City with a couple if minutes to play. Oh no a 90th minute shot makes it 3-2 and 3-3 in the third minute of time added on. Not our night!

  3. he did exactly the same thing away at old trafford: might be a good idea to keep our viking far, far away from our own box from now on
    not everything’s on him, though, of course: there’s been greatness in everybody’s sloppiness tonight …

  4. an evening to forget….I think not one of our players was even close to the level we know then can reach. And then you cannot win anything in the PL.
    Let us hope dat just like monday evening in december this will be a moment to pick ourselves up and start a new run like we did after the Everton defeat.

  5. Let us hope that just like that monday evening in december, this will be a moment to pick ourselves up and start a new run like we did after the painful Everton defeat. That’s more like it. I hope… Must go to bed now…

  6. At least, in the last ten minutes, they started to play with some resemblance to the team that had been playing before the international break. That resumes.

  7. Agree that the the lads were out of their game.
    But… just now, looking back at highlights. First goal : Andersen pushing Tavares to the ground with a stroke in the back of his neck. VAR ref was asleep ?

  8. I agree with Alex re push on Tabards. Also, Saha free kick award looked like a 50-50 collision.

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