Tottenham v Arsenal: the actual team – and the game

The team:


Tomiyasu Holding Gabriel Cedrid

Xhaka Elneny

Saka Odegaard Martinelli



That’s come from the Arsenal, five minutes before it needs to be announced.  No surprises there, I think.

So since we ain’t at this match, we thought we might try a little experiment, and run a evolving league table.  Before the match it reads

Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Manchester City 36 28 5 3 94 22 72 89
2 Liverpool 36 26 8 2 89 24 65 86
3 Chelsea 36 20 10 6 73 31 42 70
4 Arsenal 35 21 3 11 56 42 14 66
5 Tottenham Hotspur 35 19 5 11 60 40 20 62

So from the moment the referee’s whistle blow it will read

Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Manchester City 36 28 5 3 94 22 72 89
2 Liverpool 36 26 8 2 89 24 65 86
3 Chelsea 36 20 10 6 73 31 42 70
4 Arsenal 36 21 4 11 56 42 14 67
5 Tottenham Hotspur 36 19 6 11 60 40 20 63

and we will try and update it as we go along.  But of course this being an experiment there will undoubtedly be big time cock ups.

Interestingly the ground where it is being played is still called the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, so they still haven’t got a sponsor.  I wonder how long it will take.

Meanwhile Theo Walcott is a pundit for this match on Sky.  Not sure I have seen him to this before – but of course for home games we all go to the matches so don’t see Sky.

So it is confirmed we are playing the team that beat Leeds.   Smith Rowe and Lacazette on the beach.  Saka is fit.   Sky is telling us that Arteta as an Arsenal player he always ended up in the top four.  But the speed at which he got out of the TV camera view after his interview was astonishing.  Theo meanwhile is very interesting talking about playing with Arteta.


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  1. i”m watching with the sound turned off
    can someone explain to me why this penalty’s supposed to have been given??

  2. Can’t pick a stream up , have we shot ourselves in the foot or is Riley’s man doing his job?

  3. Guess I was wrong about Tierney on a previous thread. Allowed too much argy bargy by sides. Holding’s first yellow was a foul. Tierney held up twofingers. So two fouls is a yellow? The second was just too stupid for words. I still don’t understand what Cedric did in the box. Anyone understand it?

  4. GoonerSince72 looked like Cedric stood his ground and yet again Son fell over saying he was fouled

  5. When the PGMO have decided the result in advance there is no point in following the game. I’m calming down with an evening walk.

  6. I know that Ben White probably wasn’t 100% but I felt uneasy when Arteta went with a back four, I was hoping that Mikel would have matched them and gone with a back three and wingbacks just to congest the spaces for Son and Kane to run into.

    We just need to be smarter and more streetwise

  7. The ref clearly decided who was going to win this game before kick off. Riley’s lapdog.

  8. Brilliant save by Ramsdale. Gary Neville’s comment, “what a cross”. Tosser of the highest order.

  9. Should only be 1-0. No penalty and Son’s shouldn’t be good, Kane dragged Gabriel sown before the shot.

  10. Tierney the ref makes his claim to be Dean’s position as Riley’s favourite.

  11. A steep learning curve. Played out in public. Two to win. One game at a time. The best thing about today – down to ten, 3-0 down, the team played out from its core principles instilled through the season, kept its composure, shape, played football, didn’t lose its sense of its own worth. Roll on Monday.

  12. Agree Zedsaunt in fact we played rather well for being a man down I thought. The softest of penalty’s you will see all seaoson (never seen anything before to be honest). Holding being a bit stupid I thought. But with this ref you knew he would take any chance to get an Arsenal player sent off. The third we had him and the third loss (Chelsea home – Crystal Palaca away – also 3-0 defeat and a penalty)

  13. Credit to all our players for their performance in adverse circumstances. Sky commentary must have been screened and approved by PGMOL

    Neville talking through his arse as usual.

    Lloris had to make more saves than Ramsdale.

  14. Goonersince72 well thats because it wasn’t a penalty, ref is trying to say cedric left his foot out which Son went into. We kept our composure, the ref new holding is slower than Son so would make any excuse to send him off and Son pklayed off him as he wasn’t getting penalised. But we still played well. Top Scum it is.

  15. I’ve always thought that Sam Matterface is far and away the worst commentator out there but tonight Martin Tyler ran him a close second and yeah, Gary Neville is truly nauseating.

  16. Martin Tyler’s commentary is scripted nowadays. He used to be a decent commentator, but not for the last 20 years.

    “And it’s live”

  17. ‘This game is history’
    FT: Tottenham 3-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta, speaking to BBC Sport: “I cannot give you an honest assessment because I will be suspended for a long time. I like to be honest and I cannot give an honest assessment.

    “I am so proud of my players, this game is gone, we’ve lost it, we accept it. We move to Newcastle.”

    Thoughts on the sending off? “I don’t know. The decision was made and this game is gone.”

    Complaints about the penalty? “I cannot give my opinion. I will be suspended. I think you can read my body language very clearly.”

    How do you pick the players up? “I have already done. This game is history and all our focus is Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle. I told them I was so proud of them and if we do what we did in the first half an hour here we will be fine against Newcastle.

    “I worry a lot about today. I really, really worry about today but I don’t worry about the performance of my players.

    “I want to be where we deserve to be.”

    A bad result but win final two games and you are there? “That is the great thing and a positive thing and that is what we are putting our energy in now.”

    How do you deal with the pressure? “It is the same way we dealt with the beginning of the match and the team you have seen out there, the way we played.”

  18. Dean on VAR was enough to give Tierney free range and Holding fell for it hook line and sinker. The 11 minute elbow was ignored and from then on Son was winding and eventually got what he wanted. Softest of penalties we can expect at least three a match if that was right . As the Harry Kane sycophancy got into full swing it was time to turn the appalling commentary off .
    Not a good night but it’s all on to Newcastle and Everton win those and karma will be ours.

  19. @ Pat

    I get what you’re saying 100%. Sadly, the PIGMOB will also be officiating the next two games. On the back of the shambolic bias I watched tonight, I think it’s very likely we’ll get stuffed in the next two games two.

    We will need to be four goals better than the opposition to scrape a win. Same old corrupt PIGMOB.

  20. Arsenal’s Tierney out injured.

    Spurs’ Tierney played and secured their win.

  21. I don’t watch football on TV with an audible commentary. You don’t watch a game live with someone in your ear telling you what you’re looking at so why hear it in front of a TV? Consequently, tonight, the events that became the penalty was a bog standard bit of argy-bargy that morphed into a free gift to the opponents curtesy of the most important man on the pitch. We couldn’t really expect anything else. If you expected something different you would be living in cloud-cuckoo land.

    Mr Arteta knows the reality. The players have to recognise it. They might still have their belief in ‘fairness’ ‘ The Rules Of The Game’ ‘justice’ but as long as they keep those beliefs, they can be gobbled up. The unscrupulous and the PGMOB walk hand-in-hand. It’s all a learning curve and tonight was a tough exposure to basic ground-rules.

    The manager has his eye on where the team can be. One game at a time.

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