Derby County 12 Arsenal Reserves 20

That was shots – which shows why people think Arsenal are entertaining – you get lots and lots of action.

OK Derby are fairly feeble, and they have a belief rating at somewhere around minus 20 on the Belief Rating scale, but still, not everyone puts six goals past them while playing a reserve team with a smattering of first teamers.

We saw our new reserve keeper, Denilson ran around a bit, and got markedly better as time went on, Theo missed one and got one, and Van Persie went off with the inevitable thigh strain.

Actually it would be nice to think that Robin might not have to play through the summer in the Euro tourney, but undoubtedly he will play every minute of every game and come back wrecked.

Alex Song continued to do quite well, and could maybe replace Senderos as the prime reserve centre back.

By and large it was all good fun – made all the more enjoyable by that amazing gaff from Sir Whatnot at Old Trafford, where he indicated that something sinister was going on because Chelsea mowed the lawn after a game, not before.  In fact, that is what happens at Old Trafford, and there were apparently urgent phone calls to rudolph in order to ensure that he didn’t repeat the drivel and dig an even deeper hole.

The FA will of course do nothing.