Untold Arsenal in habitual How to thrash the clubs

Despite my regular protests Team Talk won’t do anything about people taking Untold Arsenal stories and sticking them on the TT site, with no acknowledgment. OK it is not that important, and you can say, “so what?” and “get over it”.

And I see your point, squire, but…

I am sure Team Talk won’t mind if I put up a whole story that has just appeared on Teamtalk Quebec. I found this because I have one of those googley things set up which gives me a little note every time the phrase Untold Arsenal pops up – just so I know when someone says, “That Untold blog is the most amazing thing / biggest load of cobbler / on the internet.

So this is what Googley gave me on Thursday. Word for word, unchanged. unedited, complete.

So sit down, get comfortable, take deep breaths, and then read on.


Untold Arsenal in habitual How to thrash the clubs that greensward the conspire school in faЗade of goal

As we keep one’s eyes peeled it we back away from from it. in fastidious Well I do. in fastidious And so does the geezer who sits behind me. in fastidious The goalkeeper wastes in good time always from the chairwoman microscopic exceeding every goalkick. in fastidious He puts it on the red of the compass, and then, for the treatment of no appearing intention, picks it up and puts it down on the healthy.

Am I delightful it? No you.
Throw in’s cover forever. in fastidious There’s no at one to discombobulate a discard to.

Edge up the tar, cover warned quondam the ref, draw back, not offer the elated on impassion satisfactorily, another minutes old up.
Meanwhile players recorded e find favour down with no hurt.
Yup, Blackburn, Bolton and Birmingham and the indolence are in the EPL and playing for the treatment of the 0-0.

Birmingham, two years ago, eloquent had signals from the bench intention go down injured. in fastidious In chance something like half the teams n the EPL disposition entertainment like this in the coming ready. in fastidious They disposition hankering for the treatment of the breakaway to go a 1-0, but sans that, 0-0 disposition do. in fastidious Even Everton, who allegedly sire first four pretensions, came to the Ems terminus October, nicked the stir and then retreated, defending so offer the elated on impassion recorded e find favour there were people in brouhaha ten who had to cede up their seats.
So what rank of collaborate do we bank b jail in for the treatment of such games?
This is not an deliver of argument, but of the midfield and innings.

You be astonished question what makes their fans cosy to the Ems when for the treatment of half the duplicate they won’t eloquent help their own collaborate – they’ll all be defending and in good time always wasting down the other between. in fastidious Somehow we indigence a stratagem to cover quondam these teams. in fastidious Our red and healthy recorded e find favour can evermore draw forwards and coincide with the winger – that’s a conceded. in fastidious It is what happens absent that is the inflection.
It is not a engagement where the defensive midfielder adds much – because there is particle to parry, which is why, in my belief, Denilson is elegant here.
One such stratagem is the Cesc squirm – it in effect looks like the fancy ball engagement except the squirm is so admirably played to someone like VP or Ade or Eduardo who can cover such a ball, tell on a turn to and velocity in at one wing with the argument the the maltreat niche. in fastidious disparaging When the competitor are lumbering half approach encircling their own half irksome to artifice flippant but mostly stupendous indirectly, he is the bad interceptor, before rigidly where the ball disposition be as it is slenderize miscontrolled.

He breaks up their attempts to in the ball, and gets us stupendous again.


The original is here

It is, obviously, a translation from English (presumably to French) and then back again.

Oh Team Talk!
Oh joy!
Oh how you make my heart a-flutter go
Oh fastidious
Oh the Cesc squirm and the fancy ball
When the competitor are lumbering half approach encircling
Such is football oh Team Talk
As could be captured by no one but you
So Team Talk
So fastidious
Denilson is elegant here.

(c) Tony Attwood 2009 (I am claiming copyright on all of it, since I wrote the original, so there.)

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  2. Tony,

    Either I am a dim wit or there must be loads of dim wits at Team Talk. I cannot make any sense of what they copied there.

    God! If they are going to plagiarize other people’s work, they should at least have the decency to do it right.

    BTW, Did you see my suggestion yesterday?

  3. I think the people of Quebec TeamTalk learnt English on the short wave radio band, through the BBC World Service. 😉

  4. Tony,
    My head hurts. Having said that, it makes about as much sense as Michael Owen’s assertion yesterday that he does not think he is at all injury prone.

  5. Tony, you outdo yourself. Wonder if TT will ‘borrow’ this one, have it re-translated & this time around the translation is perfect!

  6. Don’t waste your “Arsenal time” with these dick heads. From the looks of it, even if you gave them another brain, they’d still be half wits.

  7. Oops. I’m as big a tosser. June does not equal July. Excuse me whilst I wipe off the ostrich egg.

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