Brighton v Arsenal. The team, the ref’s odd statistics and the prediction

By Bulldog Drummond

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  1. Well, City and Newcastle losing 2 points each. Arsenal have their work cut out for them : win baby win and be 7 points clear ! COYG

  2. How is it possible that for all the rough treatment and fouls that Saka gets subjected to only one yellow card all season has been awarded to his assailants. Saka himself, not particularly noted for his dirty play and aggression, has received four yellow cards. Can someone explain this strange state of affairs?
    Taylor was a disgrace today, persistently ignoring transgressions by Brighton whilst penalising us for similar.

  3. I keep being fascinated by the fact that our ragtag group if youngsters are 7 points clear of City.
    I mean, City, you know, the billion dollar worth club…the endless moneypit club. The club where Zinchenko and Jesus where just not good enough.
    Yes, maybe we did not play all the tough games yet, we did not lose any of the so-called ‘easier’ games ?
    And all the 4 main players of our forward line have scored tonight. This goal spread is abolutely fascinating.

    Freaking unbelievable. Still 22 games to go….. but I’m starting to feel they have what it takes stay on top. Mr Arteta DEFINITELY is a great manager.

  4. Happy Newyear my fellow Gooners! And what a great way to end the year…. More of the same in 2023…

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