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Shots, goals… the untold statistics machine keeps on rolling – part 3

By Walter Broeckx

Now let us try to have a look at the goals against and the way they were scored in the last season of the EPL. And we all know a lot of critics said about Arsenal and defending and now we can see how the goals went in.

Shots/Goals 10-11 6 yard […]

Facts versus fiction: Why the pessimists are mistaken

By Domhuaille

Since the January window closed, the gloomers-doomers-moaners-groaners, anti-Wenger, whiners, pessimists, nihilists and Arsenal critics have infected the blog-sphere and too many Arsenal fan website with their incessant litany of dark vitriol against AW and bleak forecasts for AFC’s future. It is time that we separated the Facts from the Fiction and weeded out […]