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How corrupt is football? From Rangers to Portsmouth, from Birmingham to Barca…

Last night the BBC did a TV programme about Rangers. It was only shown on BBC Scotland, rather than nationally across the UK, perhaps on the basis that the BBC planner think that no on in the south is interested in Scotland.

And yet what is happening at Rangers is a warning to all of […]

Bleacher Report hilarious cock up – or is it pure anti-Arsenal bias?

The Bleacher Report is a regular email which has a wide reach across the world, from its USA offices.

I have long seen it as an AAA product, and must admit I gave up looking at it on a regular basis long ago.

But today a headline in the report forced me in. It reads


England’s problem is not coaching it is boredom

By Tony Attwood

We’ve published a lot of articles on Untold over the years but a few stand out – not least one a couple of years back on the question of why England was so poor as an international football team.

I like that one because I didn’t know the answer when I started […]

UNTOLD MEDIA: Sagna claims his leg was broken deliberately.

By Anne

Part I: Introduction

I’ve decided to go back and revisit the very first Untold Media article that was published on Untold, which Tony headlined The Sun goes bananas (even by their own sub-basement standards). If you look at the link, you’ll notice that this particular article is unique from any of my other […]