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Do Liverpool fans see the AAA as a blueprint rather than a dire warning?

By Tony Attwood

For me (and of course this is just a personal reflection, as are many of the posts on Untold – the personal reflection of the authors) the supporters of all clubs should take note of the AAA* and the damage they can do. Their unremitting attacks on certain players undoubtedly do […]

Arsenal should show some more ambition; just like Liverpool

By Walter Broeckx

Some things are hard to understand. A current line that is being used when it comes to Arsenal is that “we should show some more ambition”. And those words are followed by a list of players we should buy. The more expensive the better is the only thing that seems to matter.


Deliberate injuries that unsettle players. Part 2 of our investigation.

By Anne

This article continues from the earlier piece: Sagna claims his leg was broken deliberately. You can read part one here

The first article which focusses on events at the start of the 2011/12 season concluded with the thought that in the case of injuries to Koscielny and Sagna, opposition player actions which appeared […]