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The PGMO v Arsenal – the half time report. How are the refs doing?

by Andrew Crawshaw

In the last two articles we have looked at the matches played so far this season by Arsenal. In case you missed them you can see the articles here:

Part 1 Part 2

Now we pull all these figures together


The Good – Mike Jones (Aston Villa v Arsenal) 82% overall […]

The fixing of top football matches: how it works and why it is not reported

By Tony Attwood

There are two prime ways in which top football matches are fixed.

One is the gambling model where people bribe players or refs to fix a game in a particular way, and bet on the outcome.

The other is a much more complex system and is often known as Calciopoli after […]

The curious case of an ARSENAL selfie.



After the ManCity victory Rambo tweets a pic of himself, Giroud, Ox and Per-fect Mertesacker. This was followed by Alexis Selfie or whatever they call it, which sends Liverpool legend into a rantorgasm. He sure loves that, doesn’t he.

Understandable he is annoyed seeing ARSENAL win, but this outburst wasn’t necessary. […]