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FA to stop obesity, help children, build pitches and do sensible things. Err….

By Tony Attwood

It’s FA Cup weekend in case you didn’t notice, so I had planned to run this final article before the preview of the Brighton Cup match, on the subject of the FA.

And I am staying with that – but with the addition of a few results.

Chelsea 2 Bradford City […]

How broadcasters always screw up by ignoring what football means to the fans

By Tony Attwood

OK, if you are not a viewer of English TV or don’t listen to English radio you might not know who Adrian Chiles is, and this article mentions him a lot. But stay with me, because this is not just about one TV presenter who has been sacked, but about almost […]

Why Arsenal have so many injuries: the complete analysis

By Tony Attwood. On 23 January Danny Higginbotham wrote an article in the Independent newspaper in which he said:

I still can’t quite believe what I saw when Jan Vertonghen, of Tottenham Hotspur, was ruled offside for scoring against Sunderland last week, when he had received the ball five or six yards inside his […]