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Transfer inventors now claim they can read your mind

By Tony Attwood

Ninetyeight percent of transfer rumours turn out to be useless in revealing transfers that will happen.

So how can the various newspaper and blog sites that actually produce the stories keep going? After all, any other future prediction operations which had a success rate of only two percent would have been […]

Ref review West Ham – Arsenal

Ref for this match was Neil Swarbrick

The first minute the ref should have booked O Brien who came in frontal towards Monreal. In control but surely with studs showing over the ground. A booking would have been the only correct call even in the first minute.

Minutes later a very important call to […]

FA applies UKIP approach to football.

By Tony Attwood

The Football Association is determined to be, well, that slightly bit odd, in its thinking.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you ran the FA and were concerned that in recent tournaments both the English national team and the under 21s team had been knocked out of the big event in […]