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An Özil of All Trades

By Jerry

Mesut Özil is an amazing player in my opinion that has received unfair criticism from the media since his arrival from Real Madrid last year. The criticism, in my opinion, has been over the top and I have failed to understand why. Is it because of the huge transfer fee, contribution to the […]

Coquelin and some interesting stats

By Walter Broeckx

How strange football can be is something that we see from time to time. Apart from Tony who has seen his quality all these years ago when his vision was much sharper than it was recently most of thought that Coquelin was a lost cause. Coming to Arsenal at the age of […]

One day at a time

By.Don McMahon

The recent mini-crisis, otherwise known as the media tempest in a teapot or the aaa meltdown or the night of the brain-dead(the aaa national holiday), allowed me and most of humanity to appreciate how dramatic the media and our fickle aaa plastic fanboys can be. The Wenger out chants once again rang through […]