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How newspaper football journalists have become part of the opiate of the fans

By Tony Attwood

What is the purpose of newspaper football journalism? It is not a question one hears asked very often, and indeed is not a question that football journalists ever pose at all.

But this is Untold, and the clue to what we are is in our name, so let’s try and answer the […]

An Untold banner in the Emirates

By Blacksheep

An Untold Banner


On Sunday Tony and I were chewing over the bones of the game against Chelski and I put an idea to him. How about we (i.e the Untold family) fund a banner that can be displayed at the Emirates?


You probably know the sort of thing I mean […]

Barcelona’s new academy plan aborted and now Madrid about to be banned.

By Tony Attwood

On 30 December 2014 Barcelona lost their third and final appeal against Fifa’s ruling that the running of their “world famous” academy was illegal under Fifa rules. Interestingly, the Spain FA, which was also found guilty in a related case, did not bother to appeal at all.

Now Real Madrid and […]

Almost there, one more win will do it

By Walter Broeckx

After last nights match between Hull (who we will play next Monday) and Liverpool the league table is this

1. Chelsea 33 played 77 points

2. Man City 34 played 67 points

3. Arsenal 33 played 67 points

4. Man Utd 34 played 65 points

5. Liverpool 34 played 58 points

6. […]

Do we really need 4 players? Or just ……4 more fit players?

By Walter Broeckx

If we look back at the season so far one could say that we had a turning point in our season. Or maybe even a few turning points in our season. Some caught the eye more than others as we will explain later on in this article.

For me the season really […]

Racism in football

By Pararealist

There is racism in football, and also in all other areas of society, but although they are related, we are going to concentrate on racism in football.

First let me do a little preamble.

I know some people are easily offended by honest discussions of prejudice and race. There are those who confuse […]

Individual players assessment in a team sport

By Walter Broeckx

Lets have a look at our own players in our match against Chelsea. Not by giving them any points or so as this is not Untold to do but I think some things should be said about the players.

Ospina : hardly had anything to do really. But he had each shot […]

About ‘Whatshisname’ and Mr. Moron

By Walter Broeckx

I didn’t really want to spend any time on the bloke that is called Piers Morgan. But as yesterday Aaron Ramsey showed what a strong person he is I think it is appropriate to mention this incident.

Now this Mr. Moron (oh a typo but I just leave it like that if […]

Arsenal – Chelsea, wake us up at the final whistle

By Walter Broeckx

From the team that brought us our second FA cup final in one year Arsenal made four changes.

Ospina cam in goal and Szczesny dropped to the bench again. At right back Bellerin came back in the team and Debuchy dropped next to Szczeseny. Monreal also took back hos place from […]

Arsenal v Chelsea: the teams and things

By Bulldog Drummond

Here’s a nice opening thought just in case you have some nerves about the game today:

When we beat Reading last weekend, that gave us nine wins in a row. That is our best run since the Invincibles won 10 games in a row in 2004. The match that ended that run […]

Arsenal v Chelsea: the prelims

By Bulldog Drummond

Mourinho will be defensive, and be happy with a draw. That’s what everyone seems to be saying, and it is probably true. It might not be worth the £1000 a ticket that is said to be the going price.

We have been awaiting a Mourinho “voyeur” statement, or the production of a […]

Arsenal v Chelsea: How to misunderstand football and its fans.

By Tony Attwood

I do like it when football journalists let slip just how out of touch they are with the real everyday fans – the people who pay out of their own pocket to watch games, often being given grotty seats in stadia where the niceties of life such as actually obeying the Licensing […]

Arsenal v Chelsea 26 April 2015 – The Match Officials

Arsenal v Chelsea 26 April 2015 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

Firstly following Walter’s review of the Newcastle game Ref Review : Newcastle – Arsenal: an overwhelming bias here is the updated “Table of Shame’

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents 2nd Yellow Cards 0 19 Red Cards 4 16 Penalties 4 […]

Who you can buy depends an awful lot on who you have got.

By Tony Attwood

The aaa spent much of the early part of the season saying that we should have gone out and bought more players. My answer was the same: it ain’t that easy. You have to ask

Does the player want to come Does his agent like the deal If non-EU can […]

Why it’s far too early to announce Moss as ref for the Cup final

By Walter Broeckx

I must say that I was rather surprised to hear that Jonathon Moss had been handed the FA cup final. First of all my surprise is because of the fact that the decisions has been made already. We still have some six matches to play in the PL and in those matches […]

The **** goes on, and on, and on, and…

By Walter Broeckx

In an excellent article Andrew made a summary based on the referee reviews we have done this season. The question has been asked a few times before in the last weeks: are referees giving us a fairer crack of the whip lately? Statistically the answer is no.

The bias is still appalling […]

Arsène Wenger: the beautiful pragmatist

By Tony Attwood

“Wenger can signal power shift to Arsenal – but only by ending his Mourinho hoodoo” screamed the Telegraph this week. They and the rest of the press will follow this up with a piece that says “Five things we learned this weekend.”

It is all nonsense of course, based on the childish […]

Have the referees been any better in Arsenal games recently?

Have the referees been any better in Arsenal games recently?

by Andrew Crawshaw

This question arose as Tony, Blacksheep and I were having a drink in a bar before the Cup Semi-final. The essence of the conversation was that both of them were convinced that the refereeing had improved in more recent games. I was […]

High wages do not ensure victory… but they can help

By Tony Attwood

The new financial analysis of clubs’ finances for the season 2013/14 makes familiar reading. Manchester United with its world wide marketing earns the most and spends the most on salaries. Indeed the clubs vying for the top four places in the Premier League earn the most and spend the most on wages […]

At last, our complaints about state aid for football are heard

By Tony Attwood

Sometimes it seems like screaming at a concrete bunker. Those odd campaigns that Untold takes on, when few other people want to notice. We keep on plodding away, reporting each bit of news, in the hope that in the end the story will unfold and people will get interested, at least for […]

Bayern’s medical team resign, and the forgotten cause of injuries

By Tony Attwood

When Untold gets its teeth into a story we like to dig in deep, and not give up until we’ve got to the bone.

OK, perhaps not the best idiom when I am about to talk about injuries, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

You’ll remember […]

Women’s Super league – Arsenal’s start to the season

Women’s Super league – Arsenal’s start to the season

By Andrew Crawshaw

The WSL is now well under way, all eight teams have played three games, here is the table :-

Pld Pts W D L F A G.D Pts Chelsea 3 9 3 0 0 7 1 6 9 Arsenal 3 7 2 1 […]

It’s not who we can afford to buy, it’s who we can fit in

By Tony Attwood

I’m not sure that Arsenal actually needed any additional publicity among the football playing fraternity in order to ensure that the players the club wants, want to come to the club, but if they did, then achieving the FA Cup records they have just gathered ought to do it.

Everyone must know […]

Ref Review : Newcastle – Arsenal: an overwhelming bias

Ref for this match was Mike Jones

The first foul only happened after 12 minutes but the Ameobi kicked Alexis in the chest. Not with hit studs but a high foot making contact should have been punished with a yellow card. Ref Jones let it go and as a result Cabella only a minute […]

Fear and Loathing at Wembley Park

By Tony Attwood

It is, by any standards, a grotesque and appalling place, made worse by the avarice of capital and the incompetence of inefficiency. But its foundations show something far more sinister and dispiriting.

In a week when we learned that British industry and commerce is now so inefficient that the French as a […]