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Beware this story about Arsenal support is boring and you’ve probably heard it before.

By Tony Attwood

“That facts that nowadays the manager clearly hasn’t got a clue about how to set up a team tactically, that his ability to motivate his players is conspicuously lacking and that his Midas touch has gone into reverse, when it comes to developing talent, count for nothing when you consider his stellar […]

Arsenal fans at home and away.

Arsenal fans at home and pararealist. . Arsenal fans are a strange bunch. . First there are the away fans. . They sing their hearts out for the team and give vocal support whatever is happening on the field. . Then there are the home fans. . Now, the home fans expect to […]

Arsenal’s win ratio, two assists from Ozil, and the trick of body language

By Tony Attwood

One of the things the children who run the mass media and lead their little camp of followers never quite understand is the essence of support. It is emotional, tied to one’s tribe. But us fans also tend to know our statistics. And some of us have actually read a book […]