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75% of the season done: Carnage and Hope


By Fishpie

Ok, gotta admit the third quarter of the 2015/16 season did not, in any way whatsoever, turn out like the script.

Much anger, abuse and “told you so’s” have been hurled at our team, and mainly by us. And really Untolders, who can blame us?

I know that every single one of […]

Arsenal Squad – 2016/17 and Chelsea’s youth problems

by the Untold Team

Before we start picking up again on all the crazy transfer rumours that the newspapers and bloggettas are starting to invent, in order to save them doing any reporting, here is our first stab (created by Andrew, who writes the ref previews and reports on under 21s and under 18s) at […]

It’s time for positive supporters to take on the clowns

By Tony Attwood

One of the key points about Untold Arsenal is that we try and look at football by considering the evidence.

Unfortunately we are rather on our own in doing that, and as a result when a dozen or so supporters make one of their banners and hold it up at the end […]