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Arsenal 1 – Norwich, boo boys, pgmob 0

By Walter Broeckx

Arsenal started with the same XI as in the last match. But the most important change was on the bench where Santi Cazorla was present for the first time since getting injured in the first match against Norwich in Novembre last year. Welcome back Santi.

Starting team: Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, […]

Arsenal v Arsenal. Welcome to the Witchfinder Stadium.

By Bulldog Drummond

I recall a time when (I think I must have been around 13) I learned about Matthew Hopkins. He was originally from Great Wenham in Suffolk, but moved on to Norfolk spending a fair amount of time in Norwich during the Civil War. He was responsible for the deaths of over 200 […]

Sticking and pulling together or not?

By Walter Broeckx

As I am the president of an official Arsenal supporters club I have to deal with lots of different fans.

Now I must say that I feel blessed to be the chairman of the Arsenal Belgium supporters club. Why? Well because in general we do have a big number of supporters who […]

Arsenal v Norwich Saturday 30 April 2016 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

As I write this on Wednesday there are no new published Referee reviews so both the Table of Shame and the Wall of Shame are unchanged from last week

Table of Shame

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents 2nd Yellow Cards 1 44 Red Cards 2 16 Penalties 3 29 Goals […]

Change? Time to change the protest

By Walter Broeckx

So after the protest during the WBA match there will be another protest during the Norwich match. If this continues like this Arsenal fans will not be known as Arsenal supporters but Arsenal protesters.

Now I am all for free speech and all for having the right to express ones opinion. But […]

Memories of a true tragedy


By Tim Charlesworth

The world of football is full of talk of, ‘the good of the game’ and other meaningless epithets. Football is mostly, however, what economists describe as a ‘zero sum game’. Every winner creates a loser. If you get together a group of Arsenal devotees and a group of Tottenham devotees and […]

Manning the barricades

. From The Brickfields Gunners Blog . . I started writing this at work as a comment to Blacksheep’s fine “Don’t shoot the messenger but we’re in a funk” article, but it mutated and became this . And in the meantime Tony had posted his article on the same subject . So without further […]

What was it like to train with the Invincibles?

By Danny Karbassiyoon

I’ve had a bit of a crazy past couple of weeks. With the book finally launching, I’ve been on an endless run of podcasts and have spoken to a good number of journalists about the story, my time as a player, and of course my time as a scout.

The AISA […]

Arsenal’s good name secures first transfer but two top stars may have had enough

By Sir Hardly Anyone . According to the newspapers and the bloggettas, the transfer window is full steam ahead, while the wheels that have come off the bus are going round and round. Or something like that. When it comes to transfers it is rarely a piece of cake.However amidst the inevitable turmoil of rumour […]

When Saturday Comes the enquiry line is switched off.

By Tony Attwood

A recent article by Harry Pearson in When Saturday Comes came with the headline “If you think referees can ‘ruin’ matches, perhaps you’re not watching them right”.

Much of the article isn’t about referees or refereeing as such but towards the end it does get there, and asks, “Why everybody in English […]

What the papers don’t want to say, what they can’t bring themselves to admit

By Tony Attwood

I didn’t intend to cover the end of the court case relating to the Hillsborough tragedy on Untold, not out of any lack of compassion or respect but rather because I couldn’t think of anything to say that hadn’t been said a thousand times, and said much better, by others.

But then […]

Be like Chelsea only more so? Is that what the lynch mob want?

By Tony Attwood

Last week I was doing some research on an Arsenal player from the 19th century – Stanley Briggs. It turned out he was an amateur player who played for Tottenham, then for Woolwich Arsenal in the League, then for Tottenham.

Several Tottenham web sites mention the player and speak of him as […]

Why don’t clubs take care of their prize assets?

By Tony Attwood

Last night, in a most magnificent setting by London Bridge, overlooking the Thames, ex-Arsenal player, Arsenal scout and Untold columnist Danny Karbassiyoon spoke to members of the Arsenal Independent Supporters Association about his life in football – from being a wonderkid with the Gunners to making a faux pas at Burnley by […]

Don’t shoot the messenger but we’re in a funk

By Blacksheep

Those that know me (not that many of course) or that have read things I’ve written before (a few more perhaps) will [hopefully] be aware that I’m quite a positive person when it comes to most things including Arsenal. I’m pleased to contribute to this blog because it supports the club, the team […]

The endless assault on Arsenal. Now it is started I doubt it will ever end.

By Tony Attwood

I got interested in how the media works way back in my late teenage years when I started playing with various rhythm and blues bands. Rather obviously (since my name is not known in musical circles) my attempt to make the big time (or come to that even […]

Arijan Ademi got four years ban for failing a drugs test. So what will Sakho get?

By Tony Attwood

You’ll recall that Dinamo Zagreb’s Arijan Ademi failed a drug test after playing in the team that beat Arsenal in the Champions League group stage. Despite the fact that he played the full game nothing was done to the club that employs him and nothing was done about the result. Dinamo Zagreb […]

Sunderland – Arsenal 0-0 scoring boots stayed in London

By Walter Broeckx

No changes in the starting line up from Arsenal but one change on the bench. The return of Jack Wilshere on the bench for the first time this season after his injury sustained in August on the training ground.

Arsenal team: Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Elneny, Ramsey, Iwobi, Ozil,Alexis, Giroud

On […]

Sunderland v Arsenal, the teams, what will happen and other stuff.

By Bulldog Drummond . Well now it seems like only Thursday when we were playing a game and here we are once more. 12 goals in our last five games, three wins and two draws – not so bad overall. . Sunderland’s home record is not that magnifico – in fact in the tables helpfully […]

The agenda is changing as the Guardian and Telegraph pick up the issue of referee accuracy.

By Tony Attwood

It was last month that the Guardian ran its article “Why are Premier League referees silenced – even into their retirement?” – an article which picked up on a lot of the work by Untold and by Referee Decisions, although they didn’t credit either site.

What would the […]

Sunderland v Arsenal Sunday 24 April 2016 – The Match Officials. A point with this ref would be a miracle.

Sunderland v Arsenal Sunday 24 April 2016 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

No new referee reviews since the last preview so

Table of Shame

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents 2nd Yellow Cards 1 44 Red Cards 2 16 Penalties 3 29 Goals 1 11 Total 7 100 Possible Cost in Points […]

Oh God forgive me when I whine…


Recently I came across a poem, whose provenance I could not trace, but which, for me summed up the aaa’s perfidy and those plastic fanboys who sport homemade banners, tear up their season tickets and in general make fools of themselves when they whine about the Arsenal, […]

Analyzing the table of shame

By Walter Broeckx

Regular readers know that we have a table of shame in which we compare wrong decisions from referees going in favour of Arsenal and going against Arsenal. Below a repeat of the latest standing in this table.

Table of Shame

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents 2nd Yellow Cards 1 44 […]

Desperate transport, desperate journalism, Win No 500. Arsenal v Pulis’ mob – Being there.

By Tony Attwood

Before the match four writers of Untold gathered in the Swimmer for a pre-game chit-chat and the occasional noggin. (Tim joining regulars Blacksheep, Andrew and myself).

We were, I think it is fair to say, in lively, positive mood, despite the awful car crash, the aftermath of which Blacksheep and I had […]

Arsenal – WBA : 2-0 Alexis with a brace

By Walter Broeckx

We had 3 changes from the team that started against Crystal Palace. Per Mertesacker came back in the team in the place of Gabriel.

In midfield we had Ramsey and Coquelin dropping to the bench and upfront we had Giroud and Welbeck also found a place on the bench.

Starting team: Cech, […]

The media don’t recognise there is an Arsenal game tonight. Fortunately we do.

By Bulldog Drummond.

Arsène Wenger stands firm but Arsenal are standing still and close to meltdown shouts the Guardian and of course alongside it is another very tatty banner held up by a very tatty supporter, or at least he would be if we could see him.

So since […]