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June 2017

Arsenal buying 57 players, and 16 are leaving. At least that’s what the media say. The Transfer Index Vol 11

By Tony Attwood

Welcome once more to the mighty Arsenal Transfer Index – the 11th edition of the 2017 version.

The number of players Arsenal are buying is how up to a giddy 57 – and we still are 16 days away from the window creaking open. As for the leavers 16 players out […]

In an interesting power shift, Fifa break their own rules and change the referee after UAE protests

by Tony Attwood

OK are you ready for a real conspiracy theory? Try this one.

One of Untold’s valued overseas correspondents sent over a report this morning concerning the fact that for a United Arab Emirates game against Thailand the UAE demanded of Fifa that they change the referee, because the referee came from Qatar.


Attacking options, Ox contract, new management structure, chaos, Le Jeff, Willock. All the AFC news and some made up stuff too.

By Sir Hardly An’yoné

I have discovered that some silly people have taken to laughing at my name, and so I have decided to change it by adding an apostrophe and an accent. Please take note. It is now pronounced An Yo Ney.

Now the news.

1: Arsène Wenger is pushing forward with an […]