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It’s going to be great, it was awful as we expected, Santi Cazorla and Leeds.

By Tony Attwood

Looking back, as one does at this time of year, it was interesting to see how quickly the build up of excitement and enthusiasm in the media concerning the Champions League final dissipated. And it wasn’t just a feeling of regret that surrounded the Tottenham v Liverpool match in the media, […]

10 more players coming to Arsenal, and four big names leaving and Freddie

By Sir Hardly Anyone

In the ongoing struggle to find players who by a very long stretch of the imagination might actually come to Arsenal, the media have, since we last looked, found another 10, thus taking the total so far to 46. And remember the transfer window isn’t even slightly ajar as yet.

But […]

We predicted six champions before the season started. We got all six right.

By Tony Attwood . The last three posts have been talking about corruption in football. Where corruption is taking place on a major scale it ought to be possible to predict who is going to win the league, and have already mentioned in an earlier post that at the start of the 2018/19 season, […]

Is football fixed? The final chapter: match fixing in Spain.

By Tony Attwood

So far in this series:

Is football fixed? Part 1: The logical reason why we might well think so. Is football fixed? Part II: why we need to have change

I had already written the two previous “Football is Fixed” articles that appeared yesterday, when the news came in that the match […]

Is football fixed? Part II: why we need to have change

By Tony Attwood

This article concludes the discussion on why change is needed in the way football is run in the Premier League.

As the Guardian pointed out, when Southampton were beaten 6-1 by Manchester City, the expected goals result suggested a 2-2 draw. And we say, ah well, stuff happens. Or we might […]

Is football fixed? Part 1: The logical reason why we might well think so.

By Tony Attwood

There are two answers to the notion that football is fixed, which journalists and bloggers like to trot out over and over again.

The first is that the people who suggest football is fixed are simply loopy – that they go around wearing tin hats, believe that the BBC […]

The Untold Preview of the Women’s World Cup

By Andrew Crawshaw

The Women’s World Cup gets underway this coming Friday (7th June) when hosts France take on South Korea in the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris. The semi finals and final will be held at the Parc Olympique Lyonnaise in Lyon.

There are 24 countries taking part in six groups of four. […]

A season of mellow fruitlessness


by Blacksheep

I must say, from the start, that I started this past season with low expectations. I thought we’d miss out on the top four (when Tony often said we’d make it). I expected we’d do better in the Europa League than last season because, well, history tends to suggest that a little […]

Football is getting so predictable one season seems much like the last.

By Tony Attwood

In the 15 years since Arsenal’s unbeaten season – an event which has not yet been emulated of course – only four teams have won the Premier League: Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Leicester City. Noting this I thought it might be worth asking the question, “Does that mean that the […]

The 36 players Arsenal are now tipped to sign and no sign yet of Edu.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It seems that a few people took a look at my recent little amble through the backwaters of what is laughingly called football journalism and thought either we were making it up, or that we took these tales seriously. So a quick explanation: each year for the past few years we […]