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Who’s signing whom: how to big six and wannabes compare in terms of spending

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Following this morning’s list of all the players we are reputed to have been chasing, and the seven players we have so far signed, here are the details of the clubs who finished above us last season in terms of their buying and selling


Club Bought Price Sold Price Total […]

Arsenal sign 7 players, plus 5 new rumours, making 134 rumours in total

By Sir Hardly Anyone with special thanks to Ruud the Driver.

The total number of players tipped as coming to Arsenal by the all-knowing media is now 134! The signings so far are

Salah-Eddine Pablo Marí (£14m) Cédric Soares Willian Tim Akinola Marcelo Flores George Lewis

That makes

7 Signed 8 Updated rumours this week […]