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Arsenal v Chelsea injury news and surprising away form stats.

By Bulldog Drummond

Only two teams left active so in many ways the injury table doesn’t matter any more. We have six and Chelsea four. However for once we are not top – Newcastle are on seven, presumably one of which is the illness of disappointment after the possibility of becoming the richest club in […]

Arsenal to slaughter 3 wild animals buy 11 players and keep one.

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

The Toppled Bollard is back open and the chickens are headlessly stumbling towards where the bar might have once been before it was locked down. And headlessly seems to be the right word as we read the headline from Tribalfootball that “Arsenal hero Nicholas urges Arteta to cull three players.” Mind […]

The value of the Arsenal players, and the Arsenal team

By Bulldog Drummond

And so we approach the cup final. Transfermarkt has an interesting table showing the number of players in the squad of each team and the total market value.

Club Squad Foreigners Total market value Manchester City 34 27 £908.69m Liverpool FC 29 21 £903.29m Chelsea FC 33 23 £747.86m Manchester United 33 […]

The rise of the new “no one likes us”

By Tony Attwood

It was particularly interesting to receive a fair number of comments yesterday following my review of the CAS findings on the Manchester City case. Not as many as we normally get, so many the subject of the Uefa and CAS reviews of their financial affairs is now considered done and dusted, although […]

CAS reasons for siding with Manchester City make interesting reading

By Tony Attwood

You may have noted a few of the sarcastic and critical comments posted on Untold following the Court of Arbitration in Sports findings in the Uefa v Manchester C appeal. I made the point a few times that the secretive nature of the CAS proceedings (something that does not happen in most […]

The shocking statistics on how referees have affected Arsenal’s league position

By Tony Attwood

In 2019/20 an Arsenal player was given a yellow card for every 4.9 fouls the team committed. In fact Arsenal had to commit fewer fouls than any other club for each yellow card they got. The size of the difference between Arsenal and other clubs can be seen by the fact that […]

Spending money (part 2): Arsenal’s biggest problem and how to solve it

This is part two of the article Will spending money work for Arsenal this summer? And if not, then what? which appeared earlier today.

For Arsenal the most obvious thing to do, in order to progress up the league next season, is to look at the number of draws this season and turn just a […]

Will spending money work for Arsenal this summer? And if not, then what?

By Tony Attwood

This is part one of a two parter on the options for Arsenal this summer.

Let’s start with money spent on transfers. Here’s a table that shows the top spenders a year ago…

Aston Villa £146.3m Manchester United: £144.7m Manchester City: £138m Arsenal: £132m Everton £110m

What is self-evident is that the […]

Fifa in chaos as Infantino’s illegal meetings revealed and chief Swiss lawman resigns

by Tony Attwood

You may recall that I have been making a bit of a fuss about the way the English media will not, seemingly as a matter of policy, cover events relating to Fifa which have been bubbling away throughout this year.

The Americans are threatening to ensure that companies registered in the USA […]

Disappointments this season, hopes for next season: the journalists’ vision

By Tony Attwood

Carefully ignoring the fact that there is still one match of the domestic season to go (some sort of cup final I believe) the Daily Mail has a piece asking its journalists “10 key questions” about the season. It’s quite interesting generally, and I thought I would highlight a couple of bits, […]

Arsenal v Watford. The teams, and BT Sport goes bonkers.

by Bulldog Drummond

It’s one of those funny end of season games where a has to beat b unless c loses to d by six or more goals and e has a goalless draw. Or something. If Villa win, Watford need to better their result by two or more goals to survive on goal difference. […]

Arsenal v Watford: why are Arsenal still getting so many injuries, 2 years on?

By Bulldog Drummond

There are some real odd issues that are arising from the league table as we approach the end.

Team P W D L F A GD Pts 1 Liverpool 37 31 3 3 82 32 50 96 2 Manchester City 37 25 3 9 97 35 62 78 3 Manchester United 37 […]

The ten (sorry six) (sorry 3) big big stories about next season’s Arsenal team.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

The Toppled Bollard, home to the journalistic elite who day by day invent transfer tales of which just three percent per annum are true, is once more fully open. Journalists are all wearing face masks decorated with their favourite slogans (“Get in there” is the most popular) and spend their hours […]

Still getting Arsenal’s history wrong, after all these years

by Tony Attwood

One of my prime concerns is how the history of Arsenal is regularly wrongly written in the media, invariably in a way which reflects poorly on Arsenal, suggesting that in the early part of the 20th century it was a club run by crooks.

For example, as I have mentioned earlier this […]

Liverpool and Leeds knock back chances of stadium return for next season

by Tony Attwood

It was back in April, just a few weeks into the corona virus, that we first raised the issue of how people could be stopped from celebrating around a club’s stadium after a trophy was won. Since then we have had three nights of mass gatherings in Liverpool and several nights […]

When spending a fortune in football can go seriously wrong

By Tony Attwood

Last season Barcelona became the biggest earning operation in football, up 22% on the previous year pulling in €840.8 million in that year. Around 10% more than Real Madrid. They had money everywhere. What could possibly go wrong?

One could have asked a supporter of AC Milan, the third-wealthiest club in football […]

Are Arsenal really the bad boys of football, as some want to suggest?

By Tony Attwood

Two headlines caught my attention. One read, “Seven times Arsenal tried to ‘lowball’ clubs in the transfer market” and the other was, “Latest Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang update is not good news.”

The two headlines come from one article within which the story is simple. Arsenal continuously muck about in transfers, pulling every silly […]

Why the media all want Arsenal to buy buy buy, and why we shouldn’t

By Tony Attwood

One of the features that links together most blogs and I suspect all the newspapers and their websites, plus the TV stations and the radio stations, is the importance of transfers.

We can see this at once from the fact that they spend so much time each summer on transfer […]

“The important thing is not to stop questioning” (Albert Einstein)

By Tony Attwood

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. That was the phrase that was repeatedly thrown at Untold Arsenal by anti-Wengerians during the latter years of Mr Wenger’s reign – the years from 2007 on, when we were constantly coming 3rd or 4th in the League […]

Aston Villa v Arsenal; why all these injuries? the corruption of 2013; the team

By Bulldog Drummond

In the injury charts Arsenal are still right up there at the top with seven alongside Newcastle and Leicester. Every other club has fewer.

As mentioned before, in the days of Mr Wenger he was blamed repeatedly by a couple of eccentric commentators, and their views were taken up by the media […]

Aston Villa v Arsenal, how did last summer’s spending work out for each club?

By Bulldog Drummond

Aston Villa are in what we experts call “a mess”. Since lock down Villa have played eight games and won just one of them – beating Crystal Palace 2-0 at home. Indeed five of their eight lockdown games have been at home and the results of those other than that single win […]

How Manchester City have helped fund Arsenal over the years

By Sir Hardly Anyone, transfer correspondent of the Rutland Water Gazette.

If you are a reader of the AISA Arsenal History Society website you’ll know that after the takeover of the club in 1910, the aim was to make the club self-sufficient, which had always been the intention of those who founded the professional […]

Buying more players is exactly the opposite of what Arsenal need now

By Tony Attwood

It has been a very, very long time coming, but suddenly, after the wins against Liverpool and Manchester Money the talk has all been about Arsenal’s brilliant players. Rather than a tedious array of 120 players Arsenal are supposedly trying to sign (and here’s a question – how many staff on transfer […]

Where next for Arsenal? What leaving the EU is going to mean for our squad.

By Tony Attwood

There is an ongoing clamour to buy some more players, and indeed the latest Untold chart of players tipped to be coming to Arsenal this summer is now running at 122.

But there’s a problem with this, apart from the fact that even the best of new players can take a year […]

BT Sprout disgrace; Xhaka and Mustafi brilliant; Arsenal win; Mail critical

By Tony Attwood

“For some clubs it is easy,” Mourinho said. “You just break the rules, you forget the financial fair play, you spend what you want and you get the good players. Easy. For some other clubs, it’s more difficult. You want to follow the rules. You don’t want to be seen with the […]