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Why WHU can foul 3 times as much as Brighton before getting a yellow card

by Tony Attwood

It is time to return to the fraught issue of tackles, fouls and yellow cards. If all was equal, then there would be a common ratio between the number of tackles that would result in a foul being called, and the number of fouls before a yellow card.

If all things were […]

Tim Sherwood, football management’s grand failure, says Arsenal are no good!

By Tony Attwood

I have regularly argued that the football media in this country regularly refuses to tackle certain issues, such as the oddity of the way refereeing is organised in the Premier League, and issues of corruption.

Instead the media use the “gaslighting” technique of turning the conversation to something else in order […]

Is football seriously corrupt? It depends on your starting position

By Tony Attwood

One of the great problems within football is the problem of gaslighting – the refusal by those who talk and write about football to engage with certain issues. Indeed on this site you’ll find a six part series on gaslighting in football reporting concerning the refusal even to engage in discussion concerning […]