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Untold Tactics

Untold Tactics: articles about the tactics employed in football from an Arsenal perspective.


Untold Tactics is part of “Untold Arsenal” – an ever growing collection of articles and comment on numerous aspects of football from a pro-Arsenal perspective.  A list of other sections within Untold Arsenal is given at the end of this page, and on the home page of the site.


Football has changed into a killer instinct game

Arry Watch: The complete tactical analysis of Tottenham

The Under-performance of Arsenal – a graphical analysis.

TACTICS: The Times They Are A Changing

The left back situation: Vermaelen and Vertonghen

The left back situation: maybe Arsène doesn’t need to buy

The tactical review: The attacking force

The tactical review: Ball playing defenders

The tactical review: Set plays and centre backs

On Arsenal’s Leadership: what is it, who is it, why is it?


Untold Arsenal – the (fairly) complete index



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We really do welcome writers who have a positive view of the Wenger revolution, or who have something new to say about any of the topics that we regularly cover – all listed above.  Just email your idea to or send in the whole article as a Word file attached to an email.

Making the Arsenal

Full details of the novel which tells the story of Arsenal’s collapse and birth as a new club in 1910.  Details here. A new book on Woolwich Arsenal FC is in preparation.