Arsenal v Monaco: It’s time to get out the negative stories


By Tony Attwood

One can just imagine the sports editors shouting it out.  “Enough of all this pro-Arsenal stuff.  Don’t you realise the season is about to start?   Where are the normal stories.  The one’s that say, Arsenal have cocked it all up?”

And so in reply we get Arsenal make potential Folarin Balogun transfer mistake as Liverpool ‘reject’ $64m demand.  Thus we now know.  The season is indeed about to start.

Yes Premier League Injuries gives Arsenal five injuries but only one of the five players is completely ruled out.   And besides, reading one of these shock-horror “Arsenal have five men down articles,” doesn’t given any perspective.  At least with PL Injuries we know that Chelsea and Newcastle have six men down, while Manchester United also have five.  So Arsenal are near the top, but not utterly out on their own.  One club has no reported injuries: Luton Town.

And at least Sports Mole tell us that “Record signing Rice could force his way back into contention, having only suffered from a contact injury in training, while Balogun and Zinchenko are not expected to be sidelined for long.”  

Which is all a bit more reasoned than “Arsenal are in danger of making a mess of their end of summer business,” which is what Football.London offer in response to the same list of injuries (although at least we can be happy that they haven’t invented any more).

Oh yes and there are suggestions that Arsenal are in a mess because they want to buy more players but “They risk being unable to generate ample funds to bank roll their August work if sales aren’t agreed in the coming weeks.”  So how are we going to buy Mohammed Kudus and David Raya when we have already spent all the money? Typical Arsenal.  Never get it right.  What a balls up!  (At least in the eyes of FoLo).

Anyway, we are playing this evening, and there is the hope that Declan Rice will play although the aforementioned Folarin Balogun might be injured.  Kai Havertz and Jurrien Timber are both available.  Or so we are told.

Arsenal have played Monaco twice in the Champions League in the 2014/15 season the principality club coming out on top on away goals after each side won one of the games.

Sports Mole give us as the line up


Timber, Saliba, Gabriel, Tierney;

Odegaard, Partey, Havertz;

Saka, Jesus, Trossard

It’s on – for a fee.  If you pay and have any problems getting reception please do write in and let us know   Most people seem ok, but a few appear to have had problems.

4 Replies to “Arsenal v Monaco: It’s time to get out the negative stories”

  1. There are a select No of football related websites primarily based in Salford.They are from the same stable.As far as I know they are TBR,football.London,ladbible,etc.Noticing where they are based it’s little wonder that their sole aim is negative stories with regards to Arsenal or negative transfer stories.Occasionally they can’t help themselves & dish out complete nonsense all with the single aim to destabilise anything positive with regards to Arsenal.Speaking of which you mayas well throw on the notorious Arsenal hating who never have a positive take on anything Arsenal.Might as well call themselves
    These sites should be called out whenever possible so the majority of Arsenal fans are aware where these stories emanate.

  2. We sure should take nu risk with any player having a knock for this match. The most important event tonight is Arsène Wenger being there and being celebrated! Although win would be enjoyable of course….

  3. Oh and right on cue” planet Football” take a read of their report on Arsenal today.They’re based in Leeds.Nuff said.

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