Is Arsenal Back Among the Premier League Elite?


2023 has marked a pivotal year for Arsenal, transitioning from unexpected title contenders to one of the most dependent teams both in England and throughout Europe.

This level of achievement seemed far-fetched just a few years ago, yet witnessing this transformation has been extraordinary. As we anticipate what 2024 holds for Mikel Arteta’s squad, we reflect on a year filled with remarkable peaks, challenging challenges, and notable moments with The Athletic taking a closer look at the year’s dynamics.

Can Arsenal Win the Premier League?

Arsenal’s chances of clinching the Premier League title seem slim as Manchester City controls its destiny. If Pep Guardiola’s squad secures victories in their last three games, they’re guaranteed the championship, irrespective of Arsenal’s performance in their final two fixtures. For Mikel Arteta’s team to stand a chance, they must win both their matches and hope Manchester City fails to overtake their potential 89-point finish.

For Manchester City to end up with 88 points or less, they would need to lose at least one game or draw in two out of their three pending matches. Their upcoming games are against Fulham (Saturday), Spurs (Tuesday), and West Ham United (May 18). While Arsenal could benefit from a win by their long-time rivals Spurs against Manchester City, given Spurs’ streak of four consecutive losses, this outcome seems improbable.

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Arsenal Returns to Top of Premier League

The primary challenge facing Arsenal is their capacity to maintain their lead through to the season’s end, especially considering their significant drop in performance towards the latter part of the previous season.

Having dominated the league standings for 248 days, the London team was eventually surpassed by a formidable City squad that clinched its third consecutive championship, alongside achieving a treble that encompassed the Champions League and the FA Cup.

Under Arteta’s guidance, Arsenal has shown notable improvements in their direct confrontations with City, securing a win and a draw against the reigning champions. Nevertheless, the ultimate test will be how they manage the pressure across the remaining league matches.

Facing a home game against the struggling side Luton, expectations were high for an Arsenal victory, albeit with an acknowledgment of the potential for an unexpected setback.

However, any concerns were quickly dispelled when Martin Odegaard netted the opening goal at the 24th minute, followed by an own goal from Daiki Hashioka before the break, securing a comfortable 2-0 lead. Securing an easy win without Bukayo Saka on the field and with Declan Rice on the bench signals a readiness within Arteta’s squad to see through their campaign more effectively this season.

If City and Arsenal Score Equal Points?

Should Manchester City and Arsenal conclude the season with identical points, the determining factor for the Premier League championship will be the goal difference (GD). Presently, Arsenal boasts a more favorable goal difference at +60, compared to Manchester City’s +54. The outcome hinges significantly on the number of goals each team manages to score in their remaining season matches. Notably, Manchester City holds the unique distinction of being the only team to clinch the Premier League title based on GD. This occurred during the 2011-12 season when they and Manchester United both ended with 89 points.

Currently, Arsenal is leading the pack in defensive performance. They have the lowest number of goals conceded in the Premier League this season, with only 24 goals allowed, bettering Liverpool’s 27 and Manchester City’s 28. Furthermore, their expected goals against (xG) is significantly impressive at 20.4, compared to City’s 28.2 and Liverpool’s 34.9. While Arsenal’s numbers might adjust slightly after their away games against Brighton, Tottenham, Wolves, and Manchester United, the trend is clear: they excel at limiting the other team’s opportunities to create scoring chances.

Arsenal is also pioneering a shift away from traditional full-backs by fielding four central defenders. This approach still allows Ben White to advance up the field but enables the team to maintain a narrow formation. The wingers are then able to act as makeshift full-backs when needed, as seen in Sunday’s game. This strategy positions them well to handle counterattacks from their opponents as soon as they lose possession.

Final Thoughts

Currently, Arsenal is leading in defensive promotion in the Premier League. They’ve allowed the fewest goals this season—just 24, compared to Liverpool’s 27 and Manchester City’s 28. Furthermore, Arsenal stands out with the best expected goals against (xG) at 20.4, significantly lower than City’s 28.2 and Liverpool’s 34.9.

Arsenal is also pioneering a shift away from traditional full-backs, opting instead for four central defenders in their lineup. This setup, while allowing for Ben White to advance, maintains a narrow formation and utilizes wingers as makeshift full-backs for additional defense, as seen in their recent match. This strategy positions them well to counteract any counter-attacks from the opposition upon losing possession.


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  1. Is this serious? It must be Gary, or Roy or Rio who wrote this. Or another of all Arsenal-haters out there… somewhere. But as George Graham the Great once said: “It’s fine that people hate us. It’s part of our history.” So true.

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