What the Premier League London derbies did for Arsenal this season



By Tony Attwood

The London clubs league table this season tells us a lot about the style of play adopted by the club.  Arsenal scored 29 goals across the 12 derby games, 2.42 a game.  That is virtually the same as for their games across the whole of the 37 of the league games so far played where it is 2.41.

As you might expect Arsenal not only ran away with this mini-league….


Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Arsenal 12 7 3 2 29 13 +17 24
2 Chelsea 12 7 2 3 17 12 7 23
3 Fulham 12 4 4 4 11 8 3 16
4 Tottenham Hots 12 4 3 5 19 23 –4 15
5 Brentford 12 3 4 5 8 9 -1 13
6 Crytstal Palace 12 3 4 6 15 22 -9 13
7 West Ham Utd 12 4 2 6 17 30 -13 13


But the oddity is Chelsea who belied their league position by almost matching Arsenal when it came to games against London teams.

And while we are at it here is another table that rather interested me this morning.   It is the last six games table that we’ve quoted through the season.   And it is interesting because while Tottenham fans have been joyously celebrating over the last few days, they have probably missed this one, which is perhaps a little more revealing when it comes to what we might expect from them next season.

At the top of the table below, what I find interesting and encouraging is that Arsenal matched Manchester City over the last six games.  That adds to my positive thoughts for next season…

For over the last six games not only have Arsenal matched Manchester City in results and have a goal difference of just one fewer, but also Tottenham’s form truly has been awful – which suggests that we might get some enjoyment on that front too, next campaign.

What’s more, given the conflict existing between the Tottenham manager and the club’s supporters, which has been widely publicised this week, this does make a rather interesting read than might otherwise be the case…


Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Man City* 6 5 1 0 17 3 +14 16
2 Arsenal 6 5 1 0 15 2 +13 16
3 Aston Villa 6 3 1 2 9 9 0 10
4 Liverpool 6 2 3 1 11 10 +1 9
5 Chelsea 6 2 3 1 11 14 -3 9
16 Tottenham H 6 1 1 4 7 14 -7 4
17 Brighton & H 6 0 3 3 3 10 -7 3
18 Everton 6 0 3 3 4 13 -9 3
19 Sheffield Utd 6 0 1 5 6 17 -11 1
20 Luton Town 6 0 0 6 7 18 -11 0


*Pending results of investigation into 115 alleged financial misdemeanours.

I also particularly noticed the goal difference.  The top two clubs really have been steaming away from the rest of the pack in every regard, which makes the thoughts of next season rather positive.

After six seasons of coming fifth and sixth in the league Arsenal have now had two seasons in the top two (which is about the best way I can balance the language given that it is still possible to win the league, but as it is in the hands of the club facing 115 charges I am not overly confident).

These two seasons have taken us back to the points range that we last saw at the start of the century: 87 points in 2002, 78 in 2003, 90 in 2004, 83 in 2005.  Three FA Cups and two league titles in four years.   This season the points total will hopefully be 89, but even if something goes wrong at the weekend and it is only 86 we are still moving ahead at some speed.

Until this new run started Arsenal had 14 seasons with a points total in the 60s and 70s, once even dropping to 56 in the season in which Arteta took over half way through (although he did win Arsenal the FA Cup gave some relief).

Now we have two seasons in the 80s and a young team, plus an owner who I suspect would be willing to put up the money for more players if a) the manager deems it necessary and b) the FFP rules allow it.

Of course if the media had any decency or balance, when reporting the final league table it would put an asterisk by Manchester City’s figures to signify that the 115 questions remain, but they don’t seem to want to mention that any more.

But perhaps the club might also have a look a bit of a strange pattern that did emerge last season.   Arsenal came top of the London league as we revealed the other day but consider some of those London results.

The 2-2 home draws with Fulham and Tottenham, and the draw with the same scoreline away to Chelsea.  Add to that the defeats to West Ham and Fulham.

It does seem that a disproportionate number of our games where points were lost which we might not have expected, were against London clubs.  Maybe the routine for those games could be changed?

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4 Replies to “What the Premier League London derbies did for Arsenal this season”

  1. Just imagine that the totts lose at Sheffield and are overtaken bij Chelsea on the last day for the Europa League…. and drop to the Conference league…. Impossible as they play relegated Sheffield… well I remember in the season when Leicester won the title and the totts were second and went to already relegated Newcastle and lost 5-1 (against 10 man) and we could celebrate St. Totteringhamsday … Well would be funny…

  2. @Walter,

    what would be funnier is Fulham tying the game against City via a penalty in added time…and Arsenal doing their job going past Everton… ;=))

    Anyway, I need to shut down my playstation and come back to the real world in which PGMOL would never allow such a scenario…

    As for Sp*urs, again, considering their manager did say in an interview he did not want CL… they should not even get EL. And the Sheffield players are all looking for a job now…so they will not just fold and wait till the season is over.

  3. Walter,
    that Conference League scenario could be even funnier, because if memory serves the Jelly Totts amateur side failed to complete their fixtures the last time out in that competition could it be that UEFA would give a little frown and say ” No these people are unreliable in the extreme , we will fine them and ban them from European competition for the next five years”. Yeah I know rich coming from UEFA but even they have standards.

  4. What if .. just what if , the EPL is fixed from without , and not within as we all perceive it to be , and there be strange scores in the final games ? What if they decide not to pay off their regular winners , and decide to make some poor bloke, or two a millionaire ? Stranger things have happened !

    All I hope is that we get our job done , and watch and wait for a supposed miracle to happen !
    Up the Gunners !

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