Untold Arsenal Awards 2: Poorest visiting supporters

Bolton’s support was awful – just plain awful.

There were about 30 of them, and they just sat and watched and went home.  I saw more visiting supporters when I went to watch Kettering against Southport.

There is something really wrong with Bolton – to put up with the anti-football that Fat Sam the Slug played year after year, and then, when he has gone, to stop supporting the team.

I suppose the problem is that these people only turn up when the club is doing ok – no matter what the quality of football is all about.

On that basis, and assuming that the Bolton fans could tell the future, they got it right.  The match “facts” were Arsenal 19 Bolton 0 (goal attempts) and Arsenal 9 Bolton 0 (shots on target).  But in case that sort of pre-cognition is ever taken seriously (and there are people who will believe anything in football) just think of Derby fans.  They got slaughtered and yet kept turning up game after game until the end.

Bolton stayed up – but on the basis of the support they have they should be in Conference North.