Arsenal Old Boys 1, Cardiff City 0

In the Fairly Anemic Cup Final, an Arsenal Old Boys team including Kanu, Diarra and Campbell under the guidance of Tony Adams meandered past Cardiff City.

It was a bit of a shock to see the empty seats in the stands opposite the TV cameras, but that I suppose is indicative of the way this competition has man-handled itself down  the importance scale.  It could have continued to be a big time thing, had the FA handled it differently in the past.

Kanu provided all the fun, with a miss that was nowhere near as bad as some commentators said (in a desperate attempt to beef up the match) and then tapped in the goal.   The main fun came when some ex-Liverpool player got himself all hot and bothered and talked about a playing “having to go – he’ll have to go” after he delivered a late tackle.  Later he (the Liverpool fella, known sometimes as Lorro) excused himself by saying he thought that this player had already had a tackle.    Difficult stuff this commentating with 11 players in each colour shirt running about all over the place.

Anyway, nice to see the old players can still move around a bit and enjoy themselves too.

Also it was fun to hear how the TV pundits would excuse their ravings of just a few months back when they said over and over that the Fairly Anemic Cup could only be one by one of the “big four” teams (by which they mean Arsenal, Man U and Chelsea, plus – for some reason – Liverpool).

I wonder if Carlos Vela will be playing in the final next May?