Untold Arsenal Awards 3: Most delusional supporters

There were only two serious contenders for the category of “Most Delusional Supporters 2007/8”: Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool.

The argument in favour of Tottenham was based on the bizarre belief expressed at the start of the season that they would end up fourth. In reality they spent much of the season in their spiritual home of the relegation positions, and never got out of the bottom half of the table. Arsenal gained nearly double the “Tiny Totts” number of points.

For Liverpool the argument was twofold. First that they were in same was a “Top Four” or “Big Four” club, and second that this season had been “an improvement”. Both views are clearly delusional.

Liverpool have never won the EPL, and unlike Arsenal and Man U have finished outside the top four in the past ten years. Quite how this puts them in the same bracket as clubs who have shown consistency and have won the EPL it is hard to see. They are, in fact, rather like the Tottenham of the past, a bit of a cup team.

As for this season being an improvement Liverpool have spent billions of pounds and managed to go down a place and get knocked out of the Euro Cup one round earlier – which makes the claim (which was, to be fair, made by their demented manager – so it is hard to see where the “improvement” lies.

True, Liverpool did not get beaten at home 3-6 by Arsenal’s Children’s XI, so maybe that made it better. But against that, there are no obvious superstars in the junior teams, so simply avoiding defeat by not playing Arsenal seems a bit of a weak claim.

In the end we went for Liverpool, not least because apart from a few mindless twirps not many Tottenham fans seriously expected a move into the top 4 – it was more a journalist fantasy, created by too much booze.

So there we have it, Most Delusional Supporters: Liverpool

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