Untold Arsenal Awards 07/08: Management

3 awards in the Management of Clubs category.

Most aggressive management:  Beyond any doubt “Sir” Alex Ferguson during the  Arsenal 2 Manchester Utd 2 game at the Emirates.  Man U scored their second goal and “Sir” Alex ran out with all his accumulated flunkies and hangers on, to the edge of the pitch jumping around and shouting, arms waving and all that stuff.    A long way out of the technical area – but of course no action taken.  It was however an attempt at pure intimidation.

“Sir” Alex Ferguson (as he likes to be called) was then reduced to bitter rage when the attempts by the Manchester team to pretend that the final Arsenal goal had not gone in was failed, and he followed the game up with a set of complaints against the chanting of the Arsenal crowd, demanding that Arsenal take action.

Arsenal patiently and quietly pointed out that M Wenger suffers far far worse than that at every game at Old Trafford, and never makes a word of complain.  “Sir” Alex Ferguson then shut up (for once).

Most cynical management:

Birmingham City.  At Arsenal the entire bench could be seen waving to players to go down and require treatment during the last 15 minutes, to disrupt the Arsenal play.   Time wasting was taken to a new level in probably the most cynical approach to the game ever seen.

At Birmingham’s ground Eduardo’s leg was nearly ripped off in a terrible tackle, which heralded a second round of cynicism, in which the player responsible was brought back after just 3 games ban, and large-scale attempts (sadly ultimately successful) were made to get FIFA to drop their investigation into the affair.

Fortunately a group of Arsenal fans were able to take their revenge – but that is the subject for a different award.

Finally best chairman: Mohamed al Fayed

Anyone who claims that the Duke of Edinburgh is running a prostitution ring from inside Buckingham Palace wins our votes hands down.  Thanks for all the fun Mohamed.