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  1. Anne

    Looks like Everton also has a “sugar daddy” trying to move in:


    What do you guys make of that? Maybe it would be worthwhile to keep a closer eye on Everton in the near future?

  2. RedGooner

    They will need a sugar daddy just to stay up if the Refs keep giving those sort of decisions.

  3. Johnny Deigh

    I thought Rooney got away with a shove on their goal, taking out the defender who could have cleared the ball that Chicharito headed into the net.

  4. mas brow gunner

    i think you miss about the goal from chicarito.
    before goal rooney push jagielka who trying to
    heading the ball.. shame on ref. i think that’s blatant foul.
    and the quality of the ref more exposed in 2nd half.. you
    need to watched again bro.. maybe we can use the tecnology
    to make the game more fair… viva fair play…

  5. mark

    Another game in which Manu get treated softly and the opposition gets all the wrong calls!

  6. bob

    It’ll be this way, especially in this year that’s destined to be the Fergie XXth; especially when there is danger that ManShitty has shown signs of usurping the throne. 80:20 on wrong calls against ManUre’s opponent. How many ManU matches this season has the Ref Team done to date which show this level of disproportion? Is a running tally being kept? Insisting on sounding like a broken record, only video replay will stop this. The problem is that someone or group of blogs need to start the petition, before the usual woe is me at the end of the season with Lord Football hoisting the trophy.

  7. Ref reviewer 04

    About the Utd goal and the Rooney push.
    Based on the video evidence I could not make up for 100% sure that Jagielka missed the ball because of a push. The only angle that could give 100% conclusive evidence would have been from the right to the Everton goal.

    It certainly gave the impression that there was contact but like I said I cannot be 100% sure that this was the reason that Jagielka missed the ball.

    So I had to give it as a correct goal.

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