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By Ref Reviewer 03

Chelsea’s new manager, Andre Villas-Boas, felt hard done by Chris Foy’s performance in this match, complaining out about the ref using one set of criteria for one team and another for the other team. Someone forgot to tell him that you are not allowed to question bad performances and AVB picked up an FA charge for his indiscretion.

So how did Chris Foy do?

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
1 OTHER Hill Sturridge C Late hard tackle 10 seconds into the match 1 1
2 OTHER Ferdinand Drogba C Push 1 1
3 OTHER Derry Drogba C Trip 1 1
4 PENALTY Luiz C Derry stuck his arms out to hold off Luiz – could have been given but will give ref the benefit of the doubt 1 2
5 OTHER Taarabt Meireles NC Holding – not given 0 0
7 OTHER Mikel Taarabt C Hold/Trip 1 1
9 OTHER Helguson Luiz NC Helguson pushed Luiz away from winning a header – not given 0 0
9 PENALTY Luiz Helguson NC Helguson went to ground after contact from Luiz, however Helguson had fouled Luiz in the build up – should have been a free kick to Chelsea 0 0
10 GOAL NC Shouldn’t have been a penalty so goal shouldn’t count either 0 0
10 OTHER Cole Hall C Push 1 1
11 OTHER Barton Cole NC Barton lunges in with his studs to kick the ball off the feet of Cole – ref only gives throw-in 0 0
11 YELLOW Barton NC This was a dangerous tackle that Cole had to jump away from – should have been a booking 0 0
12 OTHER Barton Cole C Trip 1 1
18 OTHER ??? ??? NC Foy calls a foul in the box from a corner and gives QPR a free out – not sure what for 0 0
19 OTHER Mikel Helguson C Climbed over him 1 1
22 YELLOW Luiz NC Simulation – dived in the area – not booked 0 0
22 OFFSIDE Helguson C 1 1
24 OTHER Hill Sturridge C Slid in to win the ball with right foot, followed through and kicked Sturridge with left leg 1 1
24 YELLOW Hill NC dirty tackle – deserved a yellow – not given 0 0
26 OTHER Meireles NC Handball called but ref should have allowed QPR to play advantage 0 0
27 OTHER Hill Sturridge C Shove – Sturridge is getting angry at Hill’s persistent fouling 1 1
29 OTHER Cole Barton C Foul 1 1
30 OTHER Mikel Taarabt C Trip 1 1
33 OTHER Bosingwa Wright-Phillips C Pulled him down by his shirt when through on goal 1 1
33 RED Bosingwa C Last defender, denying an obvious goalscoring chance – He has to go 1 3
38 OTHER Derry Meireles C Charged in late on Meireles 1 1
40 OTHER Faurlin Mata C Attempted trip – advantage played 1 1
41 OTHER Drogba Taarabt C Two-footed seated lunge on Taarabt 1 1
41 RED Drogba C This kind of tackle is always a sending off 1 3
43 OTHER Helguson Luiz C Shove 1 1
44 OTHER Helguson Meireles C Trip 1 1
45+1 OFFSIDE Wright-Phillips C 1 1
45+2 OTHER Luiz Hill C Bit of a trip 1 1
Half time 23 28
CORRECT 69,70% 60,87%
YELLOW 0 3 0,00
RED 2 2 100,00
PENALTY 1 2 50,00
GOAL 0 1 0,00
OTHER 0 1 0,00
3 9 33,33
OFFSIDE 4 4 100,00
Second half
50 OTHER Mikel Taarabt C Trip 1 1
50 YELLOW Mikel C Broke up promising attack 1 2
51 OTHER Derry Lampard NC Got the ball but followed through on Lampard – not given 0 0
52 OTHER Faurlin Luiz NC Trip – ref missed it 0 0
52 OTHER Derry Lampard C Won the ball showing studs – tackle was a bit dangerous 1 1
52 YELLOW Derry C Lampard didn’t like Derry’s tackle and let him know it – Ref booked both players 1 2
52 YELLOW Lampard C Booked as said above 1 2
58 OTHER Ivanovic Taarabt C Rash Tackle on Taarabt 1 1
58 YELLOW Ivanovic C Deserved 1 2
59 OFFSIDE Helguson C 1 1
59 OTHER Barton Terry C Tripped Terry from behind 1 1
59 YELLOW Barton C Barton acted all surprised but yellow was deserved 1 2
63 OFFSIDE Smith C 1 1
63 OTHER Hill Ivanovic NC Hill shoved Ivanovic as he tried to clear 0 0
64 OTHER Faurlin Anelka C Ran across the back of him – tripped him up 1 1
66 OTHER Faurlin Luiz C Slight foul – advantage played 1 1
67 PENALTY Ferdinand Lampard NC It looked like Anton Ferdinand held Lampard in the area – should have been a penalty 0 0
67 RED Ferdinand NC Should have been sent off 0 0
68 OFFSIDE Smith C 1 1
70 OTHER Luiz Ferdinand C A little kick after the ball is gone 1 1
70 YELLOW Luiz C He’s starting to lose the plot 1 2
71 OTHER Barton Mikel C Push 1 1
72 PENALTY Helguson Luiz C Both were holding each other – correct not to give it 1 3
72 YELLOW Meireles C Dissent 1 2
73 OTHER Derry Lampard NC Led with forearm to win header 0 0
74 YELLOW Derry NC Should have been booked 0 0
75 OTHER Barton NC Handball – not given 0 0
76 OTHER Cole Barton C Trip 1 1
76 YELLOW Cole C Reacted with a cheap trip from behind 1 2
78 OTHER Hill Anelka NC Anelka slipped – not correct 0 0
85 PENALTY Ferdinand Terry NC Fouls Terry who was in the air for a header, making him miss the ball – not given 0 0
85 OTHER Terry Ferdinand C Terry whistled for an off the ball incident on Ferdinand – assumed correct 1 1
85 YELLOW Terry NC Since this was off the ball, Terry should have been booked 0 0
88 OTHER Luiz Hill C Shoving 1 1
89 OTHER Terry Kenny NC Ran into the keeper – not given 0 0
89 YELLOW Terry C Verbally abused the keeper for staying down 1 2
89 YELLOW Kenny NC Should have booked him too for his part in the argument 0 0
90+1 OTHER Hill Ivanovic NC Obstruction – not given 0 0
90+3 OTHER Malouda Mackie C Trip 1 1
90+4 OTHER Mackie Cole C Push 1 1
90+5 OTHER Faurlin Luiz C Trip 1 1
2nd half score
TOTAL 28 39
% CORRECT 66,67% 62,90%
YELLOW 9 12 75,00
RED 0 0
PENALTY 1 3 33,33
GOAL 0 0
OTHER 1 2 50,00
11 17 64,71
OFFSIDE 3 3 100,00
TOTAL 51 67
% CORRECT 68,00% 62,04%
YELLOW 9 15 60,00
RED 2 2 100,00
PENALTY 2 5 40,00
GOAL 0 1 0,00
OTHER 1 3 33,33
14 26 53,85
OFFSIDE 7 7 100,00
Correct calls For QPR 27 52,94%
For CFC 24 47,06%
Total correct calls 51
Wrong calls Against QPR 5 20,83%
Against CFC 19 79,17%
Total 24

There was one goal in the match, scored from the spot for a soft penalty by David Luiz on Marcus Helguson. Not only did Helgusson go down easily, he pushed Luiz in the build up and for that reason, there never should have been a penalty, and thus no goal by QPR either.

Chelsea then had two players sent off in the first half. Bosingwa was sent off for a professional foul on Shawn Wright Philips, grabbing him by his Jersey as he was going on goal. Bosingwa was the last defender and so he had to go. Correct decision here.

Drogba was later sent off for a two-footed seated tackle. It’s the kind of tackle that is a sending off every time, even if he didn’t do much damage. It’s the nature of the tackle and the ref was right to send him off.

Chelsea had three or four penalty shouts in the match.

In the fourth minute from a free kick, Derry stuck out his arm and possibly interfered with Luiz who was running onto a Lampard free kick. I felt the linesman could have given this as a penalty, though it may have been a bit of a soft penalty, and so I gave the ref/linesman the benefit of the doubt. By the way, Derry seemed to be often
infringing on the rules throughout the match and he was lucky to not have been sent off sometime in the 90 minutes. Another ref might have given a penalty for this and then he probably would have had to have been sent off for denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity.

In the 67th minute, QPR failed to clear and Anton Ferdinand held Frank Lampard as he tried to race on goal to get onto a pass into the area. This looked a penalty and a sending off, but it was not awarded.

In the 72nd minute, Helguson had his arms around Luiz, but Luiz also had a very strong hold of Helguson’s shirt. Both of them were holding each other, and thus the non-call was correct.

And finally in the 85th minute, Anton Ferdinand really got John Terry’s blood boiling when he pushed the Chelsea captain, preventing him from heading the ball onwards from long throw-in into the penalty area. Shoving someone so they can’t head a ball in the penalty area is a penalty. Should have been given.

John Terry was so incensed, he picked a fight with Ferdinand off the ball, for which QPR won a free kick, but no cards were dished out. In the aftermath, John Terry was seen on camera mouthing abuse at Anton Ferdinand. Allegedly this abuse was of a racial nature and John Terry is being investigated by the FA.

On the day, Chris Foy scoreda sub par 68%, and while Chelsea do seem to be showing a lack of discipline on the pitch, they can feel very hard done by. Chelsea had 19 decisions go against them compared to only 5 decisions going against QPR, most importantly QPR’s goal should not have happened, and Chelsea should have had 2 or 3 penalties in their favour.

Welcome to the EPL, Andre Villa-Boas. Enjoy your fine.


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14 Replies to “Untold Ref Review: QPR 1 – Chelsea 0”

  1. Good work, ref reviewer 3. I was watching this match and I felt Chelsea were very unfortunate not to win it. Terrible refereeing.

    It was interesting how poor QPR were after the Chelsea red cards. They were too nervous and didn’t know what to do. Chelsea played without fear and gave it everything.

    It was similar to the WBA Aston Villa game (at least I think it was Aston Villa) where WBA played for a while with a man advantage but looked poor. Again, nervousness kicked in and they didn’t know whether to attack and score another or sit back and defend the lead.

  2. Poor performance of the ref, but after reading through the review I’m a bit surprised that he still had a half-decent score for the total decisions. Probably the sheer amount of decisions he had to make saved him a bit, as making 10 wrong decisions out of 20 opportunities is a lot worse than 10 wrong out of 75. In particular the first half kept him busy, with 51 decisions.

  3. It makes you wonder if the millions of pounds that QPR’s principal owner has given to the PGMOL (English referee group) in exchange for a shirt sponsorship deal is affecting the integrity of the game or lack thereof.

    Seriously, this would be like a legal firm paying millions of pounds to judges who try their cases in exchange for ad space on their robes.

  4. Awarding a nonsense penalty to the home side and denying four reasonable appeals by the away side is the sort of thing that causes stadium riots in other parts of the world. Perhaps the Chelsea players were antagonising Foy?

  5. Anybody got a link as to the “QPR sponsorship and the PGMOL” thing? Sounds very messy, but I haven’t heard anything about it

  6. Was really suprised by the referee, as i kept pinching myself that i was not watching arsenal. More suprising is the fact that this game was played after the manchester game. Don’t know if that was a factor because chelsea could have gone second with a good win

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