Eat your heart out you…..

By Walter Broeckx

One could say business as usual. Arsenal have qualified for the umpteenth time for the next stage in the Champions League in the Wenger era.

When seeing Bayern Munich against Borrussia Dortmund last Saturday I was impressed by Dortmund. They completely made it impossible for Bayern to play their normal game, and Robben and Ribery couldn’t demolish Dortmund as they usually do in the home games from Bayern.  And then I thought that they could attempt the same thing with Gervinho and Walcott. And in a way they did.

The first half reminded me of a judo fight. Where the two judokas are so in balance that they both don’t go full in the attack because they want to rule out a counter attack from the other judoka. The first 45 minutes were like this and we were left thinking that maybe for Arsenal a draw was in fact not a bad result. But it would mean that Dortmund would be almost out of the CL, so Dortmund tried to catch us cold, but they never exposed themselves that much to start a counter.

Both goalkeepers had a quiet evening in that first half. Both had to rush out one time to stop a possible attack but that was almost it. Yet the game was tense and the atmosphere in the Emirates sounded lively to me in front of my TV.  

In the second half Dortmund again tried to score early on. But Szczesny was well awake and stopped Kagawe.  But the answer from Arsenal was stunning. Song who had received some banter from Robin Van Persie about the fact that hadn’t given him many assists and Song had said he would give one today. And what an assist. He took the ball and went to the left hand side of the field as if he was the African Arshavin. He dribbled himself past one man, a second one and then found himself surrounded by two other Dortmund players. And then he wriggled himself between/past those two and chipped the ball in the middle. Van Persie then showed he also can head a ball and put it in the net despite a last attempt of the Dortmund keeper to keep the ball out.

A bit later Gervinho looked on his way to score our second goal and when he rounded the keeper he only had to put his foot against the ball but to his surprise (and I think some 60.000 in the stadium) defender Hummler managed to kick the ball away before Gervinho could put his foot against the ball. Arsenal was working hard. Every player who lost the ball ran after his opponent in an attempt to win it back. I think this is a great quality in the team.

Dortmund tried to come back but they never really were very threatening. And when Arteta swung in a corner Vermaelen put his head against the ball and who else but Van Persie to force it over the line.  Finally in the last minute of extra time Arsenal lost their concentration a bit they allowed Dortmund to score. Much to the annoyance of Szczesny who didn’t like that at all. Tell them  about it Wojciech.

The final result in the other game meant that Arsenal has won group F. The last game will have no meaning for Arsenal at all. Apart from some pride maybe. But I really think we will send out a bit of a weaker team to Greece.  Full of players who don’t get as many games time now.

And if we look at the bigger picture of the CL so far we can see that of all the English teams Arsenal is the only team that has qualified so far. And as winner of their group.

Manchester City is in third place and has to win their final game against Bayern Munich or they are out of the CL. Now wouldn’t that be sweet on those players who left Arsenal for more money trophies?  And even if Manchester City win their game they could be out if Napoli win their last game.

Manchester United could go out of the CL if they lose at Basel. Impossible? It seems impossible, but impossible is nothing I have been told.  And with Manchester United in a group with two teams from nations that are not really known as football giants this is a poor result.  And if they hadn’t been allowed an offside goal they would have been in third place in their group.

And what about Chelsea?  If Valencia win their game at Stamford Bridge Chelsea also could be out. Again you could say: impossible. But again I will say: impossible is nothing.  Fact is unless those 3 teams win their last game they all could be out of the CL in one month time. And that is truly shocking in fact.

And then we compare this with Arsenal. Top of our group. In a group with the German champions, the Greek champions and one of the best teams in France over the last 10 years.  We just won our group with one game to go.

Just imagine the grinding of the teeth by all those pundits who first said we wouldn’t qualify for the CL at all. And now we are the first English team to the next round.  Amazing how our manager has turned our season around since that dreadful day in August. And amazing how the players have responded to this.  If you compare this with the struggling way our other EPL teams are doing in their groups it just shows that there is only one manager in the whole world who can turn it around.

Eat your heart out all who doubted the manager and his team.  And the other who have stood with their team  just enjoy it and just sing with me:

We’re top of the (champions) league,

we’re top of our (champions) league

We are Arsenal

and top of the  league!

Or you could sing as they sang in the stadium:

One Arsène Wenger,

there’s only one Arsène Wenger….




“Making the Arsenal” – the book of Arsenal’s rebirth


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  1. Van Persie has equalised Henry’s record of 38 goals in a calender year with more than a month still left to play in the year.Plus after having won the group we won’t face a repeat of last year’s 1st knockout round with barca.

  2. Old Trafford…Man U…offside goal….Same old same old

    Ok Robin..clearly a goal a game is not good enough for World Player of the Year…so you are doing it in braces now..

    Regarding RVP’s 2011 33 goals…

    Most are from open play, and he’s scored them in about 28(?) games

    I think Shearer’s 36 goals were about 12 penalties, in about 40 games.

  3. A couple of other considerations:

    Spurs have a better team than us according to the media…(sic)

    ITV1 couldn’t even be bothered to report our result whilst covering Chel-$ki “Its all downhill from here”

  4. I could hardly concentrate all day today (I have a lot of work to catch up on tomorrow), but I am seriously elated and relieved as the German side were good.

    This is a turn up for the books, the only English team through so far is Arsenal! I am going to read alot of the press tomorrow to see how our achievement is spun into a near loss. I am laughing already. Chelsea are in crisis surely? I would suggest they spend some money on Cahill and Samba. Man City look like they need to spend some money and last but not least, Man U are a one man team without Rooney.

    It will be such a nice change to go somewhere else besides the Nou Camp next too.

  5. Great article Walter. Reading it relived the pleasure of the win. Don’t we all feel justified in supporting Arsene Wenger now? The match report on the Arsenal web site is a great read too.

  6. Well ladies and gentlemen here is the new and improving AFC under the old and totally ¨incompetent¨ Arsene Wanker….according to the AAA cretins who all seem to have returned to hide under their rocks!
    I recently wrote a piece in which I ranked Frimpong at the same level as Song but I’ll have to revise that evaluation after seeing Song’s performance tonight! He is the equivalent of a mazy in-form Arshavin, a tricky Nasri and a defensive demon like Viera. I firmly believe we have found our new Patrice Viera but with even more subtle skills.
    Arun and Gooner Gal said we now won’t have to face Barcelona in the knockout round but we will…in the final where we’ll might just get some sweet revenge. I would so love to see how the British media would spin that Cup victory into an Arsenal in crisis story!! Wait,I’ve got it….here is the ¨headline¨; ¨Wenger is likely to quit now that he’s achieved what he set out to do¨……or ¨Wenger disappointed in his season overall¨ …. or ¨Barcelona teach AFC another lesson but the Gunners are bad students and refuse to listen!¨

  7. Wenger at the AGM conf.: “For me, the scepticism surrounding this club is too high” Damn straight! we’re rolling now; humble pie for the haters, and nothing but sweetness for those with faith. Great stuff, we weathered the storm, pinched a goal and then dominated.

    Pity about the late goal though, why Song didn’t put that ball into the top tier I’ll never know but oh well, he had a great game! The same player who was deemed not good enough for the Arsenal shirt all those years ago. Wenger’s eye for, and faith in, hand-picked talent is unbelievable.

    There’s only one Arsene Wenger…

  8. Felt sorry for Dortmund, and their great fans…really wish they could of gone further (even though they could in theory), also a very good team…

  9. A minutes silence for the AAA! Having said that, nobody has memorials for dinosaurs.
    Great win against a top team who just won in Munich. Finishing top of a very tough group, almost on a par with the Napoli group ….is some achievement, and with a game to spare.
    I do not want to speak to soon but wenger , his captain and the team deserve huge credit for this turn around.
    There must be a lot of people on blogs , forums and the media feeling very silly. The aaa will have to wait for another game another time to let out their hatred and frustrations. We know they are lurking with intent, but the longer this goes on, the more inept they look.
    This evening belongs to the team and those who kept faith in them

  10. Wonderful post Walter!

    I posted something under the referee preview, since there didn’t seem to be a logical place to post things post game before this thread started.

    But, since the press seems to rag on Arsenal all the time, I’ve been looking for good press.

    Part of an article
    > Arsenal ahead, as usual,,15553650,00.html

    The beginning of an article from Australia

    Al Jazeera has a well written report about all the football today. Little hype for or against anyone in the report. Decidely neutral.

    Some bad news. Bender, the person Vermaelen accidentally kicked, is staying in London for surgery.
    It’s apparently a broken jaw:

  11. a really good win, but we still need improvement.. if goetze and bender not injured we dont know the scored.. in wenger we trust..

  12. Q: what is an AAA? I know who they are, Spurs fans. But what does it stand for?
    Anyway I could only get the first half before having to go to work (KO @ 6:45am) but last night Ilost my phone charger and it was completely dead or the battery was on red and kept telling %20 left. So I had to turn off wifi, turn brightness down to 0 and pray it worked all the way to city (40min). Then when it refreshed and I saw ‘goal’ I panicked got s second, then yelled out YES when I saw it was us who scored!!! I scared a few sleeping too!
    What a game, got it recorded at home can’t wait till hometime!!!

  13. Great win…by the way just read on the skysports comment section a Chelsea fan saying that the “Abromovic circus has to stop if chelsea are to progress”.. happy times indeed 🙂

  14. Nice. Really nice.

    As for the AAA, its worth diving a little deeper. You’d find that they have changed their tone now, saying that they had said all along that RVP was our only class player and they were right. And also a grudging acceptance of AW saying… Yes, he’s got it right after the ManU game, but it isn’t over.. and I want him out if we don’t win the league!! 7 years without trophies … OMFG….. How will I brag to my bar buddies about how I support a better team? How? Any other manager…. Mourinho…. Ancelotti….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Arteta, benayoun, Santos are all average.. RVP is papering over the cracks… one man….zzzzzzzzzzz

    You know… football is about big ups and downs… and no there is no guarantee that RVP will stay fit or AFC will win anything. But I know for sure we’ll fight and that we’re on a super run now and confidence is super high…and everyone else is losing.

    So without looking into your crystal ball, thinking its too good to last – enjoy the moment and be happy that AFC is doing so well. Oh and yeah.. you can also be happy that everyone else might get knocked out. Won’t happen mostly…. I think ManU and mostly Chelsea will go through.. but as Walter says… who knows.. who knows.

  15. All English teams in this round collectively earned a massive 4 points! 3 of the points were dully collected by Gunners… That’s 75% & sweet. Great Gunners will be able to rest players for the final game while others have to fight it out in early December. Could this give us a little boost in EPL?

    Chelsea must travel to Newcastle before meeting Valencia, followed by City on Monday 12th.

    ManU travel to Vila before their final CL game, And then host Wolves… Not too bad, once again ManU get lucky with fixtures.

    Not the it matters, but City will host Norwich before meeting Bayern, and then host Chelsea.

  16. meaner, all,
    They media acting as if nothing has happened. (i.e., erasing the past). Even the Guardian’s rapacious David Hytner is back on the Arsenal/CL beat and has to praise RVP (not Arsene or Arsenal, mind you, and not a word about the AFC return to form. They will not say they were wrong. There is no recent past to acknowledge, let alone to atone for. Sorry is two many syllables. There has been a character assassination campaign and a club-destabilization campaign; but only people with memories can recall this. For these sports media reptiles, they walk between the raindrops and are completely unaccountable. If only the Guardian had applied the same standard of no tolerance for the News of the World’s phone hacking to its own sports department who had so run amok not so long ago. Perhaps moving Amy Lawrence who is generally even-handed toward Arsenal and able to appreciate our strengths (yes, in print) was their concession to fairness; but the return of Hytner to Arsenal/CL coverage is something for the Media Watch to, well, watch. This is Orwellian stuff, the media coverage. It works like this: (1) you saw an anti-AFC media campaign; (2) you didn’t see an anti-AFC media campaign; (3) you are meant to forget that you saw an anti-AFC media campaign; (4) your are meant to forget that you forgot (i.e., forget #3) that there was an anti-AFC media campaign.

  17. mandy dodd,
    Cheers for your truly great expression – “lurking with intent”
    Yes, “LWI” – a brilliant new label to describe the thought-crime of “hibernating, claws under the radar, erasing the past, manipulating-minds” these stenographers to power and paycheck.

  18. “There’s a kind of hush ,all over the English press,all over the media ..”. That’s the song playing in my mind .Hope all those media types develop brain freeze of the numbing kind.
    As for the members of the AAA ,I wish upon you the exotic pain in the arse disease of Proctalgia Fugax (you can Google it ).
    Anne , before you reprimand me ,let me tell you that it occurs only in those who are unduly stressed , anxious and is relatively harmless (damn!).
    ” It is unpleasant ,incurable ,but fortunately harmless and gradually subsides “.
    The disease I mean ,not the AAA ,who aren’t harmless nor will they subside !

  19. Stop the presses: the media was right.

    Yesterday Arsenal was a one man team. A team on Song.

    We also only have one Song

    Facts 😉

  20. As my brother was watching the game with me he said about Dortmund that at times it looked as if they played with 22 players. He said this deep in the second half. They always seemed to have 2 players attacking one of our ball carrying players. They were a really amazing strong team and made life very very difficult for us. Dortmund really are a great and strong team.
    We beat them because of our team being very very committed and hard working.

    One of the best things I have also seen is the fact that whenevr Theo or Gervinho or RVP or Arteta lost the ball they always ran after the ball and try to win it back. No standing still or just watching the player walk away with it. No working to get it back and on many occasions they managed to get it back or stop the Dortmund attack.

  21. Yes that will be the next tack. “one man team”.they will probably use stastics to show that without RVIP we would be in division 2. It never occurs to the AAA that RVIP cost 1/10 th of an Aguero Chicitto or Dzecko. For the AAA , the glass is always reflective, a mirror of their own empty meaningless lives

  22. Wenger out, Arsenal are going downhill…. Arsenal will win nothing this year…..Arsenal are on relegation form and WILL get drop out of every competition at the first opportunity…..

    Hopefully the losers amongst the fan base will move on or shut up now!!

  23. elkieno

    The AAA is the Anti-Arsenal Arsenal. They are a section of people who call themselves Arsenal fans but everything that comes out of the mouth and typed on web blogs is anti Arsenal.

    Hope that helps

  24. Big up to the Dortmund fans last night
    Before the game in the pubs
    During the game, even when loosing
    After the game in the pubs (I nearly missed my train I was enjoying the company so much)
    The best away support I have ever seen
    A clear demonstration that if you treat your supporters with respect, make them feel a part of the club they will stay by your side through thick and thin.
    Arsenal 2 Dortmund 1
    EPL 0 Bundisleague 4 I reckon
    (Big favour please Walter
    Walter please put this on a Dortmund site in German for me, they were awesome!!!!

  25. Just seen a ridiculous arsenal – dortmund ‘match report’ article on ESPN about how our defense has ”miraculously improved when a few weeks ago it could not stop a baloon moving at half a mile per hour” (exact words!)…. I mean, are these guys for real?! And of course they had to bring up that 8-2 loss, when they hav conveniently forgotten that Man Untidy has soaked six AT HOME, and Chel$ea 5, AT HOME!! Talk of selective amnesia. And the other English teams’ qualification woes r being played down. Plus, how come the ‘arry tax evasion scandal is a footnote issue?! (rhetoric question)

  26. Am I the only one who thinks that RvP is only scoring so many goals because he’s not contributing enough in the build up?
    Formerly we were very much an in-to-out attacking side, our central attacker would try to spread the ball wide to wingers cutting in. Now we do the opposite. All our attacks start from deep, usually with a ball out to a wide player who then puts the ball back into the centre, normally for RvP to score. He’s scoring freely because we are providing him with ridiculous numbers of opportunities, not because he is creating goals out of nothing.
    Very pleased that the other three English teams are having such struggles, it suggests that we are rising up from the abyss whilst they are sinking fast, despite what the league table suggests.

  27. Stuart-
    It also doesn’t help to be blind and in denial. A good run before christmas and an vast improvement is very welcome for all factions of Arsenal fans- and try as you might to redefine fans who don’t share your point of view as anti- Arsenal we all want the team to win- every time they play.
    As ever- you make the mistake of equating Arsenal to Arsene. There are plenty who love Arsene but are sceptical about the Board. Sorry but I don’t see a player investment strategy. Are we all Anti-Arsenal?
    We WERE in relegation form- from February to October and did lose 8-2 to United- this was not a conspiracy made up by the AAA. it is also fact and not an opinion that over 50% of our goals have been scored by one player. Lets hope he stays fit for the whole season. I am hopeful- but finishing in the ECL places is still going to be a challenge. It is also not the best way of convincing the world about your intentions about wanting to compete at the top level by selling your 2 best players and pocketing 25m profit- and announcing in November that you have no intention of strengthening the squad in January. But you of course will see it differently- “the sustainability model” no doubt.

  28. Thursday night football is going to be busy!Wonderful,pure magic.My friday night drink with my mates is going to be good.Two are Chelsea,one City and one the Spuds.

  29. Liverpool has the most to lose, Chelsea can still go out and pay big money for a player the pool cant. Wasting 35mil on a bench warming donkey is the reason you have more disgruntled pool fans commenting on Arsenal and Wenger.

    Listen to talksport today the crap is on a high!

  30. Really interesting comments all round. And just a couple of takes from the Ems last night…

    At half time my pal and I were exchanging thoughts to the effect that Song was having a poor game – a lot of his passes seemed misplaced – and indeed he seemed a little annoyed with himself at times. And then he did the pass to himself to get beyond the two defenders.

    The other point is about the fans – Stefan who sits next to me is German and I was asking him for the name of the fans who demonstrate such determination and drive no matter what. In Italy they might be called Ultras. He called them a German word that I think translates into English as Hard Core.

    They were sensational, I agree. If only we could develop an Arsenal Hard Core.

    Last point – don’t forget that the phrase Anti-Arsenal Arsenal (AAA) was created here. I know it is now being used on other sites too, but it is yet another Untold creation (along with such gems as “rotational fouling”

  31. goonergerry
    Don’t make the assumption that I equate Arsenal to Arsene. The fact that we were in relegation form doesn’t mean however that we should suddenly start rocking the boat and make wholesale changes such as a new manager. Blimey, we can’t all have a perfect day 100% of the time like you.

  32. @Woolwich Peripatetic

    RVP was described by the Dortmund manager, because he seems to bi-locate, as sensational.

    One minute he is sitting deep in midfield orchestrating the build-up, the next he is tucking in under the posts.

    Arsene has borrowed from the Barcelona handbook a bit I think with his attacking formation.

    The two wingers act as catapault forks for the striker who comes from much further back.

    So: RVP is our Messi….

    This is by far the most logical way to organize the attack, because the pace of Walcott makes the opposition defence have to sit deep.

    (If not consider Chelsea)

    So they have 4 men banked up in line marking one or two players.

    That creates the space for the midfield to enjoy

    As Ramsey evolves he should start bagging 15-20 goals a season, coming in off VP like an old fashioned inside forward.

    If Gervinho doesn’t make the step up from provider to finisher, Wenger will need to look at a Reus or a Hazard on the left

  33. @Marcus: Yeah that’s exactly what it is. A false nine as someone on this site mentioned once. That works only if the striker is creative enough to link play up AND there are runners in the team. If all the runners in our team develop, it’s a super super team.

    I just hope RVP, Theo and Song sign their contracts. I’d take that over any new signings next year with just more internal promotions. Of course if that doesn’t happen, it’ll all be AW’s fault for not being “ambitious” enough – whatever that means.

    Lastly, I think the signing of Arteta is a big big plus coz he knows how to fight from minute 1 to minute 95 – a big part of what an Everton side is.

  34. @Marcus,
    Good to get someone else’s thoughts. I have to admit that on current form trying to assist Gervinho looks like a waste (though I recall a certain T. Henry being equally wasteful in his early Arsenal career) but as a way of switching play without losing our new found solidity, having RvP assisting Walcott cutting in between LB and the LCB would be a good start.

  35. goonergerry,
    Last January I too was screaming to shore up the defence because inevitable injuries would surely come with such an ambitious competing-for-all-titles project. Sadly, imo, this view was not heeded and alas, proved right. But will this January be a replay, for the offense? I think not: this January poses something different…

    To be charitable, your vitriol toward Stuart betrays a real enough fear (based on prior injuries) that unless we beef up with a 25M purchase for another RVP (from where? to warm the bench pending injury?), then when RVP gets crocked, we are toast and it’s your all-out return to Arsene Out. (Well, I do worry – that a permissive or wannabee ref from the hives of Riley will turn The Blind Eye to a studs-up tackle against RVP – in the mother of all non-calls.)

    That said, on Defense: there the expectable return of Sagna, to complete a truly awesome defense (n’est-ce pas?) and hence, fewer goals-against. On Offense, there’s: the expected return of J. Wilshere to potentiate the midfield; the possible integration of a game-ready Park, Miyachi, the Ox as actual weapons; and some other (currently off the radar) internal moves that may yet come to fruition from a large squad. Too little? Wishful thinking? The fact is neither you, nor I (nor the anti-anti-AAA, nor the anti-AAA, nor the anti-AAA, nor anyone with an A__) knows their actual state of readiness as of 24 November, let alone 1 Jan, or 31 Jan, or 2 Feb. But as opposed to your certainty – with no proof – of an empty cup, I see – with no proof – an on-tap potential.

    You seem keen to prove there is NO player investment strategy; you insinuate that 25M is a form of theft; and you sneer at a “sustainability model” as, basically, an empty excuse to cover up all that malfeasance. Against this, I see the potential on offense for another substantial offensive weapon or two from within, including our recent purchases.

    ALSO, to insist, without inside knowledge, that there will be no move in January, is willful. You are choosing to take AW literally. As a trade window starts to open, would YOU reveal your hand, especially when appearing to need anything adds millions to the transaction. You know this. Should AW or any manager be stupid enough to say I am desperately in the market for another RVP? And in this economy? And do you actually and truly think that AW is not fully aware of the immense loss that an injury to RVP would inflict? If you can see it, do you really think that AW/AFC does not? Or is he/AFC secretly plotting the downfall of this club?

    As you and everyone else knows, two months is a massive amount of time during a full season, and a lot can and will happen (including other teams’ injuries). To insinuate that there is no Plan B on AW/AFC’s mind, no scenarios under development, no quality from within to emerge, no potential move (that should not be announced right now), is, at very best, willfully mindless. The beauty of it is that we shall see. And there will be one of these: (A) the Negligence that you suspect or insist is the de facto operative principle at AFC under AW/this Board; or (B) there will have been a viable/respectable/effective Plan B in case of injury; or (C) there will be no catastrophic injury to RVP (or other essential pieces)and the return of Sagna and Wilshere and continued development/integration of Miyachi, Park, Oxlade-Chamberlain will continue to sow quality for our club to harvest.

  36. Tony, all,
    In addition to your “rotational fouling” and “the AAA,” we, here and today, have added our gems to the Arsenal:
    “lurking intent” – kudos to Mandy Dodd
    “bi-locate” and “catapault forks” – kudos to Marcus
    “something in German for hard core” – kudos to Stefan
    “a great fuck you to the media” – kudos to Mahdain
    Kudos to all and happy holidays.

  37. talking about the media look what a certain Alan Tyers of the telegraph came up with today…man we just cant get a break from these guys can we? “To be truly considered the equal of players like Messi and Ronaldo, Van Persie will have to leave the Emirates. And assuming he stays fit, and out of trouble, he will.” what an idiotic statement

  38. The media here is so RACIST!!!

    For god sakes how can beat upon Per Mertesacker, since he’s been with us a defence has improved and with Vermanator & Koscielny in our ranks we’ve tougher to beat.

  39. Dan,
    right – and when Sagna returns we’ll be tougher still – and we will have done very well thank you to (finally) overcome the problem of a year ago (when we were defensively threadbare and understaffed and having an undermanned go at four competitions). However, none of them will be English and THAT (no Cahill, etc., you see) will be a “verry sawe poynt” among some of the keyboard stenographers who like (or must go along and like) to earn their keep by lamenting Arsenal’s lack of English Spine, etc. (until they look at the midfield and see Ramsey and Wilshere there; not that that will stop any of them).

  40. p.s. I forgot to mention the little mentioned Santos, who is at least an adequate to solid backup (and I’d say more than that) on the backline. The question on the pitch, however, is whether our having a truly formidable non-English back four (not one you see) with real to superior quality will annoy some of the refs, or some of their higher ups? Something for RefWatch and UA to take note of – the possible impact of not a single English backliner. Surely Le Frenchman is a threat to national pride! He must go!

  41. Just a general comment regarding how easy football is when things go well for you and results are favourable,i have always thought one way to judge a manager is when things go wrong how well he changes things [PLAYERS FORMATIONS STRATEGIES]so how can anyone question how Arsene manages ARSENAL .We will see how long it takes Chelsea to have a change

  42. Bob.
    Thanks for your response in support, your comment covers many things on my mind (one could be forgiven for thinking you posted on my behalf), the only thing stopping me posting such a response is the fact i currently only have Internet access via an Old mobile phone which isn’t much fun believe me.

  43. Walter, this is a good report marking a notable landmark in our season. I remember watching the CL draw and thinking at the time that our group was not all that easy. To qualify and win the group was an excellent result, especially as the team was still adjusting to new players during this period. Hopwfully we can now rest some first teamers for the last match and maybe give some of our promising young players CL experience.

    RVP’s second goal was our first from a corner for quite some time. In more general terms, we win a huge number of corners and do not seem to make best use of them. Lets hope last night’s goal is another turning point!

    The team (all 11 + subs!) fought really well and all deserve credit for the win. I hope “gartailor” noted Song’s assist!
    Also, it was good to see Diaby back on the field, if he can stay fit it gives the squad an extra dimension and the opportunity to rotate the other midfielders.

  44. It’s been a good run no doubt about that but please don’t lose sight of why the season started so badly.The current run will needed to be extended for a few weeks yet to help repair the damage the transfer window bestowed on us.We need to push on again in january & add quality a forward is obviously required.My problem has always been use of our resources not being utilised and i know im not alone in this view.The team has started to gel nicely had the squad had the summer to bed in imo we would be at least 3-6 points better off in the table already.

  45. Best result of the season I thought ….Possibly played better more controlled than against chelsea.
    Its the only way to shut the negative media up , delighted for the manager players and all involed they deserve this in more ways than I can describe.
    No point in anyone been annoyed with how the goal was conceded late on as the players themselves will be motivated enough to work harder at these things.

  46. I critisise Arsene because I believe he has grown stale at the club and I believe it is time to move on. I believe this because of the lack of mental strength in the team and the denial he seems to have in regards to strengthening the squad and spending some fucking money.
    Anyway, we have definitely improved in the last month or so and whilst I do not believe this will ultimately see us achieve a great deal in the long run I will wait until the end of the season before I post another article lambasting the GIC.
    I will still air my opinions of course in other threads however I will let the team on the pitch do most of the talking. Unfortunately I think that come May time we will see that they do not have enough to convince me that I am wrong in my convictions.

    Contrary to certain peoples beliefs,I support the Arsenal as much as any dyed in the wool Gooner and just because I live North of the Watford gap it doesnt change that.

    I will reserve my judgement on our team until the end of the season because I believe that the team have earned that much from their recent improvements but if they fail to deliver this year then I think this will be terminal to my trust in the current team.

  47. @Dogface

    I thought he seemed a bit confused, but it sounds even more serious, that guy needs help!

  48. @ Domhuaille, I know that if we progress, Barca will be next. All I am saying that it feels good that there is a slight air of unpredictability back now that we won’t get them next.

    @ Gord – I had a good read of some of those links, thanks.

    @ Tony – alright you can have the AAA copyright, but not the term rotational fouling as this a term I have heard before. In Basketball in fact and Michael Jordan was often a recipient. Big Sam once gave an interview on the BBC saying he found basketball inspirational. I am guessing a light bulb went off in his head and decided to apply it football.

    @ goonergerry – again just like your asinine comments after the Chelsea win, you post something pointless. Most Arsenal fans, even the hard to please ones would enjoy the win for at least a day or so. You glass is always half empty right? Or do you have an agenda? Dein, Jabba and Ancelotti to the rescue right? It would be great if you could explain what ‘faction’ you stand for.

    @ Bob – very interesting response but goonergerry doesn’t seem to be interested in intelligent discussion.

    @ Stuart – I guessed goonergerry identified with this statement “Hopefully the losers amongst the fan base will move on or shut up now!!”. He just wanted to let you know that he would’nt be so obliging!

  49. @ Dogface – thanks for exposing the person. There is something so sad when someone feels that they have to do that kind of weird thing on a blog.

    As I was reading the persons posts, I did have an image of a pot bellied, stained under pants wearing individual with a tin foil hat. Seems I was right.

  50. few thoughts after re-watching the game.

    no disrespect to the ref, but I think he made our life harder after we went 1-0 up by giving a lot of yellow cards undeservedly to our players. the most obvious is Ramsey getting a yellow for kicking the ball back to the foul spot. but the ref didn’t give any to BVB’s players for similar fouls.

    that leftback Schmelzer is a dick. first, he went on a wild tackle for Kos/Song (?) in the 1st half. Then he tried to stop Ramsey from having a quick throw, (no yellow though). and again, he bumped his chest to walcott right in front of the linesman, and walcott reacted and walcott got a yellow but he didn’t?

    Dortmund is a special team, and I respect them a lot but that Schmelzer dick is really really annoying.

    Will the RefReview available for this match? Looking forward to it

  51. EPL refs will note the lack of English men in our backline at present, so expect the decisions to be going against us.

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