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August 2021

Frimpong attacks Piers Morgan: the full postings

Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football.  Have your name in the book as an official sponsor.  Updated information here

When Fulham tried to take over Arsenal.  The full story is in “Making the Arsenal”


Untold Media: Frimpong attacks Piers Morgan: the full report

By:  Anne (with  thanks to Mahdain for the link that led to this article)


Can we have a round of applause for Emmanuel Frimpong, please?!  Following Arsenal’s FA cup loss, Emmanuel Frimpong personally took on the anti-Arsenal media on twitter, saying some things that we here at Untold Media have wanted to say to them for a long time.

Rather than waste time with a lot of my own commentary, I’ll just turn it over to Emmanuel, and re-post his twitter exchange with journalist Piers Morgan in full. (*I’m removing the “twitter” lingo and just posting this as a regular conversation).

Also, it’s really revealing to see exactly how nasty Piers is when speaking to Emmanuel. And he calls himself an Arsenal fan?!:

The whole thing started when Piers Morgan unleashed the following series of vitriolic tweets attacking Arsene Wenger, which sound as if they were read from a “script” (to use Frimpong’s word):


“-As for Arsenal’s latest debacle – I said Martin O’Neill could replace Wenger months ago, and got ridiculed for it. Who’s laughing now?

Watch Arsenal Live Streams With

-The ‘Wenger must have job for life’ brigade are looking more ruinous to Arsenal’s future by the day. Wake up, before it’s too late.

-I respect Wenger’s record for us as much as anyone. But he’s run out of ideas, and we’ve run out of trophies. Time for change

-Who could replace Wenger? Mourinho, Guardiola, O’Neill, Redknapp. There’s 4 for starters.

-Let me spell it out for the few blinkered Arsenal fans still giving me grief: without Robin Van Persie’s goals, we’d be 15th in the Prem.

-And if we don’t qualify for CL, as seems likely right now, then Robin Van Persie will leave. Fact. And then what?

-New manager now can give the team the kick up the a** it needs, get 4th place, keep Robin Van Persie and rebuild for the future.

-Better Wenger leaves now, while we all still love and respect him, than watch this horrible deterioration get worse and worse”


At this point, Emmanuel Frimpong jumped into the debate, and pretty much told Piers Morgan what’s what:


Stop chatting soo much rubbish you. You know nothing about football. You sit behind your laptop and just talk utter rubbish.

Piers Morgan:

Oh really, Mr Frimpong? Well truth hurts, sunshine. And I’m not afraid to tell it. (you can’t even get in THIS Arsenal team)


Just don’t bring your ugly face to the emirates because we at Arsenal are sick and tired of your abuse towards players and coach.

Piers Morgan:

Pipe down Junior, and go to bed. I’ve been following Arsenal for 42 years – twice as long than you’ve been born.


We don’t need your support. You’re better off reading a script, leave the football to people that know about it. Wasteman

Piers Morgan:

Big words, big guy. I suggest you focus on improving your game – rather than abusing loyal fans. Most of whom agree with me.


It still amazes me you call yourself a fan? A fan don’t doesn’t do the things you do. The fans are the people that travel thousands of miles every weekend to support their team. Fans are the 60,000 people we have every saturday. Fans don’t turn their back on their team.

So, yes, Piers, you ain’t a fan. You’re just some big old school bully that has too much time on twitter. Now you go bed and wake up early to read.

Piers Morgan:

I’ve followed Arsenal for 42yrs and own 4 season tickets. That entitles me to an opinion. Which is: we need a new manager.


Loyal?? Well in football you have bad and good times. The LOYAL fans are the ones that remember the Good times. And wait for More.

Piers Morgan:

You’re so loyal to Arsenal you went to Wolves. So put a DEEENNCH in it and stop pandering to the blinkered minority.


When was your last game at the emirates? Instead of the Internet. What have you ever done for Arsenal in 42 years? Nothing

Piers Morgan:

I’ve supported them. Nothing more, nothing less. And I want us to be competitive again, not perennial losers


You’re entitled to your opinion. Of course you are, but there are ways of doing it, and telling your 2 million followers rubbish we don’t need ain’t class.”


I really don’t have anything to add to that. Well said, Mr. Frimpong!!/piersmorgan!/Frimpong26AFC


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92 comments to Frimpong attacks Piers Morgan: the full postings

  • Funnily enough I was following the Sunderland game on Twitter and I couldn’t help but think we’d have been much better off if our injured players were on the pitch rather than the internet.

  • Shard

    Morgan has been Frimponged!! DEEEEEEEENNNCCHH

  • Patrick

    Frimpong, I am aware that you are a young man with a lot of zest. But take my advise and forget about this twitter war with PM. For one thing, it is getting boring and it is an unnecessary waste of energy.

  • Anne


    Well, yeah, but that doesn’t apply to Frimpong because he’s out on loan. Don’t rain on my parade 🙂

  • WalterBroeckx

    Frimpong = a Gooner-Gunner.

    Sad that his loan spell had to end this way with another terrible injury. I really hope that he recovers completely and will be a Gooner-Gunner for the rest of his career.

    In a way it also shows that players do get annoyed when people are overly critical on them. Like I said before: booing a player coming at 1-1 when playing the defending champion is bad for the team.

    Frimongs reaction just showed how this (internet booing) can have an influence and a demoralising influence on the players.

    So support the players or you will be helping to get them down.

  • Anne


    Yes, I didn’t mean to make light of that…

  • John

    Piers is spot on and that’s the sad part………wenger out now !!!

  • John

    These players spend too much time on twitter etc……….

  • Anne

    (note to Anne: watch your mouth every once in awhile, why don’t you?)

  • If you follow Wilshere on twitter, he’s pretty much the same, maybe a bit more restrained but he obviously takes any attacks on the club as a personal insult.
    One thing the AAA don’t realise is that you can’t buy this kind of loyalty from your players. When you watch a Classico, all the Madrid players desperately want to play for Madrid, that much is obvious but most of the Barca players would die for their club.
    In the end we would be better off having eight merely very good players who wear their heart on their white sleeve and three world class ones than five or six mercenaries looking for their next big club…

  • Anne


    Boring? No, it’s not boring. And what do you mean by “waste of energy?” What are you implying there?

    For real Arsenal fans, it’s quite frankly inspiring to see one of our players standing up for Arsenal like that. Thank you, Emmanuel.

  • Anne


    “In the end we would be better off having eight merely very good players who wear their heart on their white sleeve”

    I agree with you. But how do you see accomplishing that these days?

  • Anne


    Yes, Piers is twat on…

    Wow, that whole thing rhymed!

  • WalterBroeckx

    Indeed Woolwich Peripatetic, both of them are really annoyed when anything bad is said about Arsenal or Wenger.
    Wilshere is a bit more diplomatic as Frimpong tells it like he feels it. In Dutch the idiom is ‘having his heart on his tongue”.

    I think the things that this creature Morgan is telling Frimpong that he cant even get in the Arsenal team is so disgusting.
    The boy is just 20 years old and he just had lost a whole year because of a possible career ending injury. Then in his first real year with the first team he had 9 starts and 5 times he came on as a substitute. Surely not that bad for a young lad. Certainly after his injury.

    I wonder how many games Piers Morgan has played for Arsenal in his career 🙂

  • WalterBroeckx

    MMM, let me rephrase this: I wonder what kind of games Piers Morgan has been playing around Arsenal in his career 😉

  • Theopants Superstar

    Truth is that Morgan got the better of the exchanges as all that Frimpong (who I have high hopes for) could resort to was ‘have you ever played at the Emirates’ and ‘you’re entitled to your views’ whilst slagging him off for sharing them, mainly because they don’t conform with his!! Still, I wouldn’t expect you guys to acknowledge that as it goes against all you stand for. No wonder this blog is called ‘Untold Truth’ with the emphasis seemingly being on the word ‘Untold’ when it comes to criticism!!

  • WalterBroeckx

    Well I got one step more than Piers Morgan. Even Tony has done better than Piers. LOL. We actually played there on the pitch in the Emirates. Nah, swallow that my friend.

  • GoonerVance

    Being in America and not knowing Piers Morgan was an Arsenal supporter up until recently, I thought he was full of hot air to begin with. Rude and tactless in his interviews. Then I found out he was a Gooner and extended him more leeway, but this is more evidence to support my gut feeling.

    I question Wenger’s tactics and decisions as much as Piers(it’s apart of sports), but to actually believe in firing Wenger, I can not do it. To be honest, it would not feel right to win with another manager after sacking Wenger. Wenger deserves to leave with grace and dignity.

    I will give Wenger every opportunity to turn this thing around and hopefully with the addition of some more positive, confident players and perhaps the subtraction of some really negative fans, the club can reach the mountain top. Players like Santos and Mertesacker really lifted the team when they were healthy. Santos, a fearless player who can have fun at a defensive position, and Mertesacker, who when paired with Vermaelen make the smartest CB pairing in the world.

  • PV4

    Martin O is a good manager, but not what Arsenal need. When was the last time a MO managed team play beautiful football and not kic&run?

    As for PM: he’s a clown.

  • GoonerVance

    I have no doubt if Jack was healthy, and playing next to Song instead of Arteta, this team would be in the League race and would not have been blown out at the San Siro, and would have destroyed Sunderland in the FA Cup. Jack is way too important to this club and Arteta is the guy to spell Jack on games against lesser opposition, but in knockout games away against in form teams like Sunderland and AC Milan, Arteta isn’t enough to control the midfield.

  • Rhys Jaggar

    A few points on the comments:

    1. Whether Piers Morgan has, or has not, played for Arsenal, is irrelevant. If he can’t comment, nor can anyone at this site. That includes you, Walter Broeckx……..
    2. If Piers Morgan has shelled out around 75 – 100 season ticket equivalents, plus travel, cup final tickets etc etc, than makes his financial investment in Arsenal significant. Fans who adore the club but pay little out don’t pay the wages of the first team. Season ticket holders do. That doesn’t mean he’s right in what he says, it says that without season ticket holders, the club’s finances go south. Never forget that…..
    3. Emanuel Frimpong’s livelihood is dependent on not criticising Arsene Wenger. It’s hardly surprising for him to stand up for his employer. They pay his salary. When was the last time you heard an 18-20 year old tit say: ‘My manager’s total shite and I want him sacked’? Again, this has nothing to do with the rightness or wrongness of the situation, merely the reality of adult life.

    One of the realities of any manager who does as much for a club as a Shankly, Revie, Busby, Ferguson, Nicholson or Wenger is that they have a big history, a big track record and obviously plenty of success along the way. Otherwise they’d have been sacked years ago.

    As a result, clubs often struggle to determine when to replace them, how to replace them and with whom to replace them. Just look at Leeds post-Revie – took them 18 years to win a title again after he’d gone and they’ve gone on one hell of a roller coaster ride since then. Utd took 26 years after Busby went but eventually found another dynastic leader. Spurs still haven’t won another title since Nicholson went. Liverpool were the only club who wielded an unfair knife and they had 15 years of unparalled success before Heysel and Hillsborough brought them down. They took 21 years between European Cups and haven’t won the league in a generation.

    What is clear is that Arsenal and Arsenal fans have not learned anything from history and are still unable to address this issue in a reflective and mature way. On both sides……..

    Perhaps it behoves all sides to think upon that before deciding to tear each other to pieces, eh?

  • Walter, thanks for getting the bit in about you and I playing on the Emirates pitch last year.

    Indeed, the picture that adorns the masthead of Untold is of the two of us on the pitch – I think I was about to drop from exhaustion at the point having played far more than I expected to that afternoon.

    It was, in case anyone is interested, as part of a five a side tournament held on the Emirates pitch. A truly memorable day.

    Personally I love players who take attacks on the club as an insult, and want to fight back. Of course these are young men whose literary education has been cut short by their footballing skills – as opposed to Morgan – a man who went into the sixth form, and then on to college to study journalism. So sometimes they don’t get their arguments out as clearly as they would wish.

    But my point is – they care about the club. They care deeply – so deeply that they are willing to stand up and shout it. I utterly love that.

  • Stroller

    Morgan lives in the world of celebrity and shallow self-promotion. He has a nasty streak when challenged and a dubious record when it comes to the truth (Leveson enquiry, anybody?).

    On the other hand he does support Arsenal, although owning 4 season tickets has little to do with it. (Doubtless he often uses them as favours for his celeb friends).

    But as a former journalist and man of his age, surely he should expected to articulate a sensible argument if he has one, and not come across as a little kid resorting to name calling in the playground. As for his undertanding of the game – Harry Redknapp indeed!

  • The Blaze

    For someone who supported Arsenal for 42 years and is a true and loyal fan, you’d think that he would know that removing Wenger from the club would be removing 80 percent of the club. Wenger is more than just a coach, he is the manager, coach and makes decisions on financial level and even the stadium.

    Removing someone whose roots run that deeply in any organization would be insanely stupid, let alone during a football season.

    And replacing him by O’Neill? Mister Lock It Up High Balls 4 Life? I rather lose while remaining my identity than win while throwing everything away that made us who we are.

  • bob

    Not that he stayed, but PM started his rise to so-called eminence by being earmarked by Ruppie himself as editor of the News of the World at (PM’s) 28 years old. His news style is described in the Wikipedia entry as “invasive.”

  • WalterBroeckx

    Excactly Bob and this is why I said: MMM, let me rephrase this: I wonder what kind of games Piers Morgan has been playing around Arsenal in his career 😉

  • WalterBroeckx

    also great to see how people take things very serious. 🙂 I really don’t have to put a smiley each time I try to say something funny or do I?

  • WalterBroeckx

    Yeah a great memory Tony.
    One of the best memories ever. Glad we were in this together. Really am. And we know what it is to play on a perfect pitch. A billiard table pitch we call it over here. But with my wobbly knee I don’t know if I would try it again next time they organise it… Sometimes you have to admit you get to old to play the game…
    Just will stick to the referee bit as it is less demanding for the knees

  • Tasos

    Someone who really cares about our club, been at Arsenal since the age of nine, just like Jack Wilshere.

    These players are the future of Arsenal and they’re proud of the club. Loyalty is a rare commodity in football nowadays, something you certainly can’t buy with petro dollars, no matter how many billions you have.


  • Ruaridh

    Hi Tony, blog contributors and fellow readers. I have just read the article from sky sports below and it may not be significant but it is the the only positive article I’ve ever read about Arsene Wenger on sky sports- (peter fraser is)probably trying to lull us into a false sense of security, ready to write something derogatory next time…

  • Mandy Dodd

    well done Frimpong, Piers is clearly a moron programmed to recite the mindless utterings that appear on post after post on certain web sites I could mention whose only aims are to destablise the club, bring in the at best unknown quantity that is Usmanov. And half of these posters are fake Spuds.
    Piers is clearly pandering to the sub moronic, he is nothing more than a little keyboard warrior.
    Sure he will get a great reception if he ever does use any of his 4 season tickets.

  • @Rhys,

    Excellent points. There was a rumour in the Daily Mail that the Arsenal heirachy wants to promote Wenger to DoF and bring in Guardiola. Which is about the only way I could see us improving the management situation at this point in time. That our on pitch problems have more to do with a lack of healthy and in-form players than the manager himself seems to be lost on some of our fanbase who demonstrate a small club mentality.

  • Mahdain

    thanks for the mention anne..have to say it was time somebody show piers his place..there is a reason each and every gooner should hate piers and i was going to write an article for untold about it but ladyarse beat me to it so i will just link you guys to her article

  • DC

    Emmanuel Frimpong is a promising youngster that will become an Arsenal great!
    Piers Morgan is an ageing self-publicist that was disgracefully dismissed as an editor of the gutter-press?!
    Nothing more else needs be said!

  • Gord

    While a person can appreciate someone spending money that in some way supports the team they support (tickets, jersey’s, books or whatever), that cannot be the end of the equation. You need to take into consideration what fraction that money is of their yearly income (or possibly disposable income, don’t we have an economist here at Untold?).

    A long time ago, I ran across some trivia that said that even if Bill Gates happened across a $1000 bill lying on the ground, it would cost him money to actually pick it up (Microsoft was making more than $1000 per few seconds). Some of the people with season’s tickets have season’s tickets for the sake of saying they have season’s tickets. They don’t have an interest in the team, they just want to be recognized for owning season’s tickets.

    Besides, money is not the only currency in the world. Time is worth money. Knowledge is worth money. Some of us support teams in ways which involve substantial amounts of time and/or money. That needs to be considered as well. A good example are the referee reviewers on this site.

  • Jerry

    Frimpong is the man! Can’t wait to see him back next year for Arsenal! You would think that if PM was a real fan, he would use his twitter account to gather more support for the club instead of sounding like a spoiled kid. “I paid 4 season tickets, you didn’t make this team, you left us for Wolves” Meanwhile, if he was a fan, he should know what a loan is and how it helped some of our players (i.e. Jack)!

  • Mahdain

    the PGMOL are pathetic…guess who they sent to ref the north london london derby? oh yes MIKE FUCKING DEAN…pathetic

  • Mahdain

    and yes it is the same dean that shares strange relationship with arry

  • Mandy Dodd

    always him vs Spuds and Webb vs Utd, every time

  • Tasos


    That’s not all…….Fourth Official P Dowd.

    Absolute joke!

  • Mahdain

    @tasos in other words same as what we had against united just less than a month ago..This is pathetic.. PGMOL is fixed

  • Mahdain

    and according to dogface one of the assistant refs will the one that gave saha a blatant offside goal last season.. gtfo PGMOL screw riley and company

  • Mahdain

    in case no one remembers here he is what a twat

  • DC

    I have to say that the points you make on this particular issue are compelling.
    When we look at the post-Arsene era as the manager, and that day will inevitably come, I cannot see any other manager that could have continued with this fundamental project, and its unfortunate set-backs, until it has been fully completed. That manager would invariably have wanted to spend excessive amounts of money – Guardiola included in that. For that reason, Arsene Wenger must continue until the club’s redevelopment project is complete! That is something that no other “big club” has achieved and maintained a consistently competitive level without breaking the bank or their club!

  • DC

    On the issue of players not publicly voicing doubts about their manager, that goes without saying but they are usually free to voice the mood surrounding the club as Ryo has done here after his wonder- goal for Bolton (relegation contenders mind you!) in the FA cup this weekend. He states that “at Arsenal the atmosphere is incredibly tense”

  • mjgooner

    not surprised by Frimpong…….if you were an average young player given a chance to blossom and learn you trade in a BIG CLUB’s first team (instead of the required established world class players that the club needs), I am sure you too would definitely stick up for the manager. I mean how old is he for fuck sake, and he is part of our team (before the loan)……would he have gotten on the squad list during the Invincibles. How low our expectations have fallen that we now hail FRIMPONG as our saviour. SMH

    Surprised you dont see it as a “disrespect” to an Arsenal fan of 42 years, yet anyone that questions Wenger is being disrespectful. What message are we sending to our kids…..its OK to disrespect elders when you are sitting behind your laptop. …as long as it isnt OUR LORD WENGER.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Think Frimpong had better make sure his phone messages are not hacked if he has upset Mr Morgan….allegedly
    Look forward to the reception PM gets when he returns to watch us when we start winning again, think he may need a very clever disguise or face more abuse than such an ego driven man may feel comfortable with. He may even defect to the lane, to be with with a significant number of those who post such drivel on certain sites that claim to be for Arsenal supporters.
    On the ref appointments this weekend, cannot say I am really surprised, the powers that be will look after the Spuds as a gift for them losing their manager. How many times in recent years have we had Arrys lackey officiate when we have played them?

  • Mahdain

    @mandy and all others, dogface has gone nuts and is revealing every single arry/dean affair on twitter..check them out!/DogFaceRefWatch

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Dont you think theres something sad about this hysteria over Wenger? Something also peculiar about the very “fans” that Arsene brought to the club, that are now calling for his head? Perhaps Herr. Morgan would be better trying to get “fans” to rally around the team and Wenger? We cant have that though can we?
    This same hysteria has infected Chelsea for sometime now, this season the hysteria seems to really be getting worse, and not just on Wengers back. Im sure in the end the “fans” will get what they want, Wenger gone; but Im not sure wether they will get what they “want” later. Perhaps it might be better for “them” to go and “support” another team?
    I think Arsene and his team need support, they know and he knows whats happening, it isnt all roses as of recent years—but it isnt that bad either, is it..are the team fighting for survival, is the club bankrupt?.Frustrating yes, but why the chicken- brained hysteria? Have we all become ten year old kids?
    Herr.Morgan should know this if hes “supported” the club for 42 years. Surely he recalls then the mid 80s, and 20,000 of us turning up for home games? And all the other boring and frustrating moments, and for those of us who remember there were lots werent there? Oh yes there were..
    If feel embarrassed at the hysteria, in the sense that the other teams and supporters from all the leagues, who look with envy at the Arsenal, its players, manager and stadium.
    Perhaps then, once Piers Ploughman and the “new” Sun on Sunday have got rid of the “nasty frenchie” Wenger and Arry is King of England, then we at Arsenal could get rid of the “library” tag, and start supporting the team again, perhaps singing more than the two songs that seem to be cued up every home game and giving the kind of support the “nasty” northerners give their sides.Anyone remember the 79 cup final, and the Man U fans voicing their support after their team had come back and still lost? These days we would start twittering and call for the managers head.
    –Tony some of the comments made to you at the Telegraph web page today just sum it up really, so I ask what is it that Wengers done so wrong, apart from not winning everything all of the time? Somehow thats not possible, is it. Perhaps its more important to not be dragged into the hysteria that comes from sensationalist manipulative journalism, and the mentality of the X factor.
    Perhaps the “fans” are also to blame for whats happening at the moment….

  • Mike

    All of who think that there is no life without Wenger are cowards. In this world your are either a winner or looser, and unfortunately right now Arsenal are losers. Change in needed right now.

  • Gord

    I believe I’ve seen a couple of TV shows, where the police can construct a composite model of some scene based on combining images from individuals distributed around the site.

    Is this based on the real world, or just someone’s active imagination? Lots of people live in a M$ world, and I believe they call their version photosynth. There are possibly more than one FOSS project on this same idea. PixelStruct is one, OpenPhotoVR might be another? Could easily be others.

    I haven’t played with any of these, I’m still stuck with film and my scanner has been down a long time. Maybe someone at UA knows something about this? In any event, I don’t believe sports teams are restricting people from brining their phones (with cameras) to games. It may be possible to build panoramic images of the game at various times, by combining images from the cameras of many people.

  • Anne

    @Theopants Superstar:

    If you think that Piers Morgan came out looking the better in that exchange, it certainly says a lot about you. “sunshine,” “junior,” “big boy.” Childish name calling.

  • Anne


    I didn’t necessarily see this as a pro-Wenger vs. anti-Wenger situation. Notice that Frimpong slated PM not just for his attacks on the manager, but on the “players” as well.

    Arsene won’t be at Arsenal forever, and I’m sure that Arsenal will carry on after he’s gone. I do think he’s a great manager. But the reason that I enjoyed this exchange so much had nothing to do with the fact that Frimpong was defending Arsene.

    Rather, it was good to see an Arsenal player standing up for ARSENAL, in the face of a media campaign whose ultimate goal is less about removing Wenger than it is about destabilizing our club.

  • Anne


    Thanks for that link from Ladyarse. Interesting to see that Piers is on twitter again on that subject. He sure has a lot of time on his hands to spend on twitter, doesn’t he?

  • Anne

    @bob & walter:


  • Anne


    You seem to have missed the point on pretty much every level.

  • Anne


    I really enjoyed that post. Well-reasoned and well-thought-out. What were you referring to about Tony and the Telegraph, btw?

  • Anne


    As I already said above, the point of this really wasn’t about Wenger. Frimpong clearly referred to Morgan’s attacks on both the manager and the players. In other words, the team as a whole.

  • Patrick

    I admire your loyalty in taking on all comers. But if you seriously have a look at my comment you might hopefully realise that I am on his side. The only place to expend any energy usefully for a footballer is on the field of play. Arguements are for children and girls ooops pls scratch that! Simply put football can be serious enough without externalities clouding a player’s mind.

  • mjgooner

    @Anne……really I missed the point on some many levels, would love to know these levels.

    For further clarification, I dont exactly think Piers Morgan is a saint nor do I think any individual is without fault. But when you ignore one individual’s ills and attack anothers’, it reeks of double standard.

    All Piers said (paraphasing ofcourse) was that our current side arent as good as the previous years(Invincibles) and our current manager isnt who he used to be……how can you agrue with that.

    Would Theo Walcott have gotten into the squad(not team) during the Invincibles era? Ofcourse not, players like Frimpong who are yet to achieve anything in their careers (and might still end up in the first division like JET who was even rated highly) now think of themselves as superstars, which is the basic problem. PRIDE…..which as we all know goes before a fall. Same as Wilshere betting with Spuds fans on twitter when they were three points ahead with a game in hand…..its all pure ARROGANCE when they have yet to prove themselves at the world stage.

    Isnt it possible that the present side arent as good as previous sides because they are simply lazy and arrogant, thinking they only need to turn up for the game and teams will roll over for them.

    All I am saying is if these young players have done anything of note for The Arsenal, then they can go running their mouth (or keyboards) on twitter for all I care. Piers Morgan for all his shortcomings has at least contributed a few pounds to the Arsenal in form of season tickets and merchandise purchase, so in my book has earned a right to question what goes on at the club, while Frimpong hasnt (think he got stupidly sent off against Liverpool and contributed to that defeat).

    So I would really like to know how I missed the point.

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Tony (Attwood) added to the comments on an “article/poll”at the Telegraph website(18.2.12),concerning which Arsenal players should be sold,etc… and(of course)received plenty of aggressive comments back.Which is to be expected in the basic polemics of today… (winner/loser) etc etc.
    The “poll” is now closed.No doubt soon the “fans” will be invited by the club to vote who should come on a sub! As I stated before, X factor…imagine what could be achieved socially if we were all as vocal and attentive to politics as much as football…on the other hand maybe it would be like opening pandoras box!
    Its possible to tell the bias/intentions of the article by looking at the image of Arshavin (what a diffrence a year makes for both Arshavin and Wenger,re: the Barca game!) that the picture editor selected.Proving that “serious” journalism, isnt.
    As a side-note, its funny how the journalists have convinced many people that RVP is leaving at the end of the season,(i think this is at the back of everyones mind, seeing how many goals he scores), and why is it that Lucas Podolski is a)coming to Arsenal and b)is the answer to the problems? 15 goals this season,yes, but Kolle are struggling in the Bundesliga, and LP has been jaded in the national team for a while..he isnt the player he was…just some questions, as wherever I read, it seems that certain speculation ends up as fact.

    I also wonder how much of the hysteria surrounding this terrible season(!)is a new found jealousy that Spurs are above the moment, which is ridiculous really, as the season hasnt finished nor can the last X + years be wiped away…why are we letting another teams success dictate our partly self imposed misery? Once Spurs have really imposed fifteen years of brilliance on the PL (over and above Arsenal), then I’ll get irritated by Spurs, but not before!!! Are Liverpool and Newcastle in a state of misery and anger? No,(Suarez aside) theyre trying to stay focused, and benefiting from the looney tunes at Arsenal and Chelsea. I realise that Chelsea are in quite a similar position…Chelsea impose a hard-nosed Capitalism,(come second and ye shall be sacked!) which is creeping into our club too, sacking AVB if they lose to Napoli(which the press are also pushing for)isnt the answer, not with Champions league places being so important now in the Premier league.Some Arsenal fans could take stock of that, booting Wenger out now isnt going to make the team suddenly brilliant, in fact it could destroy any chance of fourth place or more.
    Perhaps if the team could hear that the “fans” were behind them, who knows what can be achieved in the forthcoming games, as Arsenal could easily be the team that changes the seasons final positions, not just our own? Not supporting the team through slightly lesser times must have a terrible affect on the players regardless of how much theyre paid.
    No-one wants to lose, but its a fact of life,and to cope with it we used to have at least some sportsmanship, and it made life much easier to keep the eye on the prize and produced many great matches, with real atmospheric excitement, one would have thought Piers Morgan might have known this.

  • bjtgooner


    I agree with you – it is great to see Frimpong defending the club from PM – who has become quite destructive in his comments about Arsenal while pretending to be a fan.

    Well done Frimp!

  • Anne


    Sorry if I misunderstood your initial comment.

  • Anne


    You missed the point because this article wasn’t supposed to be about the underlying debate about what action Arsenal needs take. It’s about the fact that the media engage in a scripted campaign to target Arsenal and seem intent on destabilizing the club for whatever reason.

    And it was nice to see an Arsenal player retaliate against that, in my opinion. I’m sure that you don’t agree with me on these underlying facts, so it will be impossible for us to come to any agreement. But that’s what I meant when I said you missed the point.

    Also, I think it’s a bit silly to suggest that a journalist has more right to question what goes on at Arsenal than an actual Arsenal player, solely because that journalist owns season tickets.

  • Anne


    Another excellent post with some very good points. Personally, I’ve supported other sports teams that have gone from champions, to dead last, and back again, so it all just seems like part of a cycle to me. And on top of that, it’s not like Arsenal is doing badly now. Just slightly less good than they’ve done in recent years.

    I mean, I don’t notice anyone calling for SAF’s head because ManU didn’t even qualify for the CL out of the easiest group. And yet, they’re calling for Wenger’s head because of a bad result in the quarter final.

    My personal belief is that fans in general have a much higher level of support for Arsenal than this manufactured media hype would imply.

  • Anne



  • DC

    Why did you actually choose to follow Arsenal after they threw away the biggest lead in EPL history?

  • Yippee Kai Yay

    I think some here fail to separate arsene wenger and arsenal still.

    It is inevitable that the two are mutually exclusive at some point. they have been before and will be again.

    For what it is worth, personally I have no love for piers moron. As a fully paid up member of Private Eye he is a crass, moronic and generally putrid individual with very few redeeming features. His association with News Corporation is a damning indictment enough for me.

    However, and here’s the real problem, the continuing degradation of AFC (the footballing side and it’s ambition, ability and results)are in no small part to the lack of foresight or even acknowledgement to either see or deal with the issues in hand by the board and the management collectively.

    The end of season party gets earlier each year, as the objectives and ambition lower further still, and so comments like ‘a bad quarter’ belie the underlying trend that has existed for some time.

    So to that level, for him to depart before his legacy becomes lost in the inevitable power struggle between the fans at the emirates (who are becoming increasingly frustrated with the poor excuses which are being churned out with spectacular regularity) is possibly the best thing for him to do.

    So the real question is what do you support?

    Arsenal Football Club?

    or Arsene Wenger?

    Because only one of them will be around in decades to come, what it may look like will be in part defined by what wenger did since joining up until 2006, perhaps it is some people’s hope that 2006-1012 won’t define how he remembered by the rest.

    So I would suggest that people ask and separate the question and the two answers accordingly.

    As for Frimpong, he appears as equally biased as you would expect any employee to be. But that doesn’t validate what he said in any way whatsoever. He hasn’t even earned the right to be a first team regular player yet. As such he comes of as exactly what he is a young, petulant and protective employee.

    And as my mum used to say, ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’.

    I shall leave you all to ponder.

  • Anne


    Hm… you’re coming over from another thread on that one.

    For anyone who hasn’t read it, DC’s comment is in response to this comment that I left on an earlier thread:

    “Personally, I’ve enjoyed Arsenal’s football for years. Ever since I started following football, I’ve thought that Arsenal’s football was the only football in the EPL worth watching.

    However, the one thing that inspired me to devote so much of my unpaid time to researching and writing about Arsenal was not any kind of Arsenal “victory” or “invincibles” season.

    Rather, it was Arsenal’s 4-4 “draw” against Newcastle last year.”

  • Anne


    Ok, now I’ll respond to you. First of all, that match is not what caused me to FOLLOW Arsenal. I followed Arsenal before that. However, it was what caused me to begin to take such an active interest in this blog.

    And since you asked me directly, I guess I’ll just go ahead and respond directly, even if my answer might be controversial.

    Basically, the reason that that match caused me to take such an active interest in writing about Arsenal was because it was so blatantly fixed that I felt sick to my stomach after watching it.

    So, that’s my answer. What’s your take?

  • Anne


    And of course, I could be wrong about that. It was just my perception of it at the time. But that was what caused me to start looking so deeply into issues surrounding corruption in football.

  • Anne

    @Yippee Kai Yay:

    As I said earlier, I don’t believe that Frimpong’s comments were motivated solely by a desire to defend Arsene Wenger. Just like my posting them wasn’t motivated solely by a desire to defend Arsene Wenger.

    Turning this whole thing into an “Arsene vs.” controversy isn’t what it was really about. Rather, I perceived Morgan’s comments as part of a larger campaign to attack Arsenal as a club. Attacking Wenger would just be part of that.

    And considering that Frimpong specifically objected to Morgan’s attack on both the manager “and the players,” my interpretation would be that he took it in the same way that I did. I could be wrong, but that’s just my interpretation.

  • DC

    That’s what I assumed.
    It certainly was blatant but you probably could have gathered that conclusion from other matches over the previous years.
    Keep up the good and admirable work! 🙂

  • DC

    But be wary as the key players are an unscrupulous cohort!

  • Anne


    Thanks for the tip 🙂

  • Arsenal1Again

    Splendid post as always Anne.

  • Kentetsu

    To jump the bandwagon, it is refreshing and encouraging to have an Arsenal player publicly stand up for the club in such a way.

    Morgan’s twat, sorry… tweet,

    “And if we don’t qualify for CL, as seems likely right now, then Robin Van Persie will leave. Fact. And then what?”

    is wrong on two accounts. Fact!

    1. Arsenal is currently in fourth, which entitles entry into the CL qualification stage.

    2. Unless RvP keeps Morgan in the loop, Morgan will not know about Robin’s future.

  • Kentetsu

    Found the following on Frimpong’s Wikipedia page:

    “Frimpong is the cousin of professional footballer, Piers Morgan who plays as a centre back for Norwegian club Sandefjord Fotball.”

    Best piece of info I ever found on Wikipedia 😀

  • Anne


    Wow…That’s taking “conspiracy theory” to a whole new level 🙂

  • Anne


    Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Anne


    Still digesting your comments, btw.

  • Mandy dodd

    Is piers moron ever off twitter these days? Can’t he give his ego a rest?

  • mjgooner

    @Anne……..I am so sorry, didnt know that was what you meant. Didnt know you are one of those Arsenal fans that think the whole world is against us and our “sustainable model”.

    But I am just curious, what gives anyone the right to question what goes on at The Arsenal. Do you have to be a player, a paying fan, a shareholder, a board member, an AST member, a season ticket holder, a journalist etc.

    Well I will tell you what DOES NOT GIVE you the right to question The Arsenal……”If you have spent a day in football, havent managed a team, havent made 5000 substitutions etc” you dont have the right to question The Arsenal, well thats according to Our Lord Wenger.

    Well basically it means Piers and Frimpong and most importantly YOU and ME have no right to question what goes on at our beloved club.

  • Mahdain

    that cunt morgan is at it again abusing frimpong

  • Anne


    Just checked it out. The whole thing is getting ridiculous. Maybe Morgan is enjoying the publicity he’s getting from this or something. I’m not going to give him any more myself 🙂

  • Mandy dodd

    If piers moron has such a problem with frimpong, he should approach him and have a word with him next time he uses one of his four season tickets, that will be sometime after we win our next trophy then!
    Or maybe some sort of charity boxing match with piers in full body armour, could sponsor him per second he lasts upright, ……come on, it would be for charity”…….

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    If anything Piers is doing Frimpong a favour, such is the perversity of twitter. By arguing with a minor cult player at the club he “supports” in a public arena he’s turning him into a bonafide celebrity.

  • Anne


    It seems that something similar to the above would also be Frimpong’s preferred scenario 🙂

  • Anne


    “Perversity” indeed… 🙂

  • Andrew

    Its good to witness a passionate reaction from an Arsenal player in the public eye, but Frompong doesn’t really counter any of Pier’s arguments.

    A fit Wilshere will transform Arsenal. Lets just hope it isn’t too late in the season

  • Damien Luu

    @Mike: “All of who think that there is no life without Wenger are cowards.” True enough. And whoever thinks sacking AW would resolve any problem and NOT create millions BIGGER ones is simply, well, MORON. I usually don’t talk to morons but I am boring right now so can’t help it.

    Piers something, don’t know who he is, don’t know why he exists, but will surely kick his as* as hard as I can when I have a chance.

    I am really happy that there seem to be more and more Gooner-Gunners in our team, especially in youth ranks. The future of our club is BRILLIANT.

  • Damien Luu

    @Yippee Kai Yay:
    “So the real question is what do you support?
    Arsenal Football Club?
    or Arsene Wenger?”

    Both. I will support AFC after Wenger, and I will surely support Wenger after AFC, where-ever he is, whatever he does.

    That is NOT the question. The REAL question is: Is it wise to replace your best ever manager, and the seemingly only manager who can success with our HEALTHY model, after a few (assumed) “bad” seasons? 6 or 7 ARE JUST A FEW years for whatever sake! And in my opinion, most of them were not THAT bad.

    And maybe these: For how long Liverpool have not won the Premiership? For how long Tiny Totts have not won the Premiership? How much money have Man Shitty spent since their rich-moron-boss took over and what have they won?

    Their would be A LOT people committing suicide after answering these questions if they think like you (and shockingly many more out there).