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  1. Wolfgang

    Blame the ref if the gunners fail to get a result at Stoke.Wenger is great at attack but defensively he has taken Arsena back three steps.
    So don’t be surprised the gunners lose on Sunday because of a dodgy defence unless Bould shows otherwise.

  2. Limped

    A stark warning from Wolfgang
    Great article keep the data coming !

  3. jayramfootball

    Marvelous! You actually found a ref that is not biased against Arsenal 🙂

    Of course it doesn’t look like he has refereed us, so that’s not much good. Still it’s a start LOL!

  4. Adam

    only one referee is more southerly based than Mr Friend and that’s Mr Probert (Wiltshire 100 miles from London), Amazing that I mention Leicester as being southerly. For those who don’t know England that well, Leicestershire is in the midlands. Even more amazing is the fact that no select group ref is based within 100 miles of London, And London teams make up 30% of the premier league, With 9 teams in the premier league this year you would expect more of an even spread, Especially as the premier league just released a list of over 320 qualified officials so no shortage. Just a shortage in the fair play department.

  5. Adam

    Sorry above should state “With 9 southern based teams”.

  6. Robbie

    Based on one incident it’s not correct to judge if the ref is right to give a card. In some cases it is though, like with handball or incorrectly hindering the opponent to get a goalscoring opportunity. But most often the player has “three strikes” when he get a card even though the last of those offensen in it self might not be enough for a card. But ofcourse sometimes a player deserves a card for a challenge and it might not be given, that’s misstake from the ref and we can put that in the statistics. But it’s harder to judge if the given cards are correct. So I think the statistics won’t look very good for the ref because of this.

  7. Gf60

    A thought on these analyses:
    The offside decisions are really unfair on the individual ref. He has no chance, 99.99% of the time, of overturning a piss poor decision by his linesman. Even Mason last night will suffer. Sure he probably deserves to suffer, but really!
    Could you consider a separate chart for the linesman who drag down the ref’s scores?

    • DogFace

      @Gf60 – the referee is ultimately responsible for every call made, the significance of offside calls should in theory ‘all even out’ to nothing if assistants rotate. The referee needs to have confidence in his assistants and raise concerns if he does not as responsibility ultimately rests with him as the leader of his team.

      The assistants are ultimately disposable entities so we should not attempt to make them scapegoats or easy targets… even though I know of some of them who I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw them.

      There is no way to quantify it any other way.

  8. WalterBroeckx

    I understand your point completely. Being both myself (ref and assistant-referee as the correct term is) I know all too well.
    The thing is and most referees I know do it in that way is that you try to make act as “a team”. In good and bad. We get the praise together for a good game and we go down together when one of us screws up.

    I can completely ruin the game of the ref when I am the assistant and make wrong decisions. But I could also be the saviour of a ref who is having a nightmare. So sometimes the assistant wins him points and sometimes he cost him points.

    An example: when a goal is scored and the assistant called the player on side when he was level with the last defender. The ref gets the good points for this decision when we give him the points for the goal. And that is not really down to the ref but the credit should go to the assistant. But in the system we use it is the ref who gets the points. If the assistant judged a player on side but he was offside, the ref loses points. And again this is the wrong call of his assistant and the ref gets the blame in a way.

    So it works in both directions. It is a 3-man team that is judged but as the ref is the main one in charge he gets the good points but also the bad points.

    And at the end of the day the most important thing is to see how many calls are correct. Seeing if it was ref A or ref B (or assistant C or assistant D) who made mistakes is not the most important thing to get the total results. To see which ref made which mistakes is to get a view on the individual ref (within the team) and see how he handles things. And to be able to see his flaws and strong points.

    The other option would be to fill in the names of the assistants also and review them separate. Well who knows…. if all goes right we might have a surprise for this season about the referee reviews… keep your eyes open in the next days/weeks (not just on this site) and we will be able to do even better than this season. And if we can pull it off to almost do all the games… who knows we could expand it to separate assistant reviews… Now you got me dreaming again… 🙂

  9. colario

    Go to this link for an interesting BBC Radio 4 prog on referees in Bulgaria.


  10. Stuart

    Either way, there are still fundamental flaws in the current system that need addressing and bringing into the 21st century.

  11. ne

    poor wolf, but don’t worry. You are not alone being marginalised lol

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