Still on track for the 5th consecutive double

Arsenal Ladies smashed Chelsea Ladies 4-0 away in the FA Cup semi-final and will play their old rivals Everton in May’s FA Women’s Cup final.

Three goals in the last 11 minutes of the first got matters sorted.  This will now be Arsenal’s 11th Final.

What’s more Kim Little scored a goal which means she now has an amazing total of 34 this season.   The other goals were from Julie Fleeting, Faye White (captain of England) and Jayne Ludlow (captain of Wales).

While Arsenal are only fourth in the Premier League’s final season (before it is wound up and becomes the Super League in 2011) they have so many games in hand, that it looks to be only a matter of time before they push the other teams aside and take over the top of the league again.

As noted in the previous article on Arsenal Ladies, the club will be one of eight founder members of the Super League, which will play through the summer of 2011.

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3 Replies to “Still on track for the 5th consecutive double”

  1. They really are an amazing bunch of boys… oops girls. 😉
    Lost a lot of their best players last year and still are up to it.

    Just wait till the boys do the same as they have done the last decade in this decade.

  2. it will be everton the face in the cup final and the blues also look the biggest rivals for the league title, Arsenal only pipped them for the title last season with a 1 – 0 win at Everton

    I wonder how the likes of Leanne Sanderson the england striker and others who walked out on Arsenal at beginning of last season to join up with chelsea with promises of them doing all sorts just like fulham ten years ago, feel now that this will be the second season the go empty handed while Arsenal continue on their merry way and even Everton are out doing the rich chelsea outfit, Sanderson was a product of the arsenal ladies academy and was a prolific scorer and many thought she could not be replaced but Arsenal signed a few scottish players like Kim Little, and now fellow scot Julie Fleeting is back in the fold after having another baby, things look good again for the Arsenal ladies.

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