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  1. Mick

    Both the book and the new shirt are on my shopping list! I will wear the shirt whilst reading the book!
    Off topic Walter but your country and USA put on the match of the tournament last night, an absolutely fantastic, thrilling advertisement for football.
    Also off topic but what do you know of this Belgian ‘wonderkid’ we are being linked with, David Henen?

  2. Graeme

    I liked the look of the T-shirt he was wearing and that incorporated the hoop design.

  3. nicky

    In my opinion, the involvement of Untold in the new Puma kit is nothing of which to be proud.
    Better by far to press for the new design to last for a decade, instead of the Club conning the supporters to buy again in a year’s time.

  4. oldgroover

    I agree, but what can you do? It’s one of the ways we raise the finance to fund the purchases of £42 million players.

  5. ARSENAL 13


    New kit. I’ll continue my rant. I just hope its not skin tight. Please ARSENAL. Please Tony. Oops

  6. Stephen

    What about a home kit that would ‘last a decade’ and puma to make new 2nd, 3rd and goalkeepers kits each alternate year? If the away/goalie shirts are really nice people will still buy them.

  7. WalterBroeckx

    Arsenal13, if it would be up to me it would not be skin tight. I somehow don’t look good in such things. 😉 🙂 /)

  8. ARSENAL 13


    Skin tight sure looks good, but not on the football pitch…..

  9. WalterBroeckx

    I completely understand and agree with you being critical about a new kit each year.
    As I was born on the same day as Arsenal and just 75 years after Arsenal I got myself the anniversary shirt with my name on it. Otherwise I still would have the 2007/2008 kit. I certainly will not run to the shop for each and every new shirt that goes on sale. I rather spend my money on attending the match itself. In my anniversary shirt.

    But of course with a new shirt manufacturer I can understand that a new shirt will be launched this time. And hopefully it will remain the same for a few years. (But I don’t count on it)

  10. nicky

    I surely won’t count on it.

  11. Bon Usher

    They need more guns in the kit! 🙂

  12. AL

    UA is more than just a blog, it is a movement. Bring on the new kit, can’t wait to get mine with number 11 on it 🙂

  13. AL

    And agree with oldgroover that these kits help us fund these world class player-purchases. They’re necessary.

  14. Mark

    Skin tight is helpful for the players as the shirt can’t be grabbed as easily. IF they can make them tear away easily that would be good too! Then other teams would get caught with shirt grabbing when they defend.

  15. Gord

    Congratulations to Tony.

  16. Bootoomee

    Very late to the thread.

    I saw the book in the video too and it is a great testament to Tony’s place in our club. It feels good to be associated with UA on days like this.

    To nicky, you need not complain about the shirts getting changed every 2-3 years until the club makes a rule that Gooners can only enter the Emirates with current strips. I really don’t get the complaints as fans can wear whatever they want into the stadium. I have the vintage (and extremely popular) 1971 shirt and it is my all time favourite Arsenal kit. I buy new shirts from time to time, especially if I live the design but I have never felt any compulsion to buy a shirt. I see no reason to complain about the club creating new shirts when they are not forcing us to buy them.

    I agree with oldgroover about the need to make new shirts to generate funds. In the end the club is a business and unless we continue to increase our earnings we’ll be left further behind by the sugar daddy clubs.

  17. Matt Clarke

    Good spot Walter and congratulations to Tony for getting some well deserved recognition.

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