Not every Henry is Henry

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Not every Henry is Henry.

By Walter Broeckx

Last week a player from Wolverhampton got himself sent off with a red card after a horrifying tackle against Rosicky. As I was watching the game at home on my TV I had some advantage in assessing some situations.

Let us start by the sending off. Henry claims he got the ball. That Rosicky made it worse than it was. That Vermaelen influenced the ref to send him off. That Rosicky was play acting as he could play on. And he also said it was a yellow at most.

So let’s start with the last part. If he thought it was only a yellow this is a confession that it actually was a foul and even a foul to get a card. But Mr. Henry it is up to the ref to decide the colour and I know that many of refs wouldn’t even blow a foul in England for this tackle.  But I can give you some examples from over here on the continent where such fouls are always a red card.

The accusation of Rosicky play acting. Again Mr. Henry sitting at home watching my TV they showed the treatment the doctors gave to Rosicky. And you know what? Your studs were visibly marked in his calf. And the stud marks had gone through the skin. In fact he had blood on his calf Mr. Henry.

Where did this came from do you think? Yes you can play on with those wounds as he did. But to say, like you did, he was play-acting, everyone who was watching the game on TV could see the wounds your attack had caused on his calf makes you look like the donkey you are.

That the Arsenal players influenced the ref ? Mr. Marrinner is the ref with the most red cards in the EPL so I don’t think he needs anyone to tell him who he have to send off. I really think he is strong enough to make up his own mind.

That the Arsenal players reacted strongly? If some of these players have seen 4 players kicked off the field with broken legs in the last 3 years by such vicious attacks I can understand them. I think if it was the other way round you would have reacted in just the same way.

You claim Rosicky made it worse than it was. Well again I disagree completely. In fact Rosicky made it lighter than it was. Rosicky felt it coming and in the last 10th of a second he managed to get his legs from the ground. If he would have stayed on the ground he would be victim number 5 of the “kick them off the field brigade” of which you are a part.

No by getting his legs off the ground he survived the tackle without broken bones. Otherwise you would have been in the row of Taylor, Shawcross and those other lunatic tacklers that are allowed to play in the EPL.  In fact by flying in the air Rosicky did you a big favour but I think you are too dumb to understand this.

And then you claim you got the ball. Well I think you never read my articles before but it doesn’t matter if you touch the ball if you go in flying like that. You came in launching yourself from a distance with both legs, in the back of the player.

Sorry Mr. Henry that is a red card offence. Only if you don’t make any contact with the player you could have been shown a yellow card but the ref is always entitled to punish those tackles from behind with a red card if he wants. Those are dangerous tackles and should be banned out of the game.

Did the ref do anything wrong with you on Saturday? Am I supporting the ref completely? Well in fact I don’t. Because, thanks again to the TV I wrote this down in my live match report for our Gooners over here about you…

Wolverhampton ging dan proberen om Walcott uit de wedstrijd te trappen door op de kuit van de levendige Arsenal aanvaller te gaan staan. De ref liet begaan.

This will look like Chinese to most of you but I will translate it into English and you must know that I write my live match report in a very concise style:

“Wolverhampton then tried to kick Walcott out of the game by standing on the leg of the lively Arsenal attacker. The ref closed his eyes”.

What had happened? Walcott was very alive and round half an hour he was fouled in the midfield area and a certain Wolverhampton player, named Henry, ran another few yards and then planted his studs on the calf of Walcott who was already down on the ground.

Theo felt it and he even had to take a few moments to be able to play further. And as the TV showed its replay it was clear to see that Mr. Henry deliberately went on to hurt Walcott and stamped with intent on his calf.

My son asked me at that point when we saw the replay: could the FA take action of this after the game and I told they should but they would not do it. So Mr. Henry I don’t know if you realised it at that time but I think that if the ref would have seen that properly you would have been sent off at that time.

So stop your moaning. Those 2 actions show that you were on the field not to play football but you were there to kick the Arsenal players and to hurt them.

So instead of accusing the Arsenal players for having you sent off, you should have the decency to keep your mouth shut and be happy that you were not sent off in the first half. You are a disgrace to football Mr. Henry. But what the heck the pundits and the media love you for it. Who sleeps with the dog, gets his flees.


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8 Replies to “Not every Henry is Henry”

  1. Well said. I watched RTE’s Saturday night highlights programme, the Sunday morning Match of the Day repeat, and Goals on Sunday, and between the studio analysts on RTE, the BBC and Sky, only RTE argued that the red card was justified. By an amazing coincidence, RTE were the only ones to show the stamp on Walcott and the stud marks on Rosicky’s calf. Paranoid? Yes, and with good reason, as it would have ruined the English media’s received wisdom of Arsenal as moaners to have shown that Henry was a thug who should have been sent off long before he was able to ram through Rosicky from behind.

  2. the twats’ obviously got no class, the fact that the BBC did not show the earlier tackle on theo just makes this media controversy all the more ridiculous. are the hacks that print these stories clever enough to conveniently obfuscate in the interests of a good story or do they not realise that their reputations would be enhanced by a balanced and mature approach to these outbursts. fergie may have BBC sewn up but i doubt Mccarthy has the same influence. i like the bloke, and i hope he gets a loan of one of our reserves next season because he does seeem to have the sort of integrity so sadly lacking in the game at the moment but to have your captain mouthing off as he did shows he has’nt the control of that ass holes mouth that i think he deserves. any hoo, lovely article and look forward to another gem tomorrow. all the best, gun gun goony( as i am known to my two year old nephew).

  3. There are a few isolated examples of press/media not suckered in by this bandwagon. It is not enough, but thank God then for people like Pete Gill – I may often not agree with him, but say what you like about him, he speaks his mind in forthright fashion rather than just ‘towing the line’.

    This is lifted from F365 Winners & Losers Whingers & Whiners section – sorry it does not carry the links in the article but you can find the whole article at the bottom of F365’s homepage.

    “”I’d like to suggest a special place the “losers” category for one Karl Henry. Not only does the man commit a horrible rash and poorly timed tackle on Tomas Rosicky that looked to be the kind that ends seasons, he had the nerve to go off about it after the game and complain about Arsenal diving. A quick look at the replays shows bloody stud marks down the back of Rosicky’s calf!” – erkimust.

    PG: There was an interesting discussion on this very matter on the F365 Forum over the weekend. It was of particular interest for digging up this YouTube clip which shows how Henry only makes contact with the ball by going through the back of Rosicky’s leg. He does so at considerable speed and so, in view of FIFA’s directive that any tackle which endangers the safety of an opponent ‘should be adjudged a red-card offence’, there can be no argument with Andre Marriner’s decision to send him off.

    A follow-up point would be to wonder whether Henry would have continued to argue his case had MoTD included the footage of his stud marks in the back of Rosicky’s leg (they presumably had access to the same television pictures as this YouTube compiler). By not doing so – and the question of whether they would have made an identical omission if the player concerned was English goes without being asked – they’ve tacitly encouraged the sort of reporting that saw Rosicky accused of ‘theatrics’ by one newspaper on Monday. That was the real disgrace. “

  4. I could’t agree more. I totally hate those media-protected English butchers. EPL would be so much better without them.
    But that’s the only thing that you can do if you are dumb and can’t play football, right?

  5. Spot on Walter! I totally felt that Henry was an idiot in his quotes, and those journalists who defended him too…

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