Suarez: the awful truth emerges. And wouldn’t you know, we were right

Was Untold right on Suarez again?

By Walter Broeckx

So we have to bring Suarez up again, but, well, Suarez is still a PL player and as we look at football in total this is rather important. Because well…just read on

A few days ago I wrote an article “Will Fifa stand firm in the Suarez saga or will their bite loosen”  If you haven’t read it you can still read it.

Now in this article I said this…

But now back to the Suarez case. Just imagine this scenario. Barcelona wants Suarez. And what does Suarez do when he wants to go away from his club? He bites. He did it at Ajax and Ajax sold him. In the season 2012/2013 he bit Ivanovic to the end of the season. Then someone leaked the buy out clause in his contract to Arsenal who made an offer only to see it turned down by a chairman who lied and lied and lied.

But Suarez wanted out of Liverpool that is something that was clear. Ok he signed a new contract that gave him a very high pay rise and nobody would refuse that after all. He has some children to feed.

So what does Suarez do when he wants out? He bites. So he bites a player at the world cup. We all wondered at the time how Fifa would react. And to most of our surprise Fifa acted very strongly. The ban for international matches was normal.”

I know a few people commented on this and said that it was very unlikely that he would give up on his country to maybe win the world cup just like that. I said his history showed that he would do anything (including biting) to force a move away.

And today I found this on the internet. Now I don’t know how accurate this is of course. And maybe this is just another radio station like the ones that have announced any transfer to Arsenal in the past that even never was on. But if this is accurate and the truth then this shines another light on my article. The article in full can be read here and I will quote a few things from it. :

“Uruguayan coach Oscar Tabarez has told the following tale to local radio station Sport 890 regarding Luis Suarez’s impending transfer to Barcelona:

Luis had told me about the Barcelona interest in November last year a few days before the Jordan match. At that time the talks between Liverpool and Barcelona were very good and an agreement was arranged back then.

After the amazing season he had Liverpool did not want to sell him understandably and they began to back out of the deal they made with Barcelona in November last year.

Luis got word of this a day after the victory against England. He was a changed man, he got upset and his head was elsewhere. He could barely train with the rest of the team. I had to have him train with a different group from the main squad.”

So while the Liverpool liar, oops owner, was still being proud of having lied he was already working on selling Suarez to Barcelona.  And then just as he broke his word to Suarez about the buy out clause, he now wanted to back out again from his word and prevent Suarez from going to Barcelona.

So for the second summer in a row Suarez dream move (first to Arsenal and CL football again) and now to a even bigger dream team move Barcelona was held back by a club that seems to have no value any more. Lying seems to be the business as usual thing they do. Lying to Arsenal over a contract. And now breaking their word against Barcelona.

You can also read how Suarez reacted badly to this news. Completely upset he had to be taken apart. A desperate man he seemed at the time.

And so when times are desperate it is time to take desperate measures. And that is exactly what Suarez did. As I said in the comment section Suarez only thinks about himself. He doesn’t care about his country. It’s him, him and him.

And so I am now even more convinced than before that he knew what he was doing. He made sure that the world would see his bite. Because that bite would embarrass his club Liverpool. They had stood by him when the racism allegations were made. They had supported him when he first put his teeth in Ivanovic. But now this a third time biting another player and that in front of the whole world watching and linking Suarez to Liverpool must have been one bridge too far. Even for someone who clearly hasn’t high moral standards himself.

And then the Fifa punishment comes even better in hand for Barcelona who in this case were the victims of lying Liverpool. And Arsenal is a nice club who leaves it like that. But Barcelona is more than a club. I can imagine their friend Buasacca trying to help them out once again. And thus the ban for once again 1/4 of the season might have been the last drop for Liverpool.

The pieces of the jigsaw are falling in to place. That is if we can believe the words of the manager of the Uruguayan team.   And if so, yes Untold was right once again. I will not just as usual or like we told you so. Because it might turn out that this radio station is an invented one like so many others in this time of the season. But when you google their name you can listen to them. But I couldn’t understand much of them as my Spanish isn’t that fluent.

So if what this radio station said is true then my scenario wasn’t as dumb as it seemed.

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27 Replies to “Suarez: the awful truth emerges. And wouldn’t you know, we were right”

  1. Focus on Arsenal. This article is ridiculous and obsessive. Seriously… it’s weird if you’ve taken to researching players who will never play for your club – a club with an atrociously poor European football record.

  2. To be fair, I think this has already been revealed to be a fake interview.

  3. Most of your articles make sense. This, however, is an exception.

    The biting is simply a case of emotion triumphing reason. Suarez probably cares little about Liverpool- he may have wanted to move to Barcelona and Liverpool may have broken their word. Putting all this conjecture aside the biting makes one hell of a story- but an absurd one. I dont think that he would give up playing in the World Cup for all this. Remember Ghana v Uruguay 4 years ago?- he got his country through by punching the ball off the line. Or more recently the game against Costa Rica, when he had tears in his eyes as a helpless bystander? He may be a biting, diving, cheating racist who cares little about his current club- but I dont for one moment think that he would leave his country in the lurch.

    And why would Barcelona want to buy someone who is banned till November?- your logic is absurd, as well.

  4. @ hrishi
    July 7, 2014 at 3:45 pm

    Right or wrong, who cares?

    Only Suarez and his agent.

  5. A very interesting, and if the source is correct, quite amazing article. Yet very easily believable. Seems like Suarez and the Liverpool ownership deserved each other! Liverpool are getting a big fee, spending freely and delighting the media as they do so, as our neighbours did last summer, but this will damage Liverpool, in terms of their reputation, and in replacing a ….relatively speaking..despicable human being but an amazing player. Will Sterling, Sturridge, Lallana, Markovich get them 13 pens next season? Doubt it. Very glad we did not get Suarez despite his abilities, we need a period of consolidation and stability in terms of keeping top players, we have Mr Henry to thank for that dodging that bullet

  6. @tony and the hits just keep on coming @hrishi keep following untold to get your point right

  7. @hrishi dont just call anybody absurd without judging the matter from his perspective. In any case remember that no one is entitled to his or her opinion. One is only entitled to one’s informed opinion.
    No one is entitled to be ignorant.

  8. Mexican referee Marco Rodriguez, the official who couldn’t see Suarez bite, has been assigned the Germany/Brazil game. I hope Brazil don’t have any vampires looking for Ozil, Mertesacker or Podolski.

    Webb has been retained. Why, I don’t know. Perhaps FIFA wants his officiating team to comment on games for

  9. Mandy Dodds point is key – if FIFA reduce the ban following his move (and, no doubt, promises of rehabilitation) it will stink to high heaven. This is FIFA’s chance to get a toe back somewhere near the moral high ground but don’t hold your breath!

  10. RvPayroll. I think you might find Untold a little less weird, and maybe understand why it is persistently the most read independent football blog if you looked at the message on the home page. “Football news from an Arsenal perspective.”
    I do appreciate that there are many football fans across the UK who take pride in their insular view of the world. focussing only on their own club, and deliberately ignoring everyone else.
    And indeed I think there are some Arsenal blogs that are like that, just as there are people who think Liverpool is the centre of the creative arts, or Manchester the hub of canals or whatever.

    But the publishers and writers of Untold deliberately take a broader view, reflecting on all football matters. Hard to grasp, but there it is.

  11. We are not certain but the pattern is there. Whether or not that interview is true, the pattern still stands. We can’t prove but it is possible.

  12. The original consensus was that Suarez had a mental problem which manifested itself in uncontrolled biting. Professional help was needed to properly treat the problem.

    If the theory posted in the article above is correct and Suarez “bites when he wants”, or rather when his ambitions are frustrated, we are talking about a premeditated assault. The identity of the victim may not be important as long as a victim is freely available.

    Such behaviour still does not seem normal, and for Suarez to be rewarded (i.e. achieving the transfer) each time he bites will hardly discourage his fangs coming to the fore in the future should he perceive his ambition has been obstructed.

    Consequently, corrective therapy still seems essential.

  13. OT: Toronto FC to copy Arsenal

    Last year, Arsenal developed a relationship with Lanvin (Paris fashion house), and the lads look sharp in their team suits. Well, Toronto FC has announced a similar arrangement with Garrison Bespoke.

    I am not having any luck comparing Lanvin and Garrison Bespoke (you can tell how many suits, and of what quality I have). There are news articles about Garrison Bespoke producing bullet resistant suits which contain carbon fibre. I am aware of bullet resistant fabrics which contain a particular kind of Kevlar (there is a Twaron as well), and I am aware of bullet resistant fabrics that contain a ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibre called spectra (Dyneema is a similar UHMWPE fibre).

    I am familiar with many aspects of carbon nanotube materials (the particular form of carbon in question), but when fibres and bullet resistance come up, the two big names are Kevlar/Twaron and Spectra/Dyneema, not carbon.

  14. @walter, in that case then the punishment has to even more. A season may be.

    In any case, the beneficiaries in this case are the player, the agent(n number of them), Barcelona and to some extent Liverpool. And the punishment doesnt punish anyone of above for their conduct.


  15. Now the next thing is to wait till Fifa lifts part of the ban and bingo… I was right from the start in my first article about it.

  16. I’ve debated with others as to why Suarez would do such a thing at the world cup because on the face of it it doesn’t make sense. While it’s easy enough to believe that self control isn’t one of Suarez’s strongest suits that alone doesn’t explain why he did it.

    Thought provoking article Walter and it kind of make sense to me.

  17. @FICK FUFA!!

    You probably know that there has been some ticket scalping going on, and it was thought FIFA might be involved. Well, the BBC (and probably other places) has the story.

    One of FIFA’s _wonderful_ partner organizations has been implicated. Switzerland based Match Hospitality is the organization named. There is no mention of other FIFA officials being involved. Who knows, maybe some FIFA officials received plain brown envelopes out of this?

  18. Cherry picking some other news articles on this issue.

    Organization is Match Services, not Match Hospitality? Match Hospitality
    is part of Match Group. Match was issued about 16% of the purchasable
    tickets for FIFA 2014.

    Ray Whelan from Match was arrested, who is he really?
    He is Sir Bobby Charlton’s former agent, was also arrested.

    Match, in which Sepp Blatter’s (Phillipe Blatter) nephew has a minority stake (5%)
    Match, majority owned by the Mexican brothers Jaime and Enrique Byrom

    Atlanta Sportif Management, the company owned by Mohamadou Lamine Fofana

    Jet Set Sports, which had sold on 40 packages to an individual in Australia

    Nigerian sports marketing agency Pamodzi, which bought a total of 350 hospitality packages over 18 matches

    some tickets for sale on the black market were printed with the name of Umberto Grondona, the son of the senior Fifa vice-president Julio Grondona.

  19. Apparently there are still people out there who think that using insults will get their comment published. It doesn’t.

  20. “Now the next thing is to wait till Fifa lifts part of the ban and bingo… I was right from the start in my first article about it.”

    I find this comment equally funny and offensive. How do you figure you were ‘right form the start’? I don’t profess to know exactly what was going on in Suarez’s mind when he bit the guy, but Walter, you must understand you don’t KNOW the truth either do you. No, I didn’t think so. So the comment you made above is pretty stupid.

    The first most essential element of being intelligent is knowing you don’t know it all. Have balance in your thought process by not assuming things to suit your own agenda. Facts should not be adapted to your agenda, your agenda should adapt to the facts.

  21. Tristan…..I have refrained from commenting on the Suarez affair since the idle speculation rampant everywhere is pointless and disturbing but Walter’s premise is based on past behaviours, patterns that emerge when Suarez gets traded, comments from other websites and from sources like his agent and Liverpool, as well as his national team and so on. None of UA’s membership claim to know THE truth but to accuse Walter of commenting in poor faith is unfair and arrogant on your part. Walter doesn’t need a sermon on ethics and factual appropriateness and if you were a regular here (which you clearly are NOT) then you’d know that he and Tony do their research very professionally and carefully.
    I am a retired clinical psychologist and know that to assess anyone’s behaviour and the motivations behind it can take a long time. However when that behaviour is repeated under specific circumstances, then the motivation can become clearer (as Walter hypothesizes). In actual fact you are the one lacking some intelligence since you want to prove you know it all regarding Walter’s choices and arguments and subsequently judge him without giving him even the slightest benefit of the doubt. this leads me to believe that you are a denizen of LeGrovel and a full blown AAA but then, since you are only a flash in the pan on UA, I cannot be sure.

  22. Tristan,
    with my “I was right from the start I point at an earlier article.
    In that article I said that Suarez did it on purpose. And I am pretty sure that Fifa will lift part of the ban when Suarez goes to Barcelona.
    I wrote that a few days ago. Since then some “serious” media picked up that (my) story I have been told.

    I don’t adapt facts to my agenda. I had my agenda written out before the facts came out. At first a ‘wild’ theory as some called it, but slowly some facts came out and support this wild theory.

  23. Well,if to say the article is true…then, i am very sure he (suarez)will probably bite his way out of liverpool this time around,and is likely going to do that to the lie lie chairman…who has being blocking his way out of liverpool. His going to bite the chairman to get that offer going. Watch and see…I love this article,but not say he (SUAREZ)is not a good player.cheers!!!

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